Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tudors Progress

OMG a blog post!!! Hehehe...

Just wanted to tell everyone that I'm hard at work. Between blog posts, facebook comments, deviantArt comments and e-mails, I've had to pull back or else I wouldn't have any time to actually make games.

I'm currently adding items to the male Tudors doll, adding to the wonderful stuff Azalea already put in.

It is a funny thing, this doll. The Showtime TV series is, of course, based on the real Tudor dynasty. However, the costume designer took liberty with the costumes. I was reading something to the effect that she wanted to audience to think "Oh, how beautiful!" rather than "Oh, how strange." Apparently purists are angry, but I think it made a lot of sense. The real Tudor costumes don't have that much variety, and some of those head doodads are straight up ugly. That being said, I hate for things not to be accurate, so I've been making sure that the staples of real Tudor fashion are in the game too.

Because now I'm watching Game of Thrones, and I notice that they, even being a fantasy series, seem much more adherent to real fashions. I constantly find myself saying "Oh, look, he's wearing a leather jerkin over a doublet... again". (I've learned a lot of new terms doing research for this game). So.. I dunno.. It's just neat I guess.


  1. Can't wait for it to be done! I don't watch the Tudors, but I love that style and era of clothing and it'll be useful for references for characters in a story I'm writing set in that era (approximately)

  2. Yay! A post!! And I've never watched the Tudors show, but I'm ADORING the game so far, it's beautiful! I'm soo excited for the full version!

    And I love the Game of Thrones series, and their costumes! :D

    It's great to from you again, Ola!!

  3. wow
    you haven't made a post in FOREVER!!!!
    i was afraid for your well being

  4. GAME OF THRONES 'nuff said.

  5. i missed ur posts..... what exactly is the game of thrones????? and the tudors game looks beautifully amazing right now

  6. just thought to tell you that something is wrong with the lolita maker
    whenever i go to blouses a big pink square shows up where the shirt should be

  7. Yay, you've returned! I love what I've seen of the game. I adore Game of Thrones, the costumes are awesome, I love Daenerys's outfits the most.

  8. I like that you're combining historical with fantastic elements. Some of us use the games here to get a feel for our characters (this is a surprisingly good way to get into a character's head) and being limited to historical accuracy can be a bit boring. On the other hand, historical accuracy is important. SO YAY FOR USING BITS OF BOTH.

    Will the finished game have a save function on it? (And can we persuade you to embellish a few more of Azalea's makers like you did with the Roman Lady maker? I admit I'm getting a little spoiled with not having to go through a great deal of effort to save my completed dolls.)

  9. hi Ola :) could you make to Tudors game some socks and some lingerie like in hogwarst game ???

  10. In tudor game will be remove button to each garment?

  11. When the Tudors game is done, I think a Starship Ranger maker would be epic! (from the Starkid musical, Starship!) There could be the Starship Ranger uniforms and all, but there could also be a black ensemble option with puppets! And (hopefully) a crooked jaw option to make Bug? (:
    (I'm sure lots of people haven't even heard of Starship, but it would be just AMAZING if someone ever made a Starship Ranger maker)

  12. Games like The Tudor's preview, Avatar Scene Maker, and the new Roman Lady Game have fuzzy graphics when I try to play them :( Is this a problem with other people as well? How do you fix it???

  13. Self-Proclaimed Queen of Universal Supreme EpicnessOctober 26, 2011 at 6:30 PM

    Could you add things like crowns, tiaras, and those hats women would wear that I forget the name of? Being a queen myself, I need those things.


  14. At anon 26th October: Try zooming out. The graphics mostly get fuzzy when you've zoomed in. Their only sharp on 100% and less.

  15. PLEASE make more games with the option to save! Or better still, make some of the older games have a save option.

  16. [my internet's died three times, so I've lost this comment three times. Blargh. Anywho...]

    Hah! I know what you mean about the head-thingies being strange looking. That said... WILL you be including them? I'm a bit of a history geek, so no Tudor look would be complete without them.

    And if you include the hat things, would you please include the veil that hung behind them? The veil isn't very clear in most portraits, so most people don't realize they were there at all. It is clear in this portrait, however:

    And on the subject of Anne Boleyn: if you include jewlery, would you make her B necklace an option? I think it would be a fantastic touch!!!

    All in all, I LOVE whaqt you have of the game so far. I also love that you're extending your reach a little beyond purely Tudor style and including more Elizabethan elements as well. Looking forward to seeing what else is to come for this maker!

  17. @Flower: Thank you for offering help! It won't let me zoom out bc the game is not zoomed in. I tried setting the Quality from High to low and it seemed to make the graphics more clear.

  18. This would be amazing if you could save and then add and subtract dolls like in the Harry Potter scene maker. Oh and drag-and-drop jewels like in the Roman Lady maker.

  19. i like the tudor preview, but i'd like to be able to move freely without having to have and item. (i'm working on designing a pirate queen from that era)
    thanks for all of your awesome work.

  20. Game of Thrones is this new series based on a fantasy book series. "Fantasy for adults" or whatever they're calling it.

    Hmm... I don't see that lolita bug.. Do you get that in all browsers?

    Yes, Tudors will definitely have saving function! I'd love to embellish more dolls. That's up to Azalea though :)

    Socks would be cool, but I'm avoiding adding any more layers than I have to.. especially considering that putting on a skirt is mandatory in the game so they wouldn't even show :(

    Anonymous, what browser are you using? Also, is your browser zoomed in or out? Those games all have bitmap graphics and only look good at exactly 100% zoom.
    Oh, I see Flower said the same thing :)
    Press the Control button and the - or + signs to zoom the page in or out (on a PC).

    Saving function coming to older games, just slowly!

    Yeah the hoods were hard to see, but I got em in there! I avoided the B necklace because I thought it was too character limiting. I made a simplified version instead.

  21. Yay! You are making great progress in this game! I love everything from the new pages to the tiny add-ons. you are soooooooooo creative!

  22. EEP! The girl is amazing and the boy looks on it's way! I'm caught on this one hairbun in the background--netted. I would love that!

  23. This is amazing. You should definitely do more medieval style makers in the future!

  24. Oh. My. Gosh.
    I'm SO relieved to hear from you, OLa! I was worried you'd never post again! :(
    I LOVE the Tudors game! I almost can't stop playing it! :)
    I also love the backgrounds. They're really creative!

    Well, I'm going to go play the Tudors game again, because it's probably one of the best dress up games EVER! ;)


    By the way, the new design for the blog looks really great! ;)

  25. This is amazing, but everytime I try to play the tudors scene maker, boxes keep popping up over the character around the clothing or hair, etc. Could you fix this.

  26. I love the tudor's game tremendously!!!! Keep making more games!! I know you're probably busy with other various games but just an idea for the future...You should definitely do a star wars maker sometime! Padme had such unique there is no place on the web that I've found to dress up a sith, jedi or any other star wars character. Just an idea for the future...

  27. My question is, how did you make this, as far as changing everything with a click? I'm trying to make a Medieval dress up game similar to this and I have no clue.

  28. I adore the Tudors game so much! I wrote to Azalea a week back about how I suggested she put in the children, toddler and teen aspect into the game. I never got a reply but I think it would be a wonderful idea. having children and teens to dress up would be really great. Thanks for the game though! So good.

    1. That would be good!!!!

      You could do a young Mary or Elizabeth and not have to make them look strangely disproportionate when you lower them down!

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  30. Someone please help! I really want to play the Tudors Scene Maker, but it's not working! Every time I add a doll, he or she has big bars over the head and body. It's the same thing when I go to Azalea's Dolls and try to play it there. What do I do? :(

  31. Could you make a gable hood? It would save us from having to use the beads to create it. If you dont know what it looks like, they look like a house roof. Thank you!

  32. hey OLa, i love your work, i font have anyone on my blogs, wondering if you could visit them, maybe subscribe?? LOVE YA!


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