Friday, July 17, 2009

Half Blood Prince :D

Saw the new HP on Wednesday. It was mmmmmRonalicious! XD
I thought it was definitely the best movie so far. Good effects, and even Harry was tolerable. What did you guys think?

This just in: Kamirah (kitten artiste extraordinaire) has agreed to do another game :D

Some cool links to distract you before the next game:
Princess Peachie - she makes really unique & adorable Flash stuff (dress ups and beyond). My favourite are the flash Polly Pocket sets
Azalea's Dolls - Azalea is a new-comer to the dress up scene, but her stuff is awesome right from the get go. The clothing in her dolls layers beautifully.
A Very Potter Musical - as recommended to me by HogwartsGeek93, this is simply amazing. AMAZING!


  1. Ohhh OLa! you liked it? (the movie I mean)

  2. Yeah for sure. It's still a far cry from Hook (the standard by which I judge all other movies lol), but I enjoyed it a lot. There was a lot of Ron which was great. And I had forgotten who the Half Blood Prince was lol so I had fun guessing XD

    Did you see it?

  3. Augh, went with my dad to the midnight release, IT WAS SO COOL! I kept having mini-seizures during the Ron/Hermione moments.... Toothpaste....

  4. I was kind of disappointed with it. Some parts they did awesome on, but for rest of it it just seemed like they did the same thing they did with twilight (coming from a non-mega-fan of twilight and based off of fan's views).
    I think they spent too much time trying to make Draco appealing to little 12 year old girls. I mean, I get that in this one he's uber angsty because of his mission, it just seems over-exaggerated.
    (Not trying to upset people, just voicing a reason for my disappointment)

  5. Okay, I just saw it yesterday. Better than the 3rd and 5th movies, worse than the 1st, 2nd, and 4th movies. Better than the 3rd and 5th because...well...they were horrible and left out a LOAD of information. The 6th movie, like the 3rd and 5th, left out a lot of information vital to the 7th book and focused way too much on pleasing the movie-only crowd. They concentrated too much on the cutsy relationship stuff and on special effects. They left out LOADS of Voldemort memories, so those who have never read the books will be completely unable to guess at what the horcruxes may be and the whole thing about Dumbledore's past won't make sense. They didn't focus on the importance of the potions book and the Half-Blood Prince which is, I may add, the TITLE of the book and movie. At the end when Snape revealed himself as the owner of the potions book, most only-movie-watchers where like "The Half-Blood Prince?...Oh, the potions book guy." What I mean is, nobody cared enough to remember. Also, I am aghast about the Christmas part, where the Weasley's house was set on fire. Firstly, that wasn't even in the book, and my expression was a mix of fury, disgust, and disbelief. Also, they just showed the Weasleys being sad about losing all they had and then left them at that. What happens to them? Oh well, who cares, more on the relationship tension. Next, I must stress my exasperation at the ACTING in this film. Ginny's acting made me cringe, I was almost embarrassed. While in the books Ginny is fiery and sassy, in the movie she was monotonous and, well, BORING. There was no chemistry at all between her and Harry. Hermione was too overdone, and the fighting between her and Lavender was embarrassing. The best actor/actress in the film (for his/her part) was Helena Bonham Carter, playing Bellatrix. She was perfect for the part, did an amazing job acting, and made everybody else look even worse. I'm in love with Draco so NO insulting him :) I think they actually did okay on his story though, and the guy who plays him fits perfectly and was decent at acting. I love Draco's story of how he's forced into being a Death Eater, but doesn't want to because he loves his school, friends, family, etc. I think that that part of the story may not fail in the movies (it was, to me, the best part of the 7th movie). Although, I do think it was stupid of them to show what he was doing with the wardrobe in the middle of the movie. It was supposed to be a mystery, but that's all okay :). Well, to finish this rant off, the last movies (there'll be two for the 7th book, correct?) will be perfect and hold everything (if they don't, as they have in the past, focus too much on CGI), and only-movie-watchers will be extremely confused and will miss out on the mystery of Harry's prophecy, Dumbledore's past (which they showed NOTHING of, I may add) and Voldemort's seven horcuxes. Enjoy :).


    P.S. I don't think they were focusing on Twilight at all. Most adult men do not know too much about that series :) The only thing about Twilight they focused on was not releasing this movie at the same time as New Moon, and smartly so. I'm a huge fan OLa, can't wait for the next doll!

  6. Woah, I'm sorry! That was longer than I thought!


  7. I understand what you mean, I didn't mean to say that they focused on twilight, I meant that I had heard from Twilight fans that the directors and producers on Twilight had left many things out and attempted to make it more of a crowd pleaser, as they did with this movie.

  8. OHMIGOSHOHMIGOSH! Luv Azalea's Dolls, AND P.P.'s dolls. AWESOME! I luv P.P.'S PollyPocket stuff, and her color girls, and her whole Nurse Kitty thing. Also the interactive PokemonTM thing.

  9. I saw the movie yesterday. I'm afraid I was kissing my new bf through most of it, though. Woops!


  10. I must admit, I had forgotten pretty much the entire book, so I wasn't bothered by stuff that was left out lol. Considering how much happens, I think they did a really good job of editing the story. I'm actually amazed at how faithful they were to the book. The scene in the cave I thought was kind of cheesy in the book, but they recreated it almost exactly.

    I (still) have zero memory of Slughorn in the books, but I thought he was so awesome in the movie!

    Helena Bonham Carter (along with Snape & McGonagall) was one of those genius casting choices where you think both "Oh of COURSE!" and "that's JUST how I pictured them!" aaand they can all act.

    Interesting, I got the impression that they had given up on making Draco sexy because he had so few parts... but I guess that's what the book described?

    It's true, Ginny wasn't all that sassy. But it's not her fault she didn't have chemistry.. who could really have chemistry with Daniel?

    I too had mini seizures! Oh, and I screamed out loud when the corpse grabbed Harry's hand, and everyone around me laughed lol.

    Oh ERA, I was sitting by my boyfriend too, but I was more focused on Ron hahaha. But that's what happens when you're together 3.5 years :)

  11. i just watched the very potter musical it was awesome :D and in the words of julia roberts in pretty woman "it was so good i almost peed my pants!"

    love the potter doll and i must go and see HBP! hope its as least as good as the book even though that was my least favourite one :/

  12. Holy geez! I wanted to whatch it, but I after what they did to twilight, I wasn't so interested, When I whatched twilight I had already finished the series, and had forgaotten most of the small parts, but after the movie I got the first book and read it ut of bordom, and it turned out that the movie wasn't at all like the book, and I was somad that now I don't want to see the other movies, I can't even picture kristen stewart as bella being pregnant and clumsy and all that, and I don't even think rob does that good as edward, sorry.
    -chris.a.r (c.a.r,)

  13. i didn't really like twilight but i thought jacob was the best in it (not having read the book yet).

    i luv hp and the hbp but i wus sad wen dumbledoor died.

    as for the nex doll u havn't really speccified is it:

    A lara croft
    B a tombraider
    C secret agent (if not i wud really like 1)
    or D indianna jones (booh)


  14. oh i fogot wot will kimiarah be doing for the next dolly


  15. srry fogot again i had been playing p.p's sleepover game for ages and had no idea

    -keleni again

  16. Haha but the thing is if they actually kept strictly to the books, the movies would be so boring I'm sure we'd all be driven insane with boredom.

    keleni, it's all those things... in one :D

    I think I'll keep Kamirah's project a secret.. at least until I get the final artwork... juuust in case something goes wrong, I don't want to get you guys excited.

    *goes to find sleepover game* SO CUTE!!! I hadn't seen that one.

  17. I watched the musical. You were right, it was amazing.
    "AUGHH! Granger, I thought you were a bogart!"
    Draco and Voldemort were my favorites. RUMBLEROARRR.

  18. hey, i have a question! when will the game be out? *hugglz*


  19. after all this harry potter talk....hows the doll commin?

  20. I saw the HBP, though it's the only HP movie I've ever seen and I read the first book about ten years ago. Seriously, not a damn clue what was going on. My boyfriend and I just went to keep a friend of ours company since she was scared to go alone, lol. Good movie, even though I didn't get half of it, probably missed a few "in jokes" but Luna was seriously epic with her lion hat. I had fun trying to guess who the Half Blood Prince was and the zombie hand made half of the theater scream.

    But yeah, with all this Potter talk, how's the adventure doll coming along? I'm having a fun time imagining all the stuff that's gonna be in it, lol.

  21. i can't wait 4 the game 2 come out! im so excited about it. i'll bet it'll b worth the wait. wont it, OLa?

  22. I have to say I was very disapointed with it:(.
    So far i have been in awe of the movies, I mean they fit all the action in and make it look amazing and dramatic, twisting the plot but still keeping it to the story we love and know..... but the 6th film???
    I was nearly in tears when Dumbledore died in the book, in the film I was to outraged by the way Harry was stuck to Ginny, and how her house had been blown up to care about his undramatic end. Finally with their huge budget you would have thought they could have got the inferi to look much better than half starved houls elfs. There were so many things wrong with it I could have spent hours moaning about it, instead I resigned myself to re-reading the book, its much better.

  23. Yes, Draco & Voldemort WERE the best.
    A commenter on the video said "Quirrel is cute, but Voldemort is HOT!" and you don't hear that often but it was so true!!! LOL

    Haha the game is moving along well, but it will be a while because all of a sudden I've had a wave of artwork come in. Some of the drawings are great, while others are AMAZING and you guys are really gonna love these dolls :D

    I'll probably finish a few of these commissioned dolls before I finish the Adventurer, but don't worry, you won't be disappointed :D

  24. I also think the Inferi looked cheaply done :\

  25. oh, it feels like the game is taking FOREVERRRR to get here! I'm so EXCITED!!!

  26. LOL! Yeah, Voldemort was pretty hot. I actually think that's the first thing that came to mind when I saw him.

  27. OMG When the Inferi grabbed Harry it was hilarious, because everyone in the theater KNEW it was coming, and we were all thinking, "Any second now, something's gonna grab him..." and when it happened everyone jumped about five feet out of their seats... I don't get why people didn't like the movie - I thought it was very well done (of course, I haven't read the book in a while...). Yeah they had to leave some stuff out, but think about it. They really only have about, what, three hours for each movie? The first few books were short enough to be made into movies without to much condensing, but as the books get LONGER... too much plot, not enough movie time. So they're going to cut some stuff out.

    However, I did have a problem with a FEW things in the movie (*coughcough*burning of the Burrow, during which my father practically had to strangle me to keep me from yelling, "WHAT THE FLIP?!?? THAT WASN'T IN THE BOOK!!!!!"). And the Harry/Ginny kiss, what was up with that? Although, in Bonnie Hunt's defense, I agree with OLa - it IS Daniel Radcliffe... Oh, and Lavender. But they didn't screw that up, I just hate her guts... Anywho (this is gonna sound really fangirlish, but I don't care), for me, the main factor that influences my opinion of how good or bad a Harry Potter movie is or isn't is the Ron/Hermione-ness. I'm rather obsessed with them... (how obsessed? Let's just say that if, when DH comes out, the world explodes, it's me having history's biggest temper tantrum because they screwed up the KISS scene...)...

    OK, THAT wasn't a long comment... not... I'm done now.

  28. P.S. Can't wait until the new doll comes out! No doubt it'll be spectacularly terrificalistic (yes, I did just make that word up, so what?) as they always are.

  29. Ohh, I was talking to a friend on Wednesday and she said Universal Studios is building a Harry Potter park. They took down Back to the Future and they're building Diagon Alley and Hogwarts!

  30. Awww, my girlfriend keeps bugging me to see this one, but I need to catch up first because I missed the prequels. General consensus is that it was a good movie though, hope it's worth the time :)

    Regarding your links, I've seen Peachie before, her work is absolutely cutesy! As for Azalea, I really like her character models (especially their faces) and if she manages to give the clothes a bit more detail, she's going to rock the dress-up scene :)

  31. Beth, we seem to have almost the same opinion of the movie, but we also seem to have read the book at a similar time (ie. a while ago). I think this must have a lot to do with it.

    WTF LOL!!! They're making a Diagon Alley attraction?!?!? I can't say I'm surprised, but I'm sad because I hoped nobody would tackle it until Doll Divine grew huge enough to make a theme park LOL!!! And then there would be an entire Harry Potter land, with Hogwarts, the grounds, Hogsmeade, Diagond Alley, etc. :(

    It's ok, there will always be other attraction ideas for me to tackle XD



  33. just seen Harry potter!!!
    i love it!!!!!!!! my fav part is wen ron falls off the sofa whens hes under the love potion!! ha ha made me laugh!! btw i screamed at the part wen the creature thing grabs harry wen hes trying to get the water for dumbledor!!! oh n i try not to look at the negative points of the film. people just enjoy it!! lol!!
    Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  34. so, OLa, when will that game be ready? PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!

  35. ok now you saw that over a month ago now please post an update on the new dressups:)

  36. ok i will post a new update :D

  37. You're a Ron lover too? :D

    Woot! The poor guy doesn't get enough love! And I have no idea why, he's adorably snarky and loyal to his friends and if he were real, I'd love to date him I kid you not.

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