Friday, November 19, 2010

Hogwarts Couples Maker

It's not quite done, but I have a busy day today and I thought I'd let everyone have a go anyways: Hogwarts Couples Dress Up

There might be glitches.. let me know.

There's more pets coming.

Now that we see what's there, what's still sorely missing? (re-post if you like)


  1. The boy is weirdly slim, and the pants icon is still a skirt.

  2. eyebrows should probably change with the hair color.

  3. I love the guy's hairstyles! I made me and Lucius Malfoy ♥

    Move the guy's cats and toads etc.? When he wears a cloak, they're hidden.


  4. Maybe make it possible to have different houses for each gender?

  5. I think there might need to be some more hairstyles, perhaps a ponytail? And there is no black hair color option

  6. meh ... I played the game once, then I closed my Firefox and now the homepage won't load ... stupid internet
    but what I have seen of the game is absolutely fabulous ... hope I can play again soon :)

  7. It's lovely :D. Took me a little bit to figure out that you could change the House for the girl, but it wasn't that bad. When I first saw the menu for controlling th clothing, I was going to suggest you change the icon on the boy's section so that it was a pair of pants instead of a skirt, and all of a sudden I felt inspired to request a kilt option for the guys. Words cannot convey how exciting it was when I began clicking through the pants options and saw that there WAS a kilt. THANK YOU!!!!

  8. ZOMG KILT!!! XD Um, when you say the girl is Ravenclaw, she still has Grifindor style clothes. :( And you need to move the pets on the guy, if he's wearing a cape you can't see them. D:

  9. the game looks great but do you passibly have an idea about when you'll be with the avatar scene creator im SUPER exited for that.

  10. Zomg, all the girls are perpetually Grifindor!! D:

  11. The game is sooooo coooool!!!! I can't waite to see it fully done! After I looked at the instructions everything was fine so no problmes there, but I was wondering if you could add more tatoos and maby non-bloody scars? If you don't it all good! Love the game and all the work put into it!!!!

  12. Stuff they'd wear to the yule ball...please!!!

  13. Grey eyes are a necessity!!! An urgent necessity!!! Several of the characters had grey eyes and you can't really make them without them (I.e. Sirius!) D:


  14. Can you possible add a 'spiked' hairstyle for the boys? And a 'cropped' on, like the one already on there, just a tad longer? I know both of those might not be easy, but the hairstyles are all REALLY emo for me. XD

  15. Loved it <3 This is what I've been waiting for, now I can make Ron/Hermione, Teddy/Victoire and my ultimate favourite, Rose/Scorpius <3 Thank you!

  16. Oh, definitely some non-bloody scars (For darling Remus and other lycanthrops with scars) please! And I must point out the fact that the girl is ONLY in Gryffindor... it's hard to make teenage Bellatrix and others (if you haven't noticed, I'm very into marauders' era right now.)

  17. you guys all you have to do to change the girls school is go to dress her up and then hit re-sort. so the girls are not stuck on gryffindor.

  18. i know this is kinda random but have you ever considered a star wars scene creator, that would be SO cool

  19. Ally (ur biggest fan!)November 19, 2010 at 8:27 PM


  20. I know it would be a lot of work, but would it be possible to get, well, robes? The cape is cool, but it's just not the same as robes.

  21. Some shorts would be nice.

  22. First off, LOVE the game. Second: I don't know if this is a glitch or not, but the darkest brown hair and the next darkest brown have purple low-lights. It's kind of annoying when I just want some dark brown hair. Also as a previous poster said, black hair is also needed.

  23. Um, I'm sure someone would have noticed, but you can press the Resort button to change the house of the girl...

  24. I agree with Katie on the robe/cape question. Robes are a neccesity;)
    It would also be nice to be able to move the pets, since the girl's big brown cat seems to be walking on the guy's foot, and the big white cats seem to be sitting on it... And, as noticed before, the guy's pets disappear when he wears the cloak.
    I love the scars, but I agree: some not blood scars would be totally awesome:)
    I love the new T-shirt options, but how about T-shirts in the actual house colours? Like dark blue/red/green/yellow (that goes for both boy and girl).
    And a real must: grey stockings for the girl with one or two housestripes. Example: If in Gryffindor: grey stockings with a red and a yellow stripe just below the end.
    I just LOLled when I saw the kilt!
    And I totally adore the new boots of the girl!!!

    PS: A starwars dress-up would be totally awesome!

  25. I love love love this dressup! I love that you can move the couple closer together (<333) and the different lingerie for the different houses is ADORABLE (although it shows through the strapless top, so maybe have the option to hide it?) There's only a couple of things I'd add - like people above have said, grey eyes, black hair, maybe more up hairstyles for the girl (like, plaits, longer pigtails). It could be good to have a tucked/untucked option - the guy's shirt looks a little odd tucked into jeans! And I don't know how easy it would be to do, but it could be supremely cute to have the option of the guy's house-robes for the girl, since they look a little too big anyway (e.g. if the guy is in Ravenclaw and has a Hufflepuff girl, she could have the option of having Ravenclaw robes as well as Hufflepuff ones) Major major major love for having guy-curls <3333

    (as a future request, more couples dress-up? Even just a normal streetwear one would be awesome, your couples dress-up is the best I've played <333)

  26. The game is great!
    The few things I would like are more down to personal preference than anything, so feel free to ignore them: A more prominent nose for both (particularly a larger, more hooked one for girls), grey eyes and thinner lips for girls.

  27. Do you think it would be too much to make the option of having two girls or two guys together? So that - just as an example - you could put characters like the Weasley twins in one panel? Or have characters like Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil standing together?

    I'm pretty sure other people have already mentioned everything else I was going to point out, so I'll leave it at this.

    However, I would just like to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS GAME. IT IS SIRIUSLY (XD) AWESOME.

  28. Ooh, maybe more guy-eye options?

  29. OHMYGOSH, OLa, I love it! It's wonderful. I made Ron and Hermione...<3! It's also perfect because I saw part 1 of Deathly Hallows yesterday. *plays for hours* Great work!

  30. The eye browns of the guys are really strange and the smiles of they scares me ...
    It would be nice in the games if it have sirius's hair
    The girl can only be Gryffindor.

  31. Maybe Hats are nice too. And the other types of capes

  32. It's amazing! I have only three little suggestions:
    -Being able to click on the girl's bra straps to make them dissapear (they look kinda cool with the white strapless top, but what if you don't want them? And maybe put the straps option for Ravenclaw and Slytherin?)
    -Being able to move the pets, cause the cats and toads kinda stand on the guy's feet/are hidden by his cape :S
    Other than that, it's totally awesome!

  33. Durmstrang's clothes and Beauxbatons's dress and hat
    Cape head covering (Deaths Eaters)
    Gray eyes
    More options for the girl's hair (see rinmarugames's hair, maybe you have inspiration)
    Hedwig, Harry's owl
    Snape's Hair
    Harry's Hair(spiked everywhere)
    Beauxbatons and Durmstrang option for the house ( i know that is HOGWARTS couple but i think it would be nice XD)
    An option to have all the colors of the houses available

    Sorry for my BAD english I'm german :D

  34. Here are my many requests, firstly can you do a hair that looks like this please? *drools* That hair is SEXY!!
    Also could you do like a stuble type thing so the guy looks more like a guy? And facial hair for the girl would be hilarious!!! XD

    Glitch with the black male T-Shirt, it kinda flaps over the hands....

    I'll add more later when I've donr playing but they're the main ones that spring to mind now.

  35. Actually, the glitch is with all T-shirts. o-0

  36. I would suggest adding:
    - a short girls hairstyle that's spikey but not... poffy. something kinda like this:
    - a braid? or low, longer pigtails
    - a low ponytail for guys; as in Lucius's hair
    - a curly hair option for girls that's more like ringlets and less... huge.
    - a short hairstyle for boys that's... i don't know how to best describe it, but kind of like the shortest hairstyle option for girls
    - t-shirts for the girls that are in colours that aren't fluorescent and overly bright.
    - robes for girls that are ON their shoulders
    - a blazer for girls?
    - waistcoats, perhaps?
    - a solid black oxford shirt (for both girls and boys)
    - robes for guys instead of just cloaks
    - a cloak option for girls
    - for both the robes and the cloaks, a solid black option instead of ones in the house colours
    - sunglasses?
    - "Potter Stinks" badge
    - pinstripe pants
    - baggy jeans for girls?

    that's petty much all I can think of. It's a great game as it is, though

  37. Okay, done, now here's the full list of requests. (I know, I'm a pain but if I was a decent artist I'd do it myself)

    1. Hair like Alucard's.

    2. A stuble thingy.

    3. Facial hair for the girl. (tee hee hee)

    4. Dresses for the girls?

    5. A purple top for the girl.

    6. More hair style and colour options.

    7. An option to make the guy and girl hold hands and put their arm around each other and stuff.

    Thanks and sorry again.

  38. Oooh! you need a guy-hair option that kinda looks like how makani draws rodolphus's hair:
    ... and also maybe facial hair like that....

  39. the background options for the common room can only be the common room for the guy. Is there a way so you could have the girl's common room be an option, too?

  40. More ideas!!

    How about some general wizardy stuff, not just HP wizard stuff. Hint hint....

    I love the Death Eater masks!! Could you do a pink one please so I can use it to illustrate my fanfic? Trix would KILL me if I turned her mask pink! XD XD XD

    And maybe you could transfer some of the things you've used in other games to this one. Such as the hair styles and colours of the four elements maker. I especially love all the hairs from the adventurer maker. I'd like it if you could customise them to the extent you can with the sailor senshi maker, but that would probs be impossible.

    Hairstyle ideas: (just ideas, not requests - hopefully it'll give you some insperation)

    * Something like Rapunzel from the new movie Tangled (female)

    * Something like Ariel the little mermaid's hair. (female)

    * Two plaits/pigtails. (female)

    * Bunches. (female)

    * Bellatrix's hair. (female)

    * A long plait that goes down the back. (female)

    * A hairstyle like Tinker Bell's. (female)
    Boys version could be a hairstyle like Terence's.

    Hair colour ideas:

    * jet black. REALLY jet black.

    * a not quite black, but close.

    * A black with blue streaks.

    * bright red. <-- Link

    Eyes Ideas: (one is from one of your dolls which I edited) <-- Link

  41. I just tried to make Harry, and I realized that none of the hair styles really fit him... Could you make one or two that look more like the ones he has in the movies?

  42. umm i like it all very much :) and the only thing i can think of to add is some straight mid-leanth hair with bangs swooped off to one side and/or covering one eye...the rest is amazing tho :) thx

  43. OMG I JUST THOUGHT OF THIS, how 'bout some hargid stuff (beard, cloak, fang ect.)

  44. I love love love the new game! Two things though, I don't much like the cloak and would prefer some robes and also some of the props for the boy go under his jacket and he doesn't look like he's holding them properly!

    Adore the new glasses and the cute curly hair! :D

  45. @Jessamine
    Bellatrix's hair is already in the game.

  46. def. color changing eyebrows (otherwise, blond guys look bleached)

  47. You guys, you can change the girl's house by pressing the resort button on her menu!

  48. Not really contributing any ideas, but I'm super psyched about all the games coming up.

  49. Nothing that hasn't been mentioned. Um, a longer hairstyle, a pixie hair cut like Alice from the Twilight movies, black dress shirt, jackets(blazers, leather, and suit jackets) and On-the-shoulder cloaks for the girls.

    For the guys, I would suggest changing the bottoms icon to a pair of pants instead of a skirt, a cloak(the cape just doesn't cut it), and jet-black hair. Oh and hair styles that show the scar, that still have bangs. Like Harry's.

  50. I grabbeed my brother and made him make himself-he pointed out that if he wore one of the long sleeved collared shirts he'd push or roll the sleeves up-is that possible as an option? He also seconded the request for some shorter hair styles for guys. And I've been informed to suggest a stuffed vulture hat...wearable by both men and women.

    Also, is it possible to add any kind of necklace to either or both genders?

    As for pets, a shoulder kitten/cat would be nice but not necessary. Other types of birds, like crows would be cool but not strictly cannon.

    Definitely an awesome dress up, thank you!

  51. The new short cropped hairstyle for the girl is so cute! Could you add one with a bun?

  52. Hehe, I found a little glitch: With the long black skirt for the girl, the tie seems to be tucked in to it XD

    The poofy hair is kinda like Bellatrix, but not quite. :S
    Can you make a Voldy nose for the guy (and maybe even the girl? XD) That would make your game the epicest game ever. :)

  53. I like it.....but i have a question. Do you know when you are going to be done with the avatar maker?

  54. If you could add more girl hair and a rolled up shirt option for both, this game would be the best.

  55. You should add prefect badges! It would be so awesome! I LOVE the game, it's better than I imagined!

  56. Oh and make it so the shirt sleeves can roll them to like the elbow for both boys and girls. And make dresses for the girl, and dress robes for the boys.

  57. Just wondering if you could make the shirts un-tucked from the pants?

  58. Amazing game! I have to force myself not to go play it every other minute :D
    I'd appreciate more non-uniform clothing(like neckwear), and more props, if possible, like a scroll and maybe a less awkwardly held quill.
    If you have time, maybe some hats?
    I also never use the girl's cloak because it looks like she's slipping it off striptease-style. I'm not sure if anyone else has a problem with this, but it would be nice to have cloaks for the more modest Hogwartians.

  59. @the anonymous above me: LOL Yeah, I noticed that it's vaguely stripper-esque :3

    Also: Not sure if this is mentioned (would anyone kill me if I used a tl;dr here? <.<) but a sword (or two x3) like Godric's sword would be nice ^.^

  60. I love the game! I love being able to put them so close together so they actually look like a couple!!

    The things I would love to see are. Some more Quidditch things, so you can make it look like they really are standing on the pitch about to take off and play.
    Some collared t-shirts for the guys.
    Some longer skirts for the girls, not super long, just a bit longer.

    Of course it's amazing the way it is!!


  61. Totally not Hogwarts-maker-related, but can you keep the beta version of the Avatar maker?

  62. I would like the girl's skirt to be able to come in her house color. Not like the plaid, but solid.

  63. Also, the jumpers are a bit close-fitting on the guy.

  64. Oh man, now I'm getting a bit overwhelmed and confused hahaha. I'll have to pick just a few key things and call it a day or I'll go nuts lol.

    Haha, Jessamine, that's quite the explanation. I think I meant for that third style to be Bellatrix, but I probably didn't look right at a photo. I'm looking now and it's kind of hard to figure her hair out.. it kind of reminds me of Elaine from Seinfeld haha.

    Ack, yeah forgot about Avatar! I put a link on the front page from the in-progress section. (the page existed the whole time, just didn't have a link)

  65. It would be nice if you made it possible to create same-sex couples, for non-heteros out there.

  66. I agree with the above poster. I'd like to see the option of making two girls or two guys(you could also make a group of friends, then)

  67. XD Yeah, sorry about that, I just like Bellatrix, in fact, she's one of the few Harry-Potter related things I actually like. (but that's because she's fun to write for)
    I was thinking 'oh my God, look at all these comments and Ola has to go through ALL of these!!' XD Seems loads of people have ideas. But you can always update the game with new items every now and again.

    And I agree with the two anons above.

  68. im not sure if this was said already but to have the sorter hat in there would be awesome, other hats too but especially the sorter hat XD

  69. I just had an idea! How about you make pets and tatoos click and drag? Then if you wanted to, say, put a tatoo on the guy's chest instead of his arm (hoping you put in more, XD) you could just move it. Maybe have a menu like with the four elements, where you could pick the pets, tatoos and maybe some stickers? :) I don't know what you could do for stickers... Maybe sparkles... Ooh, and maybe as tatoos you could put a purple 'SNEAK' across their forehead, like that girl who busted the D.A. HP superfan here ;) LOL!

  70. The real main thing I would like to see is robes added to the jackets category in the male clothes. Like the females robes but you know... more masculine :)

  71. Guys, I'd love to give the option of same sex couples, but it's just more programming than I can handle at the moment (same with having 3 or more characters). I considered doing it, but it's too big a task for the moment. Maybe for the next movie?

  72. Ah well. I would have liked to see the same-sex couples, too, but maybe in the future... *keeps fingers crossed* In the mean time, if you really want to make a same-sex couple, you can make the two people separately, use the white background, then place them next to eachother in paint. That's how I'm doing it, at least...

  73. Why does the thumbnail picture look like Justin Bieber???
    i adore the kilt!!!
    You make the best games, HP rocks! Yes, some less-emo guy hairstyles would be nice, and different eyes for the guys, too. Keep it up!

  74. Hey, could there be a snake for a pet option??? And this probably isnt HP relevant, but a little dragon, maybe, too-- but thats a bit much to ask, so just the snake.

  75. I LOVE THE GAME!!! You are so talented!
    Just a few things:
    -Robes on shoulders
    -Robes and capes for both genders
    -A more cropped haircut for the boy, but not a buzz cut
    -A braid for the girl
    -The pets can get in the way with the couples
    -More objects to hold

  76. Make the boy a bit less anorexic.
    A snake Pet, and maybe a Baby dragon, like Norbert[a].

  77. The final product is up!!!! Yay!!!! Not that many additions, but I like the ones you did make.

    The new boys haircuts are PERFECT!! The short one especially is exactly what I needed to make my characters. And the Bella hairs is just kind of epic.

  78. I LOVE the new update. The stuff that you added was exactly what I wanted to see :D
    I figure that you are done updating on this doll, but would you be willing to make changes around the time Part II comes out? I have some more ideas, but I think that you'd want a break, and to be honest, I am way too excited for the Avatar Scene Maker to want to hold you back any more.

  79. The finished product is awesome! I love the tatoos! (Although I was about to suggest Hippogriff and Pygmy Puff ones, referring to what Ginny once said, talking about Harry and Ron. If you could add those, last-minute, I'd be really happy!)
    I love the Pygmy Puff, spider and dragon pets. But no Nagini? D: I guess it's OK, but a snake would have been the best.
    No Voldy nose either. I can live without it. I like the new hairstyles for both. Great job on the Bellatrix one! I also noticed that there are some tatoos that are guy-only. D: Oh well. You're probably exhausted with this, anyways. Maybe you could re-work it once the next movie comes out, with more clothes? It's still almost a year away. Haha!

  80. Hey OLa, not to be rude, but I emailed you (using the email address in the FAQ) a few days ago with flash questions, and I have yet to receive a reply, I figured I'd wait until the Hogwarts game was done before I asked here, I figured you were just busy. Love the game!

  81. The game looks awesome! Also, to all the people who say the boy's too skinny, it would require redrawing almost every single item so that it fits the new it's not very plausible.

  82. I know this has nothing to do with this forum, but can you make a Megamind and Roxanne dress up? You could give them cool leather costumes and stuff.

  83. I love it!!!!!!!!! It is soooooo awesome. I love the little dragons there so cute. They look like my kitties i want to cuddle them. I hope you enjoy doing this cause they have to be time consuming. I'm sure even the complainers, *winks* joking!, appreciate it.

  84. i noticed that for the boys shoes the symbol is still high heeled i just thought that was sort of weard lol
    and i love the bellatrix lestrange hair for the girls!!! and maybe you could add hats and death eater cloaks for boys and girls

  85. The guy's wand is oddly placed near his pants...if you know what i mean... O_o soo...if that could be changed...THAT would be great....

    p.s. Love the Site!! XD

  86. Love it!!! Just whish i could change the chin for the guy.....And he doesn't look too skinny!!! If you think the guy looks skinny, then i'd like to see you people make a game where everything is exactly perfect to please everyone...IT'S HARDDDD!!!!!!!! shees......but, ya...Love it!!! Keep it up!!

  87. Love it :) I made Lee Jordan and me (dreadlocks are so cool!) <3


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