Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tomorrow (well today) is Canada Day.
This is good news because it means I'll have 5 days straight without going to work and I'll be doing nothing but trying to get Hogwarts out the door, haha.

Since last time, I finished facial features and most accessories.
So there's still Quidditch gear, backgrounds, interface & pets.
(Do you guys need a wide selection of toads?)

If you haven't seen it yet, there's a teaser pic on my new deviantart page.

I've already bought my ticket to the new HP movie. This is the one where Ron makes out the entire time, right? So exciting... XD


  1. Judging by the teaser pic, THIS IS GONNA BE ONE HECK OF A DOLL MAKER!!!!!! Sorry, I get overexcited sometimes, ignore me... *shaking in anticipation*

  2. No we don't need a wide selection of toads. Just ten or eleven will do. ;-P (joking ofcourse)
    This dollmaker is gonna be better than best!

  3. Maybe not toads, but lots of kitties would be cool :D :D
    I can't wait for this to be out!!

  4. Ah... Lav-Lav. Gotta love to hate her.


  5. owls would be nice
    and i bought my ticket already too, I cant wait!

  6. ha I would think to put some seletions of mice and rats, too. -Chris

  7. awww a couple of cute toads would be nice but not copious amounts :) cant wait for harry potter!
    - emily

  8. Ooooh I totally forgot about rats!

    What's up with that anyway?
    Cuz you can only have cats/owls/toads... how did the rats fit in there?

  9. Ron had a rat, remember? lol? it turned out to be evil.
    Omg i think Ron is soooo cute!
    can't wait for the doll. it'll be cool if you could click on them n they turn into a cat or something, just like the teacher. oh and wolves.
    keep up the good work :D
    Ellie xxxxxxxxxx

  10. wolfies would b tha awsomest, and ron iz aswome!!!

  11. OMG I'm not making wolves LOL
    Don't get me wrong, I want this thing to be complete, but I would never finish if I got into it that deep hahaha.

    Yeah, but why did Ron have a rat? How did he get past the Hogwarts rules?

    Yes, Ron is amazing :D

  12. Hmmm... Well, they also hired a known werewolve as a teacher... (Lupin) so, rules are probably not that important...
    Plus, remember Harry used to walk around with Serious when he was in dog form? Dogs aren't allowed either... bothersome...
    oh yah, they also hired Snape, a known death-eater what's up with that?


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