Sunday, April 25, 2010

Element of Air

Yay, it's finally done! The Element of Air dress up game!

Now I'll put all four together so that you can play them all at once. Hopefully it won't take longer than a week to do.

After that, what should I do?

Between the collaborations, I had a small vote on the Doll Divine Facebook Page and the clear winner was Anthro. That works for me because it should be a really quick one to make (Unlike the Fairy Tale Maker... pixelledanddead stuffed that thing with billions of options, lol).

I was gonna finish Avatar first, but now since it's already so late, what should come first? Avatar or Anthro? (see Anthro preview pic on


  1. Amazing, amazing, truly amazing! You two have outdone yourselves with the air doll. The clothes especially were simply stunning. I also love the gradiating hair colours and the two-tone skin. The background too were beautiful. AND WINGS! Man I was so happy when I saw the wings!

    I cannot wait for the 4-1 because these were all so beautiful and seeing them all together will be awesome!


  2. I love the air maker, especially all of the options for dresses! I think that you should do avatar first, do it for the release of the DVD.

  3. loved the air game! I cannot wait for the four together, but i also am impatiently excited for the anthro. Avatar, i dont know.... Anthro first, surely!
    the 4-1, im wondering if the clothes are/can be altogethor (spelling, i know..) and if all the stuff can be put on any of the dolls?
    Also, were you planning or thinking of an alice in wonderland dress up game? the illustrations in the original were amazing, maybe, if you could, do one about american msgees alice or alice at the palace? (IT HAS MERYL STREEP! you can check it out on youtube...)..... please?

  4. I loved all the element games. It was interesting to see them get more detailed as it went along. The air game has a lot more features than the earth or water ones.
    I vote that you make the Avatar game first. It's so popular and I have yet to see a good dressup.

  5. You and Azalea have outdone yourselves on this one! I absolutely love it! :D
    Anthro should def. come first.

  6. I have to say, all of your hard work payed off in the air game. it is my favorite of all of them and it is perfect in every way. the clothes were amazing and i loved all the overall color scheme of the game. very beautiful. you two have done a wonderful colab and is probably my favorite game on this site.

  7. AMAAAYZING! Soo great! I could play Air for days!
    And Avatar must come first! Man, I love that movie... Peace to Pandora!
    oops a bit over-enthusiastic there...

  8. Air is absolutely amazing. The whole collection turned out wonderfully.
    To be honest, I'm not really looking forward to the Avatar dress up, not because I don't think it will be amazing, but I didn't see movie and truly, have no intention to.
    Personally, I think I'd prefer the Anthro one :)

  9. I LOVE the air dress up! I love all four elements, they're great for recreating the main four goddesses in the stories that I'm writing! I vote the Anthro maker first, I haven't seen Avatar and I have no desire to, (it's the same plot as Dances With Wolves).


  10. I love Air.... so pretty. I love the rainbows! Also the first background looks just like a place where I had recurring dreams a few years ago :D You don't think you could put in flying horsies and a pink dragon too, do you? :P Haha!

    I'd say Anthro, I never saw Avatar, or was interested in it, and I would play it cuz your dressups are the best, but Anthro is one I'm more likely to get a lots of plays out of.

  11. Wow ha amazing does not even describe how truely beautiful that air is ha they are all beautiful but you really outdid yourselves :) great job
    and in my opinion I think I would rather the anthro maker first but ether one would be good :)

  12. Air.Is.GOURGEOS!Wow, this is deffinetly the best doll yet! Anthro should obviously go first! Ok your hairs are:1,2,3,5,6,8.Azelea's hairs are:4,7,9,10,11,and 12!
    and I love the rainbow options!
    -Sexxy Nuka

  13. I vote anthro! I'm stoked for that one :D By the way I LOVED your element dress ups! Definitely worth the wait!

  14. I love that air has so many things to do and choose from. :) Great job!!!

  15. Do you think you could add another light skin tone? The ones there don't look that good with the blonde hair. The game is great!

    Avatar first :)

  16. This is definitely my favorite element, even though my own element is water! I love it!!!

    And I vote Avatar first. :)

  17. Air turned out amazing... I love it. But definatly anthro for the next.

  18. BEAUTIFUL! ♥♥♥♥♥ I looove it! (as you can tell by the multiple hearts) One of the bestest games ever. I think that you should do anthro first. ☺

  19. I vote Avatar first, just because the video came out.

    AND I LOVE THE ELEMENTS DRESSUPS, but I do have one recommendation:

    I wish you couldn't see their underwear. It really just can mess up a look. Merely for future reference.

    Other than that, BEAUTIFUL!! :D

  20. FOR EVERYONE WHO SAYS ANTHRO BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T SEE AVATAR, PLEASE JUST SHUT UP. Who cares if you don't want to see the movie, those who (frankly) wasted $5 to see it, would really like to see a more tasteful and hopefully less explosive-y take on it.

  21. I love the Air dress up, just like I loved the other elements :)

    I don't really have a prefernece as to what next, because I haven't seen Avatar and have intention to, and therefore I know nothing about it.

    And the person above...quit yer bitchin'.

  22. Oh OLa! How beautiful! I love the "angel" aspect and the stairway to heaven thing. And dresses! That was the one thing the other elements were lacking, though I never thought of it till now. I like the rainbows and the drag and drop stuff-but bubbles? isn't that kind of a water thing? otherwise a perfect game. Also love the multiple hairs-there are so many of them, more than the others. Air is my element, so I was especially looking forward to this one, and I was not dissapointed!

  23. I played air, and I loved it! But as I played water then, I found that it was kinda plain... Far les hairstyles, tops, dresses and bottoms. So if you want all the element to be equall, you should perhaps draw a bit more.

    But again, the airdoll is simply stunning! I really love it.

    By the way, I would like to see the anthro first. Also because I haven't seen the avatarmovie, and because I'm just really curious for the Anthro.

    Keep up this stunning work!

  24. I absolutely love the air element, thogh there isn't a really beautiful short hairstyle. Her "boyish" figure is very cool, but for this figure there aren't any real trousers (just this fluffy stuff).
    I miss trousers in all elements btw.

    Ah and: ANTHRO

  25. I really like the Air game, it's so beautiful. I like how all the eye colours are more subdued then in the rest of the games.

    I vote Anthro for next, but either one's good with me, really.

  26. Avatar, but I can't tell you how disappointed i was not to have the option of printing out the Elements. What's the point of playing if you can't take it out into real life?


  27. Air doll is AWESOME!! Yayz :)
    I love that movie!!!

  28. Oooh can you do Avatar first? Blue monkeys forever!!!!
    I love the clothes and wings in air, but the jewelery is so nice I kinda wish there was more (like more crowns or something).


  29. Oops, I spelt disappointed wrong didn't I?

  30. Really like the air game. Very pretty.
    About the 4-in-1 game, will the drag-and-drop stuff be drag-and-droppable in all of them? Like will I be able to take flowers from earth and drag them into fire if I wanted? Am I making any sense? :/

  31. ANTHRO!!!!

  32. Ooh, just watched Avatar, and I have to say, that's a pretty cool movie. So Avatar would be good, but really, either one is cool by me.

  33. Avatar! and a lord of the rings dress up would be awsome :D btw love air and fire!

  34. I definitely vote for Anthro. Setsuna is a fantastic artist, I know the game will be beautiful.

  35. You guys seem pretty split on Anthro/Avatar, but whoever mentioned the DVD release had a good point. I'll probably do Avatar then.

    Alice is a common request, but I doubt I'll do it myself. It's very popular though so I'm sure some other artist working with me will wanna do it. LanWu was actually considering doing it instead of the Gothic Lolita. Unfortuantely, she stopped responding to my messages :(

    haha.. pink drag & horsies.. love it!

    Sexxy Nuka, that's pretty much right, except that I made style 12.

    I kind of think that none of the skin colours look good with that yellowy-blonde, but try that peachy-blonde (first colour in the second row).

    Some of the dolls already have underwear disappearing, but I'll consider adding it to more items. But you know.. it's a balance.. you don't want them to look skanky :\

    Kali, yeah I found the usual eye colours stood out too much so I had to subdue them. Good eye!

    ERA, didn't you get my e-mail?

    Clothes will definitely not swap between dolls, but drag and drop miiight ;)

    Thanks guys; glad you like it!

  36. The anonymous from april 27th at 4:30pm is completely right.That movie is like the #2 movie OF ALL TIME!!!To Sarah, stop it.If you havn't seen Avatar you really should, it's so awesome!^_^ And guys there's no need to start an argument on this blog.(Please)Be nice.

    I vote Avatar all the way!!!


  37. I love your dress-up! My favorite thing is I can make different characters from books and movies and then make myself!
    You should do Avatar first! Its the best and since it just came out...
    I think you should do a Lord of the Rings dress-up! The movies are amazing and you could do some cool stuff for Eowyn and Arwen.

    Keep up the amazing work! I love it!

  38. My dog just died :( so I am a bit sad right now. She was just a puppy and I'd only had her 3 months. A dalmation attacked her in the park. Soz, I know this isn't really about dolls, but anyway.

  39. i was the second anonymous :) i think you should do a phantom of the opera dressup. i LOVE that movie!

  40. I'm really sorry Kathy, my dog (who was only 2) had to be put down due to cancer in the past month, so I know exactly how you feel. I wish I could say that you'll feel better in time, but experience has shown me that you won't, you just have to battle though it, and eventually you just manage not to think about it as much. *hugs*

  41. I vote for Anthro! And I'm sorry about your dog, Kathy. :(

  42. I agree! I would LOVE to see a female LOTR maker!!! I love that movie :D

  43. I'm sorry Kathy :'( That is really sad. I have a puppy names Tucker and he's a shit zu and I would be devistated if he died.

  44. Dude! I'd love to see a LOTR female maker where you could design your own character! It's one of my favorite movies.

    ... what sort of stuff is in an anthro maker?
    sorry y'all if that made anyone mad... lo siento.

  46. Can you add a lighter skin tone, but darker than the first one (which is basically white).
    And surely Avatar first, especially since the DVD just came out. What better way to celebrate than with an Avatar doll?
    I’m not trying to hurry you up here or anything – it’s better to take your time on things anyway – but when are you going to start the Star Trek game? Will you do a Status bar for it, or just release the game?
    PS. What kind of clothing would be included in the Anthro game? I’ve just never heard of it before… LOL

  47. There is a way to print it out: Take a screenshot of your doll, open it from the desktop, and print it. Hope that helps! :)

  48. Kathy, that's so sad. :( *hugs* I know how you feel, it's horrible to lose a pet. Hope you feel better soon! Just think, she's up there in Heaven having the time of her life with all those other dogs, cats, and other animals! I bet she'd have fun with my cousin's dogs, Maggie and Bud. C: (sorry, I'm rambling)
    *hugs*, Tyr~

  49. well i thought about it again and i want u all to know that i chose bfore because i was excited about anthro even though i cant wait for avatar either way :-)
    \btw ola what r u working on at the moment?

  50. HI OLa! The Air Element was the best so far I think. That and Air. When are you going to release the 4 in 1 game? I think you should do the Avatar game first. That movie was THE BEST!!!! Are you going to add some more stuff to the Earth and Water? I can't wait!!!

    luna ))

  51. dvuhfffffffffffdsfgtrfyuygbvd tryujiy mgft5y6ukyy65erft5y6jmu75trccd

    this is me banging my head on the keyboard
    where is OLA? you haven't even commented!

  52. The Element Series is simply amazing! I just love these four games and I can't wait to see them in one! :) Doll Divine rocks!

  53. Yay the status bars have moved!! Im so excited for the 4 in 1!


  54. Can someone please tell me what are those colored squares that appear on the Doll Divines website? *blush*

  55. They are status bars that tell you where the doll is up to. So if they are near the end, the doll/game is nearly finished

  56. Yay! This means that soon we will be able to play the 4-1 collection! :D

  57. So sorry to hear about your dog Kathy.

    Lord of the Rings would be awesome, but there's so much there.. hobbits, elves, the elusive dwarf women, etc. How to narrow down?

    The anthro maker is a cute girl with animal parts, like ears and tails :)
    Setsuna22 added some funky clothes, but it's a surprise!

    I'll do a status bar for every doll, so you'll always know what I'm working on. I'm never 100% what will be after the current doll though or how long it will take.

  58. Please please please make a LOTR dress up I would be forever thankful!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your games are awesome and there are not enough LOTR games out there

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