Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Ok, so actually there's great news on the Airbender dress up front. It's gonna be a surprise, and it's probably not quite what you think, but it's gonna be awesome nonetheless. Hehe.

Also, there's another planned collaboration that I'm ridiculously excited about, but don't want to reveal until it's more finalized.

Also, I will have internet on Mondays, but I won't necessarily update every Monday. I don't always have something interesting to say haha.

Fairy Tale Maker is going well, and quickly. But it's got so much stuff that it might bog down slow computers hahaha :(

Monday, July 12, 2010

Avatar is done!

Sorry about the delays guys. I'm having some personal issues and staying at my mom's place so now I only have internet on Mondays O_o

Also, I'm getting less and less capable of keeping up with individual comments which is exciting, but very sad at the same time :/
So please, if you need a direct answer to a question, e-mail me directly at [email protected]. Otherwise, I will read all blog comments, just not always reply.

Alsoooo, I'm releasing the Avatar dress up game. It's not 100% ready, but if I didn't upload it today, it would have to have been next Monday haha. Also, thank you very much to everyone who beta tested. Due to my internet problems, I was only able to read all comments once and probably forgot a lot of suggestions that I had originally wanted to include. The general gist though was more stuff for the guy, and colour changing options for both. I did all of that except changing skin colour because I ran out of time. Enjoy :)

As for requests, I probably won't tackle Airbender because I've never seen the show, and some other good reasons some of you touched on, and because there is indeed an awesome Katara dress up which I'll add to the site as soon as I remember to ask for permission (some of you have surely found it already).

About a timeline, I definitely want to do historical clothing, but it would have to be one era at a time because you know how I tend to go off the deep end with detail O_o