Saturday, July 4, 2009

Quidditch gear, pets, backgrounds ALL DONE!! phew.

So that just leaves the interface, and printable version. It's looking good.


  1. :D Happy 4th!!!

  2. hey how much will the rest take i check this thing evri day for bloggs or piccies my school holidays are in 5 days could u finish bfore then


  3. ps plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply

  4. LOL

    HERE I AM haha

    I've finished the printable version, and I'm deep into working on the interface. I don't wanna make any promises, but I think odds are good I'll finish late tomorrow ;)

    Yes, happy 4th indeed. Thanks!

    Even though I'm Canadian, I truly do admire this holiday. The United States (back when it was established) was a country unlike any other: founded for the people, with a kick-ass constitution free of corruption. It was an amazing time and it's a bit of a shame that it's being completely trampled on right now. Hehehe but pls don't get me started on THAT haha.


  5. I will be refreshing this page all day.

  6. I know that ur almost done but if u wanted to add somthin then u could add different wands with different spells or like different animals for the expecto patronum charm
    awesome dolls btw ;)

  7. hahaha, I'll try and keep you updated.
    it's still some hours away, so feel free to engage in other activities.

    Oooooh Patronuses... that would be SO COOL, i totally forgot about them. But sadly I can't add anything at this point or I'll never finish haha :(

  8. oooo i can't wait!!!!!!
    :D i can't stop checking your site!!!!

  9. Hogwarts student maker is AWESOME!!!

  10. We need more toads! Haha.
    Really, when I saw the toads, I just fell in love.

  11. I absolutely LOVE your hogwarts student maker!!
    Please, tell me that you are going to make a boys one! I can't wait
    I've been the whole afternoon making myself, hp characters, OCs...
    So...are you going to add boys??
    I cant's wait!!
    And're great



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