Saturday, July 11, 2009

Next Doll!

I have sent initial payments to 3 artists on DeviantArt. I'll post links to their galleries as they send me their drawings, but not earlier just in case something falls through. (I'm commissioning them for artwork the way I did with Kamirah for the Kitten Maker).

There's one in particular I'm super excited about because the artist is totally into it, and is very talented, and I have seen a work-in-progress. It's gonna be AMAZING XD

By the way, if you guys find artists (on DeviantArt or otherwise) who's art you think would make a great Divine Doll, send me a link and I'll see what I can do!

As for my personal dolls, I started working on the dating sim, but the amount of work is sooo daunting! So I'm just gonna whittle away on it here and there, but make dolls in the mean time. I went through my list of requests and personal ideas, and decided on something I've really wanted to do for a long time. No one's ever requested it, but I think it'd be super fun. It's gonna be a puzzle again: can you guess the theme from the pics? Comment!

(I think it should be easy, but then again, I thought the last one was easy lol)


  1. Indiana Jones? Lol, I see a whip and a precious object and I think Indy. The gun stumps me though.

    BTW, long time lurker. Love your dolls.

  2. Yeah, I think it's a a movie adventurer like Laura Croft or Indiana Jones.

  3. Haha yup yup.

    Em (don't worry.. this is a lurker safe zone) takes it halfway, then Anonymous hits the nail on the head. :)

    Anything in particular you guys would wanna see included in the game?

  4. (Hmm or are you the same person? *sigh* That's the problem with anonymous posts...)

  5. movie adventure is a good one. stuff like masks, swords and guns. i love lara croft! lol.
    Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. I'm totally thinking Lara Croft. I see the bullwhip, the Holy Grail, the gun. BTW, absolutely LOVE the Hogwarts maker! I made a doll to look like me for Slytherin for my boyfriend who was away for two weeks, and he thought it was awesome. Thanks for(unintentionally) keeping my relationship together.Lol!

  7. hah yeh mann as soon as i seen that i said this is somthing to do with laura croft and stuff like that :) but it all sounds sweet!

  8. action hero! awesome :D guns whips and awesome hats :D

  9. Uh, only made one post here, the first one, lol. So many Emilys o_o. Really looking forward to a Lara Croft style dress up. Sounds like tons of fun.

  10. cor! confusing much?
    i'll be the emily that spells her name
    emilyy with 2 y's XD
    im so looking forward to this :D

  11. Oooh, could you put tattoos in this one?

  12. haha get it happy go lucky? classic...

  13. i know could you make an outfit like all black, likes its a stealing out fit. do u get me? itrs hard to explain! lol!
    yay im the only Ellie.
    Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  14. i second the ninja/thief costume :) good idea ellie!
    emilyy xo

  15. *thinks about what adventurer maker will look like*
    *head explodes*
    CAN'T WAIT! Oh yah, ninja costume sounds like a cooooool idea...

  16. The classic Lara Croft outfit of khaki shorts, tank top and holster would be a little BA. A classy kinda dressy outfit for when a woman has to be womanly and still kick ass would be great too.

    Differnt styles of weapons (katars, daggers, alien style guns, etc) would be really interesting to see too. Not too many dress up games focus on things like that.

  17. its indiana jones isnt it!

  18. i havn't seen da other coments yet but the whip indianna jones or mabye tomb raider, then the cup looks like the holy grale (one of indi's movies), and the gun looks life jame bond tomb r so mabye secret agent or any of those guy hmmmmmmmmmm i was pretty easy if im right


  19. what the hell does BA mean

  20. soooooo is iit laa crft or secret A's in general or tomb raider maker


  21. Very excited for this one!!!!! Can't wait to see all the different possibilities!! She's gonna be soooo bad @$$!! Love all of your dress-ups by the way, have been a lonnngggg time fan!! Keep up the great work!! :)

  22. Hmmm. No adventurer is complete without a pet. I think I'll keep coming back with more and more ideas!

  23. oh yeh a pet would be sweet ha like a tiger or a lynx

  24. Emily, I'm glad I could help hahaha. Great story!

    mm hm, black cat-suit, I'm feelin it. These are all great ideas guys! I'm sure I'll use most of them.

    For those who haven't read other comments, yes it's a Lara Croft/Indiana Jones type adventurer chick.

    Bad ass is what I'm going for XD

  25. Um...Some sort of...gun-toting grail-chasing whippersnapper?

    Lol seriously, the whip reminds me of Indiana Jones, the gun of Lara Croft, and the goblet of Monty Python...but I can't see how they connect.

    I really can't guess, but I'm sure it's going to be something to do with adventure and good stuff like that!

    Anyways, big fan, love your dolls, can't wait to see the next one!

  26. taylorq, that's pretty much exactly what it is haha :)

  27. im pretty much gonna say adventurer bc if it was lara croft or indiana jones it wouldnt really be original so if its just an adventurer than the possibilities would be endless!

  28. Indiana Jones? also i loved the Hogwarts student maker! one thing I think you should add to the dolls though, is an option between choosing a boy or a girl.

  29. Pfff. If people just read the comments...
    I thought Indy, never realy saw a Lara Croft.
    But it's gonna kick ass, as always. I'm soooo looking forward to this one!

    BTW, I first thought the Hogwartsmaker would be kinda dull... See how wrong I was! It rocks!

  30. Is it something like tombraider?

  31. Yeah, the possibilities ARE endless lol. I'm having lots of fun thinking of the thousands of clothing items, tools & backgrounds that would work nicely.

    I would love a boy/girl switch but it takes pretty much double the work to add another gender (it might take less if the boys were girly, but I like them to actually look male lol).

    Mua ha ha, Flower, now you shall never doubt me again! ;D

    Yup, it's something quite a lot like tombraider.. check out the other comments ;)

  32. Indianna Jones, Tombraider, something adventure-y (the whip), Quest-y (the Grail), and kick-ass-y (the gun).

    You should do a dollmaker that can mix parts from different animals and fantasy creatures!

  33. Ninja, Nin-ninja, ninja, nin-ninja!

  34. yay i can't wait for this to come out!! i'm sure it will be awesome just like all your other dolls. my first thought was indiana jones but then i saw the gun and huh? it will be really cool though :) and even though i've never seen harry potter i love hogwarts maker! your doing a great job this is one of my favorite sites ever!!

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