Friday, April 2, 2010

Element of Fffffire!

Finally finished the Element of Fire dress up game.
Hehe, so no, don't worry, I haven't died or anything.

Anybody following Eurovision? Who are your favourites?

If you don't know, Eurovision is a big song contest in Europe. It's how ABBA got discovered (it's way older than American Idol etc.). Each country first votes on the best song, then they send the band to compete for the best song in all of Europe. They often fall in the so-bad-it's-good category and are very cheesy. You can go to YouTube and search for "Eurovision 2010" if you're interested.


  1. Love, love, love the fire doll, it's my favourite so far, (not just cuz it's my element). The clothes are really amazing although the choice of hairstyles is not as good as on some of the other games, I would have liked a sort of really long wavy wild one, but apart from that it is PERFECT!

    ~ Juliette, Britain

  2. Hi, I just wanted to say that I've been following you since the Sailor Senshi dress up and I'm loving you! The elemental ones are simply amazing and I check back everyday to see for updates. I cant wait for the 4 elements to come to gether!

  3. Gorgeous game, as always! I'm so looking forward to air, but at the same time, I don't want these games to stop!

    I usually watch eurovision each year, but only the actualy event, none of the stuff leading up to it. I also usually back any country that isn't my own, ours are always AWFUL!

  4. Bwahahah... I'm from Germany, and they did a casting for eurovision. "Our star for Oslo"...
    Howly crap.

    But besides this i really love the fire doll. especially the wepons like daggers and the chain. Pity, there aren't some for water and earth.
    What animals will air have? cause if fire aleready has the raven...

  5. Meep!
    I've been waiting for fire! Though my favorite is air by far, I really love the fire doll. The animals and clothing were really well done on this one, and it's already by far my favorite of the ones out.
    For the air doll, I have a request...
    Can you please consiter putting white feathered wings, or grey into that doll? It would be much appretiated, because I love the etheral feeling of white wings and grey! Please and thank you!
    I've been following since... Uh... Warrior doll maybe? I think that's a ballpark of when I found the site. =D
    - Becca
    P.S. - I think there might be another person with my name, but so you'll remember me, just think of this = @%- A rose for OLa!


    Oh.My.God.The fire element is so awesome.It outshines the other elements completely!!!The hair is fabulous!And there are so many clothes to pick from!!!Keep up the terrific work!!!


  7. I love the fire element, it is my favorite by far! I ended up making the costumes that a character wears in one of my favorite books, I'll email them if you wanna see them!


  8. LOVE. It's SO fantastic! A lot of accessories (which is great because, above all, fire ought to (weapons, etc.)). I really love how everything goes together so you can create something really unique (more so than the others). And she holds her element!! yay!! Great job you two! It's my favorite so far!!


  9. I love the skirts! they're all gorgeous!

  10. OMG I love Eurovision! It is SOO cool! Jade Ewen let the UK down though… Her song was screaming ‘LOOK AT ME!!!’
    Anyway the Fire Element doll is beautiful. I love the fantasy pink, red, orange and black skin tones and the weapons give our flame girl an extra touch of added fiestiness. Her chain and daggers just yell, ‘don’t mess with me!’
    I can’t wait for the Air Element doll – you and Azalea work really well together and produce some absolutely beautiful art and games. I hope you don’t resort to using your artistic skills for evil! LOL :-D

  11. I love the Fire Element! Very... well fiery. ;D Keep up the great work! <3

  12. ohemgeeeeee fire is just... amazing. you and azalea both have so much individual talent and now that you've combined your abilities it's just... wow. seriously looking forward to air. =)

  13. note 1: the fire game is AWESOME :D it's my joint favourite with earth :D i made a huge belt out of the drag and drop items XD
    note 2: i've given up on eurovision the british entries are always rubbish -_- wish we had ABBA or something ...


  14. hey ola!

    love it only thing is i would have made more firery jewelery!

    but thats ok i still love it!

    a sudjestion for air coz its hard when im drawing air things i always u cyclone and hurricanes(etc.) in the clothes and back ground


  15. Wow! OK your hairs are 1, 2, 3, 5,6,8. Am I right?
    I really love the fire skirt and the way evey thing matches! I really like those scarves sort of things and the sparkles! This is a really good game, cant wait for all of them to be together! Oh and when air comes out will it go straight to all of them in one game or will they be seperate for a while? PS I am the short hair girl and rlly rlly luv the hair in this one.

  16. Oh yeah, one other thing; I like how you can use all the twisty metal bits in extras to make a tiara, and the little glowing balls make her eyes fiery. Just love this game!
    Also agree with Kathy about the hairs 1, 2, 3, 5 ,6, 8.

    ~Juliette, Britain

  17. I'm from the UK. We usually get no points, haha!
    I usually stick with Finland or Germany, they're normally pretty cool. I also love Bosnia and Herzegovina- their entries are crazy! :D

  18. one thing i found in the fire game(which i love btw) you can click on the doll to remove clothes to remove them except for the frothy looking skirt/pants that are purpley orange. dont know if there are more like it

  19. I really like the new game. The only suggestion I have is about the orange fire skirt. When you put in on, you can still see the underwear, so it looks funny.

  20. hey rebecca, you were right! i go by rebecca though...
    loved fire, best hairstyles ny far. i think it needed some more tops though...

  21. Awsome awsome games. If you need or want a sourse of inspiration for the elment games I suggest the TV show Avatr the Last Airbender (or Avatar the Legend of Aang as it is called in some places). That show is amazing!

  22. hehehe all of my fire dress-ups come out looking evil... Ilove the skirt with the singed edges!!! All the jewelry reminds me of Callisto from Pirates of the Caribbean! :D
    Can't wait for air... I love the idea of giving her wings!!!

  23. BTW, i love how in every game you have one old-fashioned hairstyle (#5 in earth,#8 in water,#9 in fire). I can't wait for the four elements comes, so i can use them all together!

  24. Awsome awsome games. If you want or need inspiration for the elemnets I highly suggest the show Avatar the Last Airbender. It is an awsome show.

  25. Commenting again! I forgot to ask if the puppy maker is coming next or any of the others next. Really looking forward to the fantasy horse and dragon maker. I also forgot to ask why you spell your name with a capital L. Is it a typo? A rebellious statement towards grammar?

  26. Oh and mr nibbles is really cute

  27. Sorry for cluttering up the blog, but mr nibbles has changed colour!

  28. Hey Ola!

    I love the fire-element! Though wouldn't be my idea to add so much of purple and white, I'd probably stick to red-orange-yellowie-colours. But this is cool though, cause I also made some very cool sorceresses that had nothing to do with fire.
    I do think that the eyes and eyebrows ar not as stunning as in the other two elements: the eyebrows leave little choice for expression, and some eyes look kinda weird without the "angry" eyebrows.
    But I most say that I love the hairstyles, except for #8, which seems kinda strange to me.

    I LOVE the yellow-orange fire skirt, the black smoke skirt, the four waving gypsylike skirts. And the gold and silver metal top-addings, especially the fact that they exist out of two separated parts.
    And then I love the shawly things, the variety of necklaces, the tattoos (incendio is my favourite, since it's latin) and all the metalthingies and gems to add.
    I am wondering though what the hell the bat does there, since I can not connect it to fire in anyway...

    Conclusion: you and Azalea made a great game!

  29. Jee, I had idea I had so much to say... I'll keep it shorter and more to my self next timeXD

  30. I am not a fan of the eyes in Fire... and I would heavily suggest adding a "sad" mouth to all the elements- not everyone is happy or mad all the time, ya know. And if someone were to make an avatar, it would be nice to be emote as something other than ecstasy or rage.


  31. BTW, I thought 'incendio' was Latin, but the Latin word for "I lit fire/set fire (?)" is 'accendio'


  32. Hi :)
    I love the new fire game, but one thing I like that I haven't seen in your other games is the ability see a close up on the face, like in the Harry Potter dress up. I think that would be nice if you could fit it in, but otherwise, no complaints

  33. Fire is really somthing! its so different from the other (well they all are :P ) but i feel like its got a darker feel to it and i LOVE IT! great job Ola and pass that to Azalea please haha awesome job cant wait for AIR!!! *woooooshhhh* (tryin to simulate wind....kindda not workin...)


  34. one word: WOW.

    this game is fantastic!!!!! i love the weapons, the clothes, the backgrounds...EVERYTHING. the two of you are spectacular! keep up the GREAT work!

    oh, yah, random question: how old do you have to be to join DeviantArt? just wondering...

  35. You rock, Ola! (just thought you should know.)

  36. The fire element is the best i love it !!!!!. the water hair wasn't very well done, but the clothes were great.
    the earth clothing wasn't very good but the hair was great.
    But with fire, I was satisfied with both. water didn't have as much mouth choice i would have loved to have seen more seaweed and maybe the choice to maker a bit "fire " in facial expression , and i love fire over all !!!!

  37. The German Eurovision entry is actually good though!

    Feel free to e-mail me dolls you've made anytime! I always love to see them: [email protected]

    Oh, that Jade Ewen song was awful. There's way too many songs in Eurovision with these themes: "I'm coming out of my shell!" "Believe in yourself; you can do anything!" "You cheated on me but I'm stronger now!" gah.
    And this year the UK's entry is even worse :(

    lol, i will try not to use my art for evil XD

    Hahaha, now you guys are just picking out the hairstyles that suck and calling them mine, aren't you? XD
    Well, that list is right, except Azalea did #2. She actually didn't wanna use it, but I made her keep it.

    Yes, good call! The orange/purple skirt can't be removed! I will fix it for the 4-in-1 game :)

    I've been hearing a lot about Avatar TLA, but I have no time to discover anything lol :(

    Avatar is next, then Anthro, then not sure yet :)

    Haha, Kathy, it IS a rebellious statement towards grammar! XD
    Sort of.. I found some drawings I made when I was 3 and I signed them "OLA" which I thought was cute, so I incorporated the "L", but I kept the "a" small so it doesn't look like I'm shouting, hehe.

    Mr. Nibbles HAS changed colours!!! :O
    What happened? LOL :(

    The bat is uuugh.. black... mmm... like soot.. after fire? hehe

    Haha, fire was the "stereotypical nice body" bodytype (as was water)... We don't really know how to draw many body types :(

    Awww, ERA, I think what you're really trying to say is that you love the game so much that you want to use it as your avatar! Thank you :D

    Flower, I don't speak latin, so if it's wrong than it's all Google's fault :)

    Adg, we couldn't add a close up to the element games because they're drawn in Photoshop. Or, we could have, but the game would be four times as large, and look pixelly when zoomed back out :\

    Don't worry, Azalea reads my blog so she gets all your messages :)

    You have to be like 13 or 14 to join deviantART. Not sure exactly.

    Thanks for the ideas, suggestions and compliments! So glad you guys like it ~

  38. saying that this game is beautiful would be and understatement. btw, do you have ant idea when air might come out?

  39. I think that Azelea's art style just has more detail. Not that your style isn't awsome(which it is awsome), she just puts more lines and stuff. I could tell that number 2 was hers because of the hairstyles she uses in her other dressups. I love the multi hair colors, their all whimsical! I love how each game has its own dominate emotion in their face. Water is calm, Earth is loving and happy, and Fire is anger and confidence. I bet air will be layed back and Peaceful.
    The bodies are all beautiful, especially earth's. I dont draw that body size much either, but I like it when I do and it doesnt come out as horrible as I expected! Hahaha.
    I dont blame you for taking time on the air game, it must be hard to come up with ideas since it is the last, and also how it is much like water, calm and stuff. Hahha.

    -Sexxy Nuka

  40. By the way, when I meant more detail I meant in her hairstyles.
    -Sexxy Nuka

  41. I had an idea for the air game, for the hair you could draw it like it's being blown in the wind.


  42. OLa!!! I am dying here! I hate your status bars! They aren't moving! OLa, hurry up with the air! I have an idea though, you should do this really long hair that kind of moves a bit? is that possible? i know u did like those things in earth lights that faded in and out that's animation right?

  43. Okay, thankies for the info about deviantART, that was my guess. Most websites like that are thirteen-ish. I love all of your dressups, and I think they keep getting better as they go. Keep up the good work. Ooh, I hope the status bar moves soon, I'm not trying to pressure you! <3
    Also, I'm trying to get better at art(I STINK), so wish me luck!

  44. Have you ever thought about making a wedding dressup? One where you could design a dress, or maybe even a female tux? There's a lot of wedding games out there but not many good ones.

  45. c'mon ola! did you die again?! nothings been moving. you're killing us!

  46. I updated the status bars so nobody has to hurt themselves :D

    Sexxy Nukka, good observations.

    I'm sure I'll do a wedding dress up eventually. It's not pencilled in yet but it's an obvious one. I had an artist working on a GORGEOUS Rococo style wedding game but she seems to have dropped off the face of the earth :\

  47. air soon, please? kthanksbye <3

  48. The status bars are moving again! Thankyou OLa!!!

  49. I quite literally squealed when I saw that the status bar had moved and was now really close!
    I really can't wait!

    When will the 4-1 be coming out, how long after air?


  50. The fire element (and the other elements, actually) is absolutely gorgeous. Wonderful art on all of them, those water/fire skirts are beautiful. The transparency/layering is great too... Well I'm running out of words but you get the idea. :) I'd be glad to see more collabs like that.


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