Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Stuff

Ok, lots to report, here we go!

First non-DD game added to DollDivine: Galaedhel dress up game
I wasn't going to do this until later, but I logged in to MochiMedia, and there it was, so I thought "oh this is cute!"... and it only took a few minutes to add it :)

Also: how annoying do people find MochiAds, and similar things? (ie. the ads WITHIN games that show up while the game is loading). I'm experimenting with them and I like the idea, but I find I'm getting annoyed on my own website lol! (they're currently on Japanese Fashion, Mermaid & Fairy).

That reminds me, I updated the Mermaid Maker and Fairy Maker with nicer lines and Print features!

Oh, and that's me this Halloween! The party was a success, and we almost made back all the money we spent, lol! (we bought more beer than we thought necessary)


  1. I got confused for a second. I was like "wait, is this the Adventure Maker? It's different than I expected ..." haha.

    I don't mind the ads. They only last a few seconds, and then you can click the "skip ad" button.

  2. I like that dress up put up, it could have more options, but the clothes are so detailed! It is cute indeed.

  3. that new game was cute. why did the music sound like a cross between Amazing Grace and LOTR elves singing? XD!!!!!!!
    okay, i am very patient while waitng for adventure maker. breathe in, out. in, out.
    luv your costume!!! of course, call me an idiot, but i don't know who Lara Croft is...*blushes*

  4. I actually quite like the game- the music is beautiful, and she's pretty. I think it would be better if the hairstyle could change colours rather than specific colours and styles, so if you want blonde you don't have only one choice. But it was pretty and that turquoise ball gown of hers is to die for :)

    Your Lara Croft outfit is great! Sooo like hers, and the decorations are cool. The party I went to was brilliant, although thank to a rather large amount of drink it seemed to be that I had disappeared for two hours- I had no recollection of where I was and neither did anyone else. It got solved though- I'd been out in the garden with a friend, hahaha, and I could actually remember that. We also managed to scare some little ten year olds who were trick or treating :S oops! (They had some terrifying costumes though, seriously, their masks were like something out of The Exorcist.)

  5. speaking of ten-year-olds, i'm ten. i'm the youngest person on here...well, i'm almost eleven. and everyone else is either a teenager or an adult. waaaaaaaa!!!! i feel so out of place!!!! our halloween party was fun, but we got drenched...grrrrrrrrrr.....

  6. Haha, but these were little boy ten year olds, boys are always much less mature than girls! It was rather funny, they were probably scared to death of us... a group of... ten? (there were more of us there but at that point some of us were hanging around in the hallway) ten slightly drunken 17 and 18 year olds in full costume (Ranging from bumblebees to wizards to super geeky things) giving them loads of sweets. Hehe XD

  7. Haha, well Lara Croft is a video game heroine, and was later portrayed by Angelina Jolie in the movie version. But that's about all I know hahaha! Except that she looks super cool!

    Phew, I'm glad you guys like the game! I love the graphics, but yeah of course it's got lots of faults, lack of flexibility with hair being one of them. It's hard to find complete games, eh?

    Voyagefan, that's funny cuz sometimes I feel like I'm the only adult! It feels funny to say that.. I'm not really used to being called an adult :\

    Usually I have no idea how old people here are, and I don't even try to guess lol. Sometimes you guys tell me but my memory is terrible, especially with no faces to match. But you know what? It really doesn't matter much... Everyone here contributes great views!

    The main difference between ages seems to be life experiences and collected trivia. But those things vary between countries and cultures too.. so no biggie :)

  8. was the party on friday or saturday? all those people who went trick-or-treating on friday are lucky. they didn't get drenched. in the car on our way home, i was so wet i didn't feel like moving. how'd you scare them? did you jump out or something?

  9. i haven't been able to play the game b/c i need to download a flash player or something... stupid technology-i-don't-understand!!! although i have no clue who your supposed to be i love your costume! as for ads... i don't really appreciate them if they have sound which is why i keep my speakers off when online. other then that, i don't really mind. i'm not sure about how other people feel about them.

  10. i don't really pay attention to ads. yeah, sorry i changed topics in my last comment so randomly...hehheh, oops...........

  11. Elven dressup's cute, but can we expect the Adventure Maker any time this week? =D

  12. Well VoyageFan, it was on the Saturday.. I assume it was raining at some point because the ground was soaking outside :) And we were just being generally crazy! Haha.

  13. please, please, please can you tell us when Adventure Maker will be coming, cause i'm pratically hangging on the edge of my seat!!!! i really can't wait so please can you give us an aproximate date?? PLEASE!

  14. yes, yes, ADVENTURE MAKER. i will not survive without it, i've been waiting for so long, and i've pacing madly around my backyard muttering to myself...heh, jk about muttering and pacing...but i am SOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Sorry guys but it will be a little while yet! I'm just putting SO MUCH stuff in it that it's taking forever!

    I'm almost done the girl so I just have to do weapons, backgrounds, interface and print version.

    If you e-mail me at I'll send you a link to the half-finished game... but of course the catch is that you have to give me feedback :)

    BUT you might be ruining it for yourself, so choose wisely! ;)

  16. -Sends email hurridly-


  17. i think it should be a surprise. but i am seriously dying here, can't WAAAAIIITTT!!!!!! XD!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. how's your puppy?

  18. Honestly, I really dont like you adding games that arent yours. You games are so awesome and professional and detailed, that something less kinda bothers me. So if you find something DollDivine quality, add it!! Otherwise? Ehh no. Hahaha all said wit love!! Super excited for adventure maker yo ^^

  19. OMG I AM GOING TO HAVE A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN ADVENTURE MAKER!!!!!! CRAVING IT!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! Breathe in, out, in, out......XD!!!! Can't wait!

  20. I'm lucky, I didn't know the Adventurer was coming up until it actually came out ^^ I was spared the terrible waiting! XD

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