Thursday, November 19, 2009


My goal is to finish the Adventurer by this weekend. I'm quite confident that it will happen :D

Some SUPER AWESOME games to keep you distracted:
Horse Maker - with CitronVert79's permission, I posted her gorgeous game and added a preloader and links to her gallery.
Garden Fairy - Azalea's newest, super gorgeous game! Explore it fully... there's more to it than just the menus ;)
Bride dress up - Azalea found this beautifully drawn game. Without a doubt the most beautiful bride dress up I've ever seen.
Rinmaru - they finally released the new version of their site, with some new games.


  1. i have just frightened my dad and my cat, cause i screamed so loud when seeing this update!!! omg!! i can't Wait for this weekend!!! i bet your site will be overloaded when it comes out :) BTw what do you use to make your games? can't wait for the game :)

  2. That's so weird that you posted that bride game...I saw it and was thinking of suggesting that you add it to the site XD
    Love Azalea's new game, beautiful as ALWAYS!!
    SUPER SUPER SUPER excited for the new game!!!! WOOT!!!!
    Well, I'll leave you to your work! Can't wait!!

  3. Hm...fairy and bride won't load for me. but the horse game is AWESOME! i cannot WAIT for the adventurer!

  4. ha ha i've just remembered when you told first us about the adventure maker and gave us a hint on what it was with te 3 pictures :0) and know it's coming out this weekend!!! i can't wait :) its gonna be brill :)

  5. *tries to wait as patiently as possible while thinking, "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! ADVENTURER!!!!!"*
    CAN'T WAIIITTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love the horse game. I wonder if she could be talked into making more? It's just so exciting to see dress-up games with really talented artists behind them. (I have to admit, I am freaking beside myself waiting for the Senshi maker. I have yet to find a good SM dress up, but with you and Drachena working on this, I know it's going to be sooo good!) And now I realize how sad this is, because I am a grown woman :P

  7. OLA!! haha just wondering how much do you have left to do on the doll?

  8. Hey! Doing good; should finish today!
    Not sure what time though.

    All the game are made in Flash. Flash is essential for this type of stuff.

    Voyagefan, sound like maybe those games require a newer version of Flash Player. I export my games with the oldest version possible, but some people like to be on the cutting edge and use the newest versions. It might be worth a download though, especially if you find lots of things on the internet aren't working..

    I bet CitronVert79 will make more.. I think that was her fourth version of it!

  9. Wow,I love the Adventure Maker- utterly gorgeous :D

  10. The game is SUPER awesome!!! There's a lot of improvements, both in versatility/customization and convenience. It's so great to have a new strictly-OLa game (they're the VERY best) and this game is no exception. Great Job!!! Worth the wait most definitely!!

    I just discovered it last night before dinner and wolfed down my food. It's an incredible game. I remember seeing the picture...I just stared at it. It's brilliant!!!!!!

  12. the game is amazin!! XD
    i love it, i like all the different features and the backgrounds are really cool too! :D
    u did it again... created a legned of a game! :L

    good one (y)


  13. Thank youu for blogging about our website ^_^ *hugs*!!!
    And these are really cute games!!!


  14. Woow!
    I just love the way the light changes when you change the background! Good thinking!

    I just wished there were things like (this is what the translater called it) singlets or tights, so she also could wear a skirt when it's colder.

    The tiger looks so cool! And ALL those accessoires!

  15. Yay, glad you guys like it! :D

    Rin, no worries :)
    I wish I could have said more but I haven't had time to explore it yet :(

    Flower, I've never heard of a singlet hahaha, but tights is the right word! That wouldn't be too hard actually... What colours were you thinking of?

  16. could you add more hair colors? and have you ever thought of adding body sizes? that would be cool, and the tights, i like purple, or blue, hahaha but its really great, love it to bits!!!

  17. As for tights, I'd say black, white, and various neutral shades, maybe some khaki and navy too.


  18. OH MY GOODNESS. EXCELLENT. I LOVE IT. DEFINITELY MY FAVORITE SO FAR. and i must add that the horse game you added is spectacular as well, whoever the creator is did a wonderful job.

  19. WOW i absolutely love it! its soooo awesome much more than i ever thought it would be :) Once again Ola you have amazed us all great job!

  20. I love the game, because you can make a huge variety of dolls. I also like the explanation-thingy on the weapons!
    Maybe you could put in some different coloured lace up boots (red + blue would be fab), and I think tights is a good idea.
    Well done with the game, there are much more facial options than the others which is cool. What are you working on now? I think a medieval one would be cool x.
    Juliette, Britain x

  21. i agreee with above but i thinks you should finish the sailor moon doll first :)

  22. I LOOOOVVVVVEEEEE the new doll. i got my friends into this site. they loveee it :D i could be on this site allll day.
    From ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. sailor moon should be done, definatley! that is one amazing show!!! cant wait till the next game, whatever it is!!
    and thnks for tha new hair colors, they are such a help, fab ob as always!!!

  24. I loooooove this new game so much! This might be my favorite one so far, the faces and hairstyles are all so detailed!

  25. can you do just a stright down hair style? like no pony tail?

  26. I LOOOOOVE the new game! It made a spark inside of my head that maybe you could do a Star Wars/Star Treck dress up or a "Movies" dress up game.

  27. Well, I added tights and hair colours!
    Body shapes are a lot of work. I tried it with the Centaur and the game really suffered because I didn't have time to do lots of clothes (every item had to be drawn 3 times)

    Not gonna add any more stuff at this point, mostly because it makes it super hard to mess with the buttons, haha.

    Elizabeth, your instinct is right on ;D

    So glad you guys like it XD

  28. I loe love the new adventure game! it is by far your best ever, but i have a feeling there is more to come. the quality is awseom and i love all the outfits. great job!!!!


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