Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hogwarts Student Maker Status

DONE: socks/stockings, shoes, skirts, vests, blouses, robes, hair, body, skin

LEFT: face, accessories, quidditch gear, backgrounds, interface, pets

I've had a really bad cold this week so I got to work on it a bit more, but there's still a bunch more to go. Plus, remember I have to draw some things four times! (once for each house)


  1. :) can't wait for it, but I know that taking your time will give us one of the best student makers the web's seen yet :D

  2. I only wish the pets will come soon...very,VERY,soon. :3

  3. Do you think it'll be done by/around the release of HP6? That'd be fun.

  4. I hope so.. that was the plan. I'd better get on it!

  5. So many Hogwarts Maker have been disasterific because people were hurried. Take as much time as you need!!! Your games so far have been SUPER impressive so no rush!

  6. You're hinting at us rudely.VERY RUDELY.I was expresing my gratitude and excitment,and be lucky this freaking space key is working so you can read this.And if its not spaced,live with it.Thank you.That is all.

    Ps:YOU ROCK!*worships*

  7. I love your work! I hope you are done by the movie realese so it gives me something to do while I am waiting in line!

  8. I cant see it in my state:Ohio!Because im biiissy.I hope you get your luck Caw,lets hope so.You are the best person whom's games i have ever played,umm....maker of doll divine. XD

  9. Oh goodness, I am way to excited for this. But please do take your time! Your attention to details is what makes you so awesome!

  10. CAN'T WAIT! I'm sure it'll be at least as fantasmabulistic as the previous makers - probably even better. This site is, without a doubt, one of THE best websites on the Internet.

    P.S. The kitten maker has proved extremely addicting for me.... EXTREMELY addicting.

  11. My Grandma....Shudnt have let her see it. +_+
    Bad.She loved it like me.I worship you,Maker of Doll Divine.

  12. hi plzz reply 2 this message !

    whats the statas!

    keep us up to date i cant wait for it and if u just keep blogging alon the way ill forgive u for it taking soooooooooo long!

  13. LOL, ok ok!

    I put a little sneak preview on my new deviantartpage:

    Release date: July 15? I'll make it by then for sure :D

    Thanks for all the love guys :D

    Just gotta do the pets, interface & backgrounds at this point.

  14. July 15? That's my birthday!

    That would be a funny present!

  15. I can't wait! But is it unisex or just for guys?

  16. It's actually just for girls.
    I wanted to do unisex but... well.. you see how long just one gender takes me hahaha.

  17. Gah! I'll be at camp then!


  18. I might be done this weekend.. hopefully before you leave for camp. Have fun! Geez I miss camp :(

  19. hiya i made the coment on june 27 btw

    thnx sooooooooo much

    i luv ur website

    but i go crazy evri day checking for blogs

    the pic will give me sanity

    for a while

  20. The hogwarts student maker is amazing!!! The best one yet, & trust me, ive been looking for something like this for a loong time.


  21. =D sweet!!! I absolutely love the graphics! I actually used my character as a my profile picture on a different site ;) you should totally make one for the guys!

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