Sunday, April 25, 2010

Element of Air

Yay, it's finally done! The Element of Air dress up game!

Now I'll put all four together so that you can play them all at once. Hopefully it won't take longer than a week to do.

After that, what should I do?

Between the collaborations, I had a small vote on the Doll Divine Facebook Page and the clear winner was Anthro. That works for me because it should be a really quick one to make (Unlike the Fairy Tale Maker... pixelledanddead stuffed that thing with billions of options, lol).

I was gonna finish Avatar first, but now since it's already so late, what should come first? Avatar or Anthro? (see Anthro preview pic on

Friday, April 16, 2010


It's true, the status bars have moved, hehe. I'm just finishing off hairstyles for Air, and then I have to do backgrounds, and I think Azalea has one more background left. Then, of course, programming.

I've had a bit of a delay because my boyfriend had this idea for a website and made me carry it out. It turns out that the website is a HUGE hit and all the major Canadian news outlets want to interview us. Yesterday we did a radio interview, and tomorrow we're doing a TV interview! The website is this: Crack Shack or Mansion? It makes fun of the crazy prices the Vancouver real estate bubble has achieved.

But don't worry, I'm working on the game whenever I can :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Element of Fffffire!

Finally finished the Element of Fire dress up game.
Hehe, so no, don't worry, I haven't died or anything.

Anybody following Eurovision? Who are your favourites?

If you don't know, Eurovision is a big song contest in Europe. It's how ABBA got discovered (it's way older than American Idol etc.). Each country first votes on the best song, then they send the band to compete for the best song in all of Europe. They often fall in the so-bad-it's-good category and are very cheesy. You can go to YouTube and search for "Eurovision 2010" if you're interested.