Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hogwarts Student Maker!

Since it sounds like a few of you might hurt yourselves if this doesn't come out soon, I'm posting this UNOFFICIAL RELEASE on the blog.

Be warned, there may be bugs, and the page may not be finished, but the game hopefully works. Try it out, and please let me know if anything's broken!

Happy Gaming
~OLa :)


  1. It looks great. Nothing I tried seamed broken, except you need to change the decription from the cat one to a hogwarts one.
    Isnt Ravenclaw meant to be blue and gold?
    As usual a great game.

  2. OMG I love it! So good...I love the changing letters on the Weasley sweaters! Thanks for always doing awesome work!

  3. Nope, blue & bronze.. In the movie they changed to blue & silver but I wasn't down with that haha.

    Glad u guys like it :D

  4. :D Awesome. I like the background with the professor-especially his expression. And I think (with your permission) I've found my new deviantart id ^.^

  5. Nice! haha
    of course you can use it... as long as people link back, they can do just about anything with my games :)

  6. your best work yet!!!! I've been making all my friends XD i love how you can change the eye color seperate from the shape keep up the good work!!!

  7. Love it!! I did all my female characters!!
    I was wondering after you take a much needed break will you ever do a male version?

  8. I love it! the art's so beautiful! I checked back here so late because I had faith you would finish the game today! ( well, yesterday XD )

  9. def your best one eva i luvluvluv it my fave house in it is huffle puff i luvluvluv all the matching clothing and the socks oh the socks beeeeest game eva i can't wait for the movie and i hope she writes some more harry potter world stories

  10. male vers good idea

  11. YOU. ARE. A. GOD.
    That's all I can say.

  12. awsome game! XD did anyone else get Hufflepuff?

  13. dude, I wuz wondering if u could put yellow red, and orange eye colors, and purple hair. Its so cool!!! lv tha game got hufflepuff!!!

  14. I can't find the "changing letters on the weasley sweaters"
    the only letter on the sweater i'm geting is an 'a'. am i missing som'n?
    anywho, awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awsome AWESOME GAME!!!!!

  15. (awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  16. You click on the letter to change it.
    Awesome game, what are you going to make next?

  17. Yeah I think the quiz is a bit flawed cuz a lot of people get Hufflepuff & Ravenclaw, but almost no one seems to get Gryffindor or Slytherin (this points to badly worded questions on the first page, but I won't bore you with that haha)

    Yup, click the weasley letter itself to change it.

    I'd love to make a male version, but maybe later (maybe before the last movie hehe).

    I'm thinking of doing a dating sim next (one with guys that are actually hot)

    Red, orange and yellow eyes? Hmm.. are you putting Twilight characters into Hogwarts haha? Yeah I can add those though. I'll do it right now.

    Glad you guys like XD

  18. Its really fun!
    Your best so far, in my opinion. I love the earrings, all the new eye/lip variations, and the awesome, awesome clothes.

    I think the 2nd lip might have a bit of a bug, nothing substantial.
    Congrats OLa, your going to have fan girls soon!

  19. hey wot do ya think ya gonna do next !
    really love 2 know nd i luvluvluv the stary earings and socks and the little owl on the shoulder im in huffle puff and i luvluvluv its colours the best. wait wots a dating sim soz im not a teen yet and really confused

  20. It's so wonderful! I could play it for hours! It would be so great if you could do a library background for those Ravenclaws.

  21. Yes, we Ravenclaws do enjoy a good library. ;D

  22. GREAT game, I absolutely LOVE it! You should do a Greek Goddess game sometime, that'd be pretty cool. Keep up the good work, I can't wait for more!!


  23. really amazing work!
    just to let everyone know though i did get gryffindor the first time i tried it so it is possible. I think that a greek goddess would be a really good idea and maybe somthing to do with the elements (fire, water, earth, water, darkness, light...ect.)
    once again keep up the awesome work!

  24. wow! this is fab i got hufflepuff too but then changed my answers to slytherin >=] and a dating sim sounds like a fab idea! good luck :)

  25. This is the best game ever! I think I am unhealthily obsessed with it! Do you know what you are going to do next?

  26. I'll think about the library.. backgrounds take me forever, but I also wanted to do Hogsmeade. Maaaaybe.

    Don't worry, I only recently found out what a dating sim is! (and I'm 26). Apparently they're games where you walk around and meet guys and try to date them. I'm not sure how they end cuz the ones I tried kind of bored me. But yeah, that's what I'm doing next :)

    Grecian goddess and elements are both on my list for "to-do-eventually" :)

    hehe only a Slytherin would rig their answers, so you truly must be one at heart XD

  27. I love it!!!! It rocks! Have you seen A Very Potter Musical, if not, you must! It rocks, almost as much as this maker!

  28. This is so cool!. I just love it. I'm Hufflepuff, but I made the scariest Slytherin girl! A Greek goddess would be cool. How would you do the dating sim? It would be strange if the guys could talk back. And I like the fantasy theme so much better.


  29. Never heard of the musical before, but I've just started and it's awesome XD
    But in this one, Harry's hotter than Ron haha!

    Wellllll... I was thinking, what if it was a fantasy dating sim??? Like, you're an elf girl in a fantasy land meeting elf guys.. and maybe a centaur or something...

  30. umm wood da guyz be reel guyz or computer thingys

  31. ooooooooooooooo i just rembembered i wus trying ta do myself but there wans't rally onna mi

    bit longer than shulda ,layered, part on my right side

  32. The whole fantasy dating sim would be awesome! But would we be able to talk to the guys, or are we going for looks? The talking thing would be cool, but it would be kind of bad for the people who are under sixteen and can't date yet.


  33. I was looking at your "When They were Younger" thing on DeviantArt. Could you tell me who was who, please?


  34. The new game is greattt :) But could you add a lighter blonde hair color, there's only one.

    A dating sim sounds like a really good idea, but totally make one with unlimitedd days!

    I loooove your games :) :) :) :)

  35. April, Ola's "When they were younger" girls, in order from left to right, are Bellatrix Lestrange (nee Black), Molly Weasley (nee Prewett), Minerva McGonnagall, Narcissa Malfoy (nee Black), and Sybill Trelawny.

    Gods am I a Potterholic or what? :| lol

    As far as a possibly fantasy dating sim....Centaurs? :3 Count me in.

  36. Yay!!! I got Griffindor! i lovvveee it! fab work. your a art genuis!
    Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  37. The guys would be cartoon guys.. like the dolls I make.

    Ooh, I don't think I can add haircuts anymore. The hair drawings are complex, spread over 8 Flash movieclips. Feel free to e-mail me a pics of haircuts you like so I can put them in in the future!

    Yeah you would talk to the guys. You'd have choices of three different phrases, then they'd respond etc. I think I would do it more like an adventure game, like King's Quest or my game Principles of Evil. You'd walk around and find objects and use them on things or give them to people, and explore a fantasy land.

    Why do you think it'd be bad for those who can't date? Cuz they wouldn't know what to do or cuz they wouldn't be allowed to play the game since it's about dating?

    My sister also complained about a lack of blonde colours, so I added a "blondey-brown". Does that work, or were you thinking another very light blonde?

    Yup, nice work Kisa! Those are the right answers. You even got McGonnagall!

    Thanks for all the kind words :)

  38. hmm i was thinking another light blonde, but you seem very busy so don't worry about it :)

  39. It's ok, hair colour is very easy :)
    So were you thinking somewhere between the two lightest blondes that are there now?

  40. Heya. Loved the unreleased version. Love Molly Weasly. Don't love not having a printer at camp (I brought my colored pencils).


  41. the Q wasn't act from me but id like a luna love good light light light blond but not quite white nd thnx anyway for the hair there are some in the that are close 2 mine


  42. Thnx for adding tha purple hair and eye colors! I just realized that I was asking for twilight eys! But hrs my profile on DA
    It takes u 2 my hogwarts me page, and I'm going to post alot more, so you'll see the ones that I requested. (purple hair, yellow eyes)

  43. Oops, forgot 2 post the link here
    Hope u enjoys!!

  44. never mind, just go 2 my profile and look at it!

  45. LOL all those colored pencils and no Hogwarts students to color! :(

    Mmmm I dunno.. the "white blond" that's there now was actually based off Luna's hair.. I used to put a totally white-white in some games, but then none of the highlights show up :(

    Love the pic, I faved it on DA!

  46. i was wondering a very sunny blonde or golden blonde. :) i love this site.
    Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  47. I was thinking between the two lightest blondes, that would be great thank you! :)

  48. This game is the best! I made my best friend and I, but my computer won't let me send it in an e-mail!I think you could make a pixie cut hairstyle, my hair is pretty short. Something like tonks hair. Really short... anyway, it would be cool if you could put two people in the same scene. It would be great if you would use an e-mailing option, like if you want to send this to a friend click here. The quiz could be more accurate. I've been a ravenclaw in all the tests, and this gave me hufflepuff!
    Anyway, enough of me complaining, this game is great! Really great affects and drawings! I beg you; more stuff like this!

  49. Hey OLa!
    I've been using your dollmakers for months now and I've finally taken the time to tell you how awesome you are!!!!!! Lucky you!!!
    So here are some comments......
    Hogwarts: overall great, but a few more hairdos would be great. Some of the hairstyles look like troll haircuts or Hermione on a really, really bad hairday. And different dress robes in nice colors would be really cool, too.
    Warrior: I dunno, but I've always considered female warriors in breeches (loose+wavy) and shirts. But don't worry, other than that it's awesome!!!!!!
    Kimono: some boring, simple kiminos would be nice, too. Otherwise it's completely AMAZING.
    Every thing else is great!!!!! LUV the Kitten maker.
    Dare to Imagine

  50. Can I use one of the pics from a doll maker as my deviant art avatar as long as I give you credit? Thanks!

  51. hay thnx for da freckles dar arsome

  52. I added another shade of blonde, between the lightest two. Also freckles (you're welcome :)), some minor bug fixes, tried to make the disappearing menu more obvious, and tried to skew the quiz away from Hufflepuff haha.

    Oh man I would LOVE an e-mailing option (& an image saving option) but it's really complicated. I might just hire someone to do it for me.

    DareToImagine, isn't every day supposed to be a bad hair day for Hermione (save for the yule ball)? What kind of colours were you thinking for the dress robes, cuz that's pretty easy to do...? Thanks for the feedback :)

    Yup, yup use the pictures wherever, do whatever you want with them, just link back :)

  53. i love all your games they're amazing :)
    i think the idea of doing a male version of this is great.

    ....and am luvin the many hair colours as mines neither blonde nor brown lol.

  54. Ok, yeah, I guess that's true, but my point was that more hairstyles would be great. Not that I'm mad or anything though. You're doing so much hard work.....
    I was thinking the dress robes should be like in the movie, "prom" dresses and tux's. For colors, hmm, maybe pastel blue, pastel pink, lavender, TURQUOISE, teal, mint green, dark purple, midnight blue, hot pink, red, (it's a must)and silver like the (I think?) Beauxbatons girls. Sorry if it's too many colors, and sorrt to all you other guys who would have liked other colors.
    Don't do it if it's too much stress,
    Dare to Imagine @Fanfiction.Net

  55. I can only say you're absolutely awsomeeee
    I spent the wholeafternoon using the hogwarts students maker. I absolutely love iit!! One of the haircuts is exactly like mine haha...
    If you add more things, let us know!!
    And pleease, when you have time, make a boyz one. I have already made the female new generation weasleys, now I need the guys ;)
    Once again, you're just GREAT

  56. I was gonna add the dress robe colours and i played around but they were looking odd. Then by the time i saw your post i realized i had gotten way too busy so i probably won't be adding any more to the game.

    Glad you guys are liking it XD

  57. excellent game! I luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  58. REALY need 2 make a guy version.....Realy.....else i hav no reson 2 play no more cuz i allready did all de other combos........... :(

  59. I discovered the doll maker and i loved it :) but you know what would be cooler? If there would be boys to :)
    hope you take acount on my suggestion
    by the way great work loved it

  60. I love it i love it i love it i love it!!!!! I just can't stop playing this game!!!!!

  61. a guy version would be SOOOO cool

  62. It's fantastic!! When you think you put male maker?

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