Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Avatar Cut-Backs

The good news is I'm back in full force!!!

The bad news is that the only way I'm gonna get through this Scene Maker is by focusing only on the most important parts and cutting out a lot of the items. Alisa has drawn sooo many gorgeous items and I would love to include them all, but I'm just not physically capable lol. I've bitten off more than I can chew... I admit it XD

So I'm gonna give you guys a chance to vote for your favourite items to make it into the game!

1. Please check out Alisa's gallery of wardrobes.

2. From Sokka/Azula/Ty Lee/Mai/Toph/Suki/Yue's, give a shout here if you see something you MUST see in the game.

3. Mention also if you want to see it in a different Nation's colours.


  1. I'd really like it if you could include commoner's clothes for all of them in multiple colors. Like, just a normal set of shirts and pants/skirts for each character in multiple colors, so you can always, at the very least, turn them into a normal character from whatever nation. If there aren't any already drawn, then that's ok, but I think that is a must have for all of them that are already there.

  2. Wow, there ae so many beautiful designs that it's so hard to choose.

    Yue only has three different outfits, and i think the first two just have different coats. and she only has one hairstyle, so i'm thinking she would be the easiest.

    same with Suki, limited hairstyles. but all her clothes are different and important to the story line.

    Toph; also limited hairstyles. some of her clothes however (i'll use the numbers) 205, and the mini comic one aren't really important. and a few of them: the first one for book 2, 301, and 310 are the same with a few extra peices.

    Mai has one hairstyle, and all of her clothes sorta blend together.

    Ty Lee; 1 hairstyle also, but her clothes are funner. she only has 2 pairs of shoes tho (like that helps)

    Azula; 1 main hairstyle again, her clothes blend together too.

    Sokka... has a lot of totaly different stuff, maybe only make one cape instead of both slightly different ones (214, 302)

    Anyways, probably none of this helps at all. Seeing you probably knew it already... oh well.

  3. But, but but, it's all so pretty!! D: Uhm..... I'll have to take another look and get back to you on this one. ^^;

  4. uuummm for aang you don't have to include all the outfits from nightmares and daydreams or the armor.

  5. I won't make any sugestions here as I don't like/watch Avatar (as I have said before so now you're all probs fed up of me saying it) BUT I'm commenting anyways so you don't think that I didn't read the post.

  6. BUT, I will say that you can always go back and add more to the games when you have time.

  7. I made a list, and then made myself go back through and cut it in half. Maybe you could do a "Round 2" or something later on to add more stuff? Maybe?

    Toph: - i love her 204 dress
    - i think her standard outfit should be available in the different colors
    - her crazy hair
    - her fire-nation outfit in different colors
    - her wrist guards from her Book 3 and 310 outfits
    - maybe the 321 outfit in different colors
    Sokka: - 310 outfit
    - 204 tunic-thing in different colors
    TyLee and Mai : their 218 and 220 outfits in different colors
    Azula: - 218 and 220 outfits in different colors
    Suki: - 321 outfit in different colors

  8. I would like:
    Toph:321,and 313, so cute :D
    Azula: 305, book 2
    tylee: 203

  9. Toph:
    310, 305, Book 3 (of course), and 321 would be awesome. Also, her sleeping clothes from 214 would be nice.

    Book 1 outfit + coat, WANG FIRE!!!!, 310, and 321 are all musts for me. If you could include his guard uniform and the fancy-ish clothes he wore to Paindao's, that would be great too.

    Ty Lee:
    Normal outfit, Kyoshi Warrior unform, 220, and the second 305.

    Normal outfit, 220, either of the 305s, 321. I like Going Home Again's outfit too, but I don't remember that being canon, so if you want to leave that out, that's fine too.

    Book 2 and 3 outfits, 220, 301s, second of 305. If you could include 218 and 320 that would be nice, but they are less of a priority to me.

    As many as possible, lol. Musts for me are 104, 314, and 316-321. 321 outfit is nice, too.

    There are only three here, and I don't think I can really choose between them.

    I think standard outfits for each book should come in different colors, and any others are more optional. I do prefer to have a choice in color for each thing, but I understand that you have a lot of work and as long as standards come in different color choices, I'm OK.

  10. For some reason, I just love anything that Mai and Ty Lee wear, so any of that would be great, in all different colors if that's possible. :)

  11. Erm... I know that this really isn't what you asked for, but I just have to throw in that the only wardrobe for me that I really, REALLY want is Toph's... and as for all of the others I don't really care which.
    I can do without Toph's rock... thing... and the metalbent armor. And the minicomic dress. The reason that I like Toph's wardrobe so much is also because with her different clothes I can see a lot of prospects for mixing and matching, like if her pants and shirt was seperate, and her belt in her season 1 outfit.
    Oh gosh, I feel like such a schmuck for responsing to a 'I have too much work' with a 'yeah, okay, just do this and this and this for me' when you're doing such great work already!

  12. Toph: Every single one! Especially the crazy hair and 309+321
    Sokka: 115, 104, and old moustachy Sokka(fire nation)
    Mai: 218, "Going Home Again"
    Ty Lee:203, 218
    Azula: Pilot, 219, 305 and 320 (I know it's a little much to ask for..)
    Suki: 104, 321
    Yue: 120, 119

    Oh and I also mean to include the normal outfits, but those should automatically be in the dress-up.And yes, I think that (all) the outfits should be available in different nation colors.

  13. I would love to see you put in the gaang as little kids

  14. when u make Aang?

  15. ofcourse the outfits should be available in different nation colors

  16. Regular outfits for all the characters in all of the nation colors from all the seasons.

    204, 214 (both), 301 (just the fire nation cloak to put on as an option like you did for Katara), 309, 310-the hat and shoulder thing can be an option to, 321.

    101, 104, the belt, bag, and hat from book2 can be an option, 301, 302, old guy outfit, 310, and 321.

    Tylee and Mai:
    Mai - 218, "Going Home Again", 305, 321.
    Tylee - 218, 305.

    218, 301, 305, 321.

    All (if thats possible)

    118, 120.

    And all of them as kids (if thats ok)

  17. hi ola,

    i am a big fan of your marvelous dress ups. my favs are avatar: tla, avatar (na'vi), hogwarts, vampire maker, four elements, elf maker and gothic lolita.

    i am a big avatar fan and i like, the the outfits in different colors (i like the dark colors of the fire nation and the purple ones from the water tribe).

    about the vote:

    - basic hair style, fire nation hair style and hairs open
    - outfits from 102, book 1, 214 (right), 302, book 3, 304 (left), 314 and 321
    - extras: some of the fire nation helmets and the space sword would be cool

    - her basic hair style, all hairpieces, the hair style from 214 (left)
    - outfits from 204, book 2, 205, 214 (left), book 3, 309 and 321

    ty lee:
    - outfits from 218, 220, 305 (both) and her basic outfit (on the far left)

    - outfits from 218, 220, going home again, 305 (both, 321 and her basic outfit

    - basic hair style and open hairs at the backside of her head from 305
    - outfits from book 2, 218, 220, book 3, 301 (both) and 305 (both)

    - kyoshi hair style and fire nation hairstyle
    - all outfits

    - only 119

    i hope, thats not too much, but i would like it if there would be all the colors as you did it for katara and zuko.

    youre doing really a great job with your dress ups, the all look very cool and the are fun to play. before i know your site, i played hapuriainens dress up games at deviantart. the are great too (because of the many colors and hair styles to choose from), but i think your games are done with much love (and work of course) and are almost addicting. ^^
    sorry, if my post might be long, i just wanted to vote and tell you, how great your games are. and sorry for my bad english, it not my mother tongue.

    greets from germany


  19. Its alright that you bit off too much. We understand. its a large project and we're happy to get anything. Well at least I am.

    I agree, more just 'regular' clothes for all of them would be nice, but if they don't already exist, don't worry about it!

    As for the serious voting;
    (Yes i mostly copied from above. :) )

    - basic hair style and fire nation hair
    - outfits from 102, 214, 302, 304 (left), 314
    - extras: some of the fire nation helmets and the space sword would be cool

    - her basic hair style, all hairpieces, the hair style from 214 (left)
    - outfits from 204, book 2, 205,and 321

    ty lee:
    - outfits from 218, 220, 305 (both) and her basic outfit (on the far left)

    - outfits from 218, 220, going home again, 305 (both, 321 and her basic outfit

    - basic hair style and open hairs at the backside of her head from 305
    - outfits from book 2, 218, 220, book 3, 301 (both) and 305 (both)

    Also, no way you're going to give us any little kids right? Like on Mai and Ty-Lee's page it shows them as little kids. I think that could be fun! If you shrank them down a little and some of the basic outfits? That could be fun. Thats it. I'm done.

    Thanks for taking the time to do a vote!

  20. I really think that whatever is included should be in all of the different nations colours.

  21. ooh! i'm going to second (or is it third?) having them as children available...

  22. As many of Suki and Ty Lee's outfits as possible..more specifically:
    Suki: 104, 316, 318
    Ty Lee: normal, 203, 305 (right)

    As for nation colors, I think having the main outfit for all the characters be in all four colors, but everything else is fine. And kids...meh.

  23. They were all amazing, but these were my favorites:
    Toph 321 book2 book3 204

    Mai and TyLee 1st ones 218 321

    Suki 104 316-321 212 314

    Azula Bk2 Bk3 301 218

    Sokka 101 Bk1 321 310 314

    Yue 118 120 ...

    and all the kid versions. I'd like if they varied in nation's colors. A few extra hair pieces for each, too.
    Hope this narrowed it down at least a bit. :)

  24. For all of them I would like to see the "regular" clothing in every nation color, kind of what you did with Katara's.
    As for each character;
    Aang- 104 as the default, Book 1 & 2, 206, 302-310, 310-320, and 321. With the 214 cape, 203 hat, 202 headband, 106 hat, 115 hat, 317 hat, 110 hat, 116 mask, "Sokka the Avatar" hat, the glider, as accesories. That's a lot, sorry. :(

    Toph- 305 as the default, and pretty much everything in every nation color BUT the mini comic and rock armours. I love Tophs wardrobe. :)

    Sokka- 202 as the default, and if you could, as Sokka is one of the best characters ever, do most of the things?

    Mai & Ty Lee- I guess just their main outfit.

    Azula- All of Azula please, please, please, I will get on my knees and beg you :)

    I feel like I asked a lot, and I'm really sorry.

  25. For Sokka, his different outfits are often defined by his accessories, so if you could include some of those that would be awesome.

  26. Okay, I think I've got it. Here we go: (note: can you PLEASE do them all in all nation colours? ^-^)

    Toph: Her 204 outfit, (perdy!) certainly her normal outfit and her normal fire nation outfit, her 309 outfit, and her 321 outfit. But really, all Toph's outfits seem to be a mix of a bunch of basic items. I don't know much about the subject of course, but I don't think it would be to hard to do a majority of them, if not all. (as a foot note: Could you do Toph next please? *kitty face*)

    Sokka: Well, his normal outfit and his fire nation outfit, and his 321 outfit for sure. (can we just round it off by saying EVERYONES normal outfit and fire nation outfit (if they aren't from the fire nation originally of course.)) CERTAINLY his Kyoshi Warriors outfit (LOVE IT!) His detective hat, his multiple amours maybe? The one where he's an old guy, to match Katara's pregnant dress, and his capes are really awesome. :3

    Mai: Well, her regular outfit, her 301 outfit, Her 305 outfits, Her 321 outfit, and I really like the 'Going Home Asian' outfit. And maybe the 220 outfit. (I like Mai. Besides the fact that she stole Zuko. ((Whoa, random rabid fangirlyness! XD)))

    TyLee: Her regular outfit, her Kyoshi Warrior outfit, her 305 outfits, her 203 outfit, and maybe her 220 outfit. (yes, I realize I just named them all. ^^;)

    Azula: Her normal outfit, (and I REALLY like her bending) maybe her Kyoshi warrior outfit, Her normal outfit for book three, her 301 and 305 outfits, and her 320 outfit.

    Suki: Would it really be so hard to do all of them? There's only six. *big doe eyes*

    Yue: Kay, with her there's only three. Please to all? *more big doe eyes*

    Aang: His regular outfit, his 302-310 outfit, his 310-320 outfit, and his 321 outfit. And maybe his 206 and 214 outfits.

    Yup, that's my vote. I'm also cool with you adding more and more little bits over time to. As for the subject of kids, if you wanted to just little drag-and-drop-ables that would be fine, but I'm also totally cool with no kids. :D

    On an unrelated note: I'm ADORING the new dragon maker! So awesome! XD

  27. Oh, and I love Toph's 214 dress. That's all. :3

  28. Thanks guys! That helps me out a lot!

    Actually, there's a few more outfits for Suki which aren't posted that I'll probably include :)

    I'm doing all the hairstyles cuz there aren't many.

    Aang's up!

  29. of course, they need mad bending/fighting skillz so they can kill each other.

  30. Wow you did that fast

  31. 1.Suki's fire nation outfit(316-321)
    2,Azula, Tylee and Mai's beach outfits
    3. Azula's military uniform
    4. Just a quick suggestion(totally optional), could you add all the elements to all characters? Like if you dressed Zuko up as a waterbender, there'de be a water element accessory for his hand?

  32. I like all the ones for numbers-204,321,207,305

  33. wow aang looks great i love it

  34. Ola, and everyone else... You should check out this link. I just thought i would show this artists good work. I stumbled across it the other day.

  35. OMG having fun dressing up Aang! And yay, Toph's next! XD

  36. why in avatar scene maker are five same backrounds?

  37. @Anon
    Ola's probably gonna change them when she's done with the game

  38. i've been thinking about making a dress up game for my little sisters birthday. problem is i have no idea how. any tips?

  39. you're probably doing this already, but will there be different hair/skin/eye color options for all the characters??

    also, i would really like mai 321 and yue 119 in all nation colors

  40. P: I'll actually be happy when the Avatar maker is done! Then other games can be made!

  41. Toph: Fire nation outfits
    Sokka: Can you give him clothes that can make him have a potential Jet look?
    TyLee/Mai: the ones from The Beach.
    Azula: Outfits form The Beach and from where she goes insane.
    Suki: I don’t care about her. Sorry Suki, Sokka deserves Yue.
    Yue: You HAVE to have her Moon Spirit outfit. That’s all really.

  42. it'd be cool to give each character a simple black assasin suit that you can detail over with stuff you already drew to put over it to make them like a "club" of ninja assasins or something lol

  43. (this doesn't have anything to do with avatar but it's an interesting idea) You have like two really cool dragon makers ,perhaps you can ask one of your favorite deviant art artists to help you create a dragon rider creator. based on the elements and black and white (yin yang?) female/male. Would be a very cool addition to give them weapons and other stuff. You can do like dragon or other tattoo drop ons for the dragon rider character? and like different poses?heights/body structures. make it very similar to your Hogwarts,and avatar scene maker. And cool weapons like that cool warrior maker,would be much loved by me and many others I'm sure! Make like an oc character. Can't wait for your viking maker!!!

  44. Anonymous from 11:03am
    ..I think we are very much on the same level. I totally forgot about Jet but I <3 him

    ..and I agree.. Sokka deserves Yue!!! I think Suki's his rebound. But then again I also do think Sokka's too immature to commit at this point.

  45. Ally (ur biggest fan!)January 9, 2011 at 9:53 AM

    Ty Lee, Mai, and Azula are a must. You need to include those characters because I love the way they are drawn and they r ma faves! But I think U that we sohuld go with Azula, she haz more variety.

  46. when u done toph?

  47. I like Aang's old man disguise and his masks, and Katara's bright green robe.

  48. anonymous from 4:16 am:

    aang & katara are already done, if you click the icon on the front page you can dress them up

  49. I know it's been done a million times over but a disney princes/non-disney princess (basiacally and animated movie/show heroines) game would be great.

  50. it's probably too difficult, but would it be possible to add another katara doll so that one could be dressed as katara and the other could be dressed as an OC?

  51. Hey, OLa, I just wanted to mention this since I have an annoying habit of noticing little unimportant details. In the game when you rotate/flip Zuko so he is facing left, his scar is on the wrong eye :) I know this detail is insignificant, but I just thought I would mention it anyways :)

  52. I don't know if this has been mentioned, but I really want to see Sokka's water tribe warrior outfits. They don't HAVE to be in alternate colors. :) I just like the designs.

  53. I know you are totally busy with adding all the content (which by the way is awesome!) to the game, but I was wondering if it would be possible to add the glowing arrow tattoo option to Katara/Zuko/Toph's wardrobe, because they look so good on Aang and it would be cool to make like a Team Avatar state theme :) Just an idea, and great job on the game!

  54. Wheres Momo and Alpa?

  55. Definetely include princess Yue! she only has 3 outfits, so that isn't so hard!You could also create different color schemes wiht her outfits and give her different kinds of hair extentions and colors. Also, include Suki's outfits, definetely Kioshi and fire nation and, with different color schemes. And include Sokka's outfits, maybe the cool ones, and definetley the Kioshi sokka. Also Kioshi Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai would be cool! all the characters are so awesome, i wish you could include them all!

  56. Well I would like to have most of the outfits but I can totally see why you think it as too much work.

    Out of Mai's clothes I would like to see the most:

    Standard outfit, Kyoshi Warrior disguise, well both of the outfits she wears on the beach are fun so I can't really decide between them and would like tremendously if you made both but if it's too much work choose one, the green and white dress from the finale is so pretty that I would like it in as many colours as possible. The cloak and the dress from the comic would be nice and I don't care at all about the Dai Li uniform because it's so ugly.

    Ty Lee's clothes I would like to see:

    Standard outfit for her, Kyoshi Warrior disguise and the two swim suits would be nice. I don't really care about clothes she wore at the circus and Dai Li outfit is ugly.

    Azula's clothes I would like to see:

    Standard outfit, Kyoshi disguise, armor outfit, the robes, her pyjamas and the two swim suit things. Dai Li outfit is ugly, and the finale outfit looks like it's just a cloak over the armor so it's really meh.

    Suki's clothes I would like to see:

    Kyoshi Warrior, the two Fire Nation outfits and the green dress from the finale. I don't really care about the "police" uniform or the prison clothes.

    With Yue I think you should do all three outfits and give the glow effect. Colour wariation would be nice with Yue as would giving more "normal" hair styles just so you could turn her into some one other than obvious Yue recolour.

    Also you have already done Toph at this point but could you add the robe thingy and the towel dress that Katara also has and maybe make them for the other girls and create some kind of spa backround so you could make the girls hanging out and doing girl stuff? It would just make so many hilarious comics especially now that you have the speech bubbles.


    >:-( >:-( >:-( >:-( >:-(

  58. When is there going to be more background pics?

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