Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Question

- I added tights & hair colours to the Adventurer Maker dress up game
- I added backgrounds & some wings to the Snow Fairy dress up game

Should I install Google Friendconnect on the site?
And which of these "gadgets" would you like (or hate):

- Social bar- a bar on the bottom of the screen where you can see who's online, chat, see who's doing what on the site.. (only if they're logged in of course)
- Comments - comments boxes on each game's page
- Ratings/Reviews - a review box & star rating on each game's page.. you can tell me what you think a bout each game and I could see which are people's favourites
- Interests Poll - I get to ask stupid questions, mwahaha!
- Newsletter Subscription - I could send you site updates right to your inbox..

Do these sound useful? Sleazy? Annoying? Lemmie know =D


  1. I don't care about the Google Friendconnect or the social bar. I would love the comment bars, the review boxes, and the interests polls. I'm sure people would like the newsletter subscription. That's just my opion though.

  2. i just don't like the google friend connect or the social networking bar. I think they would taint the professionalisim of doll divine. but everything else sounds like LOTS of fun!

  3. maybe the social ideas are unimportant, but i dont mind. i love the comments and ratings, and newsletter, also the polls, it wold be another way to tell you what you what we think!

  4. comments, ratings/reviews, and polls, yes. chat bar and newsletter, no thanks. i mean, i wouldn't mind chat if you could sign off but still stay online. because i don't want to chat...i've never really enoyed it much. i like the tights!

  5. Oh, just to clarify.. these gadgets would all be through friendconnect...

    So to install any of them I would have to have that Friendconnect Members screen etc.

    Trust me, I would code these myself if I could, but I don't have time to learn and Friendconnect basically gives you the code :D

    You definitely do NOT have to sign in to the chat.. that would be horrible! hahahha O_o
    But I'm also not liking the bar idea.. cuz it takes up space!

    Also, I just added a winter background to the Adventurer! (stolen from the Kitten Maker hehe)

  6. I like the rating, comment, and the poll ideas. Everything else is so-so.

  7. The newsletter would be nice, and the polls could be fun. The chat might make the webpage slower though :/ I've found that happens on other sites.

  8. I think that all of the ideas are wonderful, aside from a social bar. The idea that I really like though was the interests poll, that way even the people that don't regularly check your blog and post can leave their opinion.

  9. I think that everything sounds excellent except for the chat. The polls can help you get to know us, the newsletters can help us get excited for upcoming dolls and like you said leaving comments can help you decide what we like best :)

  10. It sounds like a really bad idea to be adding the Google friendconnect on the site. It just seems like it will take away from the dress ups/creators and would focus too much on the chatting bit.

  11. I'm not really interested in any of them. However, nothing that you do to this site, as long as you continue updating with your own original dolls, will deter me!! I love this site!!!

  12. Social bar, sounds like it would be a good idea in theory, but I don't think it will get used very often.
    I think we'd all rather you using the time to make your awesome games ;)

    Comments- again, good in theory, but I don't think it will be used often.
    - Ratings/Reviews -I like this one, it would be easier than doing the whole rigamarole with the comments.

    - Interests Poll- again, easy, quick and I like it.

    - Newsletter Subscription- Definitely. I wanna know as soon as a game is out.

  13. I feel like you already do most of the things friend connect would allow through this blog. Those of us with big opinions make ourselves known, heh.

  14. I personally don't think that you need to add anything to your site, it's perfect as it is and I think this blog is sufficient in expressing our opinions. Other sites with the whole chatting, commenting, and rating things can get very congested and be extremely annoying. Like Adg said, we'd prefer you focusing on your games. I love the tights and the new wings are great! Well done as always!!

  15. Interests poll and reviews sound good..... anything else and I'm afraid I won't like it as much..... it'd just seem too un-unique then, you know????? Like all the other thousands of dress up websites.... doll divine would not seem as special anymore.
    No Idea why I'm getting upset about this because I didn't really have anything aginst other games on the site. But I do love the adventurer!
    P.S. Some ''breeches'' on the Warrior doll would be great, 'cause I like fantasy medieval female warriors best. More Hogwarts Hairstyles would be fun, too!!!!!

  16. Wait! Changed my mind! Or rather, reread the blog! Newsletter sounds good! Very, very good! I still have the same opinion to everything else, though! The Adventurer's tights and leggings are really cool.

  17. please don't put on a social bar i think they're annoying :/ but i would like a news letter etc :D (love the new doll btw)

  18. I actually think that you could do without all of these. There are some dressup sights that are dreadfully useless content-wise. I really dislike comment bars, but i think the review (star review) would be fun to have.

  19. I really like the poll idea. And the ratings and newsletter also seem like a good idea.
    But I agree you don't NEED any of these, the site's already brilliant.

    Maybe you could make polls on other sites that give you the HTML code after you've made them?

    PS.I love the new adventurer maker too!

  20. Star rating and interest poll- anything else is excessive.


  21. well i really think that this site it just great the way it is but star rating and an intrest poll (just for you :) and som e randome questions aha) but other than that i think that it would be too muck plus about the comment thingy we already get to comment here about ur dolls so i think thats good :)

  22. Hey! I love your site, it's the coolest dress up site I've ever found. Anyway, I really, reallly like the winter background, seeing all that cool winter gear on the adventurer game and not having a snowy scene was kind of discouraging. The way the lighting changes when you use different backgrounds is also pretty awesome.

    I would personally enjoy the newsletter as I don't have time to constantly check your blog. The ratings are a good idea, although I think the comments might be a little unecessary if you add the reviews. The chat doesn't really seem to be needed, along with the reviews and comments. We can comment on the blog and with to many commenting systems comes the unwanted chain letters/posts. I don't know what they're called but I do know they are annoying! I have no clue what Friend Connect is... but I do like the poll ideas! All your ideas are great but this site really doesn't need anything else. It's awesome just as is! But whatever you decide, I'm sure it will be cool.

  23. Cool, cool... Thanks guys! I can always count on you for helpful, honest opinions.

    No love for the bar.. and that's good cuz I didn't like that idea anyway.

    You're split on the comments, so I won't add them. I'll see if I can add a star rating without comments. Plus, they might hurt my feelings! :(

    The poll is most popular, so I'll try and add it. The newsletter was so-so, but it's optional so I might do it anyway.

    Cool.. I'm kind of excited about how I can abuse the poll.. hehe

  24. I think its Great! plus i've finally joined! woop!
    from ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  25. i like all ur idea's, but my fave is the rating idea, or the poll :)

    also i just wanna say thanks because i had to luk after my cousens the other day and ur site kept them occupied for hours XD then we printed off the pictures so they could colour them! :L lol. it really helped me to give them somthing to do :)

    Gina_Farrow x

  26. I dont really know about "Google Friendconnect" but all these gadgets seem so fun!
    i cant say im a pro on that im new but i can say my visitors really like commenting and such ^^!
    but again i have small amount of visitors so i really dont know what majority thinks.
    I would like it tho ^^! hehe..

  27. ola i no who number five is on the boys its jack quateermain oooooooooo im so smart


  28. sooooooooo whats next

  29. hey how is the sailor scout maker commin along??

  30. poll and newsltter. im not totally sure on the rating part of it

  31. Social Bar - HELL NO! D: They get REALLY annoying, especially the people who lurk there like, ALL DAY and just post bitchy comments. :( PLEASE don't do that one!

    everything else sounds cool!

  32. I'm good on all of these ideas... just a better way to expose yourself to the dress up game world :D

  33. i think a five star rating is great, cause then you can see over people views in the game :)

  34. people lurk on sites all day and post bitchy comments? O_o Oh my, lol.

    It's not Jack, but that's a good quess. They've all been guessed now if you're curious:

    Up next I've got a small surprise and then a gothic lolita doll that i hope to finish quickly, then i'm not sure yet. the Sailor will be soon after!

  35. That sounds cool...except I don't have google friend connect.But the comment box,ratings and reviews, interests polls, and newsleter subscriptions would be fantastic!!!

  36. Darn! just saw that the gadgets would be through google connect when I was scrolling up.That's not fair.I'm a little bummed out now.

  37. me again!!!
    p.s.just to let you know,the times on this blog are kind of messed up.

  38. Well i know you might not get this post but if you do, thank you. :-)

    The thing is i think doing a friend toolbar could be a good idea :) but, on the other hand even though you mention another website on some of your games, i would like to see somwhere on the page showing other websites that are like yours becuase i think yours an analezia is the best ( i might have spelled wrong, i apologize.)

    well this is my repy to your question.
    thanks much for reading ~

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