Monday, July 12, 2010

Avatar is done!

Sorry about the delays guys. I'm having some personal issues and staying at my mom's place so now I only have internet on Mondays O_o

Also, I'm getting less and less capable of keeping up with individual comments which is exciting, but very sad at the same time :/
So please, if you need a direct answer to a question, e-mail me directly at Otherwise, I will read all blog comments, just not always reply.

Alsoooo, I'm releasing the Avatar dress up game. It's not 100% ready, but if I didn't upload it today, it would have to have been next Monday haha. Also, thank you very much to everyone who beta tested. Due to my internet problems, I was only able to read all comments once and probably forgot a lot of suggestions that I had originally wanted to include. The general gist though was more stuff for the guy, and colour changing options for both. I did all of that except changing skin colour because I ran out of time. Enjoy :)

As for requests, I probably won't tackle Airbender because I've never seen the show, and some other good reasons some of you touched on, and because there is indeed an awesome Katara dress up which I'll add to the site as soon as I remember to ask for permission (some of you have surely found it already).

About a timeline, I definitely want to do historical clothing, but it would have to be one era at a time because you know how I tend to go off the deep end with detail O_o


  1. Avatar was amazing!!!!! No complaints, just one question... could u put hair on their tails? The backgrounds are beautiful. :)

  2. Best avatar game ever!! the clothing veriety was huge! Can't wait wait for the official version to come out!! XD

  3. When you are on the baclickgrounds page and u click on the girl sign u get the boy and vice versa. Great job!

  4. Well, I'm disappointed that you don't plan on an AtLA game, but thanks for at least letting us know :P

    I'm not a fan of JC's Avatar, but the game is very lovely. You did a great job on the backgrounds, and making a relatively skimpy style of clothing diverse :)

  5. Love the Avatar game! I'd love some historical games, but even more than that I think it'd be great if you did a Star Wars one - I've searched the internet high and low for a decent SW dress-up and nothing. Consider it? :D

  6. Never seen Avatar, but I LOVE the game the art is amazing (as always). It's too bad you won't be doing an AtLA game, that's okay, there's still the awesome Katara game!

  7. I am disappointed there won't be an AtLA game. :( The Katara game was splendid, but it's not like you can make an OC with it. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to find someone else who will be able to make the game.
    Great JC's Avatar, btw, very pretty!

  8. the avatar maker is so beautiful it's ridiculous. commendable work.

  9. Your avatar game is beautiful! And I love how you can make both a guy and a girl version! XD There aren't enough male doll makers, in my opinion. ^_^

  10. Wow, I am beyond amazed at how beautiful this game is :) Might actually watch the film now. The backgrounds are absolutely stunning.
    Just lovely :)


  11. I was really looking forward to this game, and I'm not disappointed :) I'd mention that the braid that all of them have is missing, but I figure that's either intentional or coming with the official release.

    I'm really hoping to see the Viking maker and the Elven fashion games soon. They look like they'll be great ^__^

  12. Feel better, Ola. <3
    The game is beautiful!

  13. Good game, as alwys. I'm not afan of Avatar though, so I just had a little aimless play. XD

  14. I think this is one of your best yet, you never fail to impress. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I've still had a blast playing around with this game. I bet the official release is going to be incredible. Thank you for sharing all your games with us!

  15. I'm soo happy!YAYY avatar!!! The game is soo awesome.The best on the web.All of the other avatar games are so cheesy it's disgusting.FANTASTIC job as always!^_^


  16. I love your site! I think all of the dress up games are fabulous and so well done. I really love the Avatar dress up!! It's very well done and all of the art is so incredible. Thanks for another wonderful game :D

  17. hey ola !!!! ola!!! have u ever thought of making a titanic dress up it was an awesome movie also made by JC

  18. Oh WOW! The Avatar game is sooo beautiful! I absolutely loved it! I can spend hours and never make the same Na'vi twice! I adore this game!

    Though I do agree that the males would need more options. Their outfits are a little less intricate than the girls.

  19. I'm sad you aren't doing A:TLA. Its a fantastic and beautiful show. But I'm really happy to hear that she will let you put the game up!

  20. This was great! I loved it, even though I'm not a huge fan of the movie. I can't wait to play the Viking one!

  21. Best on the web(as always), amazing work.

  22. Awesome! Also, I would like to ask you if you can make also a male student at Hogwards Student Maker?

  23. I'm still rooting for my timeline idea (cough) and a few others.

    avatar was aaaaaaahmazing! i didn't really find anybugs, but then again, i wasn't really looking for any...

  24. Hey OLa! I love the avatar game so much! But i noticed that there aren't any weapons or anything. I just figured that they are going to be with the offical release. Anyways, love the avatar game! It's for sure the best avatar game out there!
    Luna ))

  25. hello :) yes i have also found the Katara dress up awhile back and i thought it was fantastic. on another note the Avatar game was absolutely stunning and i thought that you did amazing on it bravo! as always great work Ola :)

  26. Probably my favourite DollDivine game! You are so lucky to be so talented. Keep up the good work - I can't wait for the Viking and Fantasy Horse dress-ups! xx

  27. Love your games, but I think there aren't enough short hair cuts. It's just really boring, that you can only create those girly-girls, and no real tomboy

  28. Yay! It tis the day of mon. (monday)

  29. um, don't you usually update on mondays? (don't mean to be annoying)

  30. I really like the game, but... I'm confused. What are the things on the last page? Are they hair extensions? Earring bits? I feel so bewildered. o.o

  31. I've got to say, You outdid yourself with this dress-up game! It's your best since the Elements dress up game. So many clothes, beautifully drawn, i mean, I never saw the movie, (Everyone told me it was bad xD, well not everyone, but my family.) But you're clothes are wonderful and I love them :D

    Gorgeous game, no complaints, I just can't find any glitches so idk what you're talking about xD Keep up the awesome work, I love it all :D

  32. Oh my goodness I love this game! I hated the movie, to be honest, because everything I liked about it got blown up -.-
    But fantastic job! And i did find the Katara dress up, and being an obsessed fan of AtLA to the point of owning the seasons, they did a perfect job. There is also a Zuko and Azula dressup by the same artist, so they've pretty much got it covered. and I'm SO EXCITED for the Viking dress up, being Swedish!! :)

    <3, C

  33. awesome!!!!!!!! I LOVE historical clothing!!!! Georgian dress up, here I come!!!! OH!! and could you do greek and roman clothing in your timeline????



  34. Could anyone link to the Katara game plz? I don't want to wait for it to go on the site!

  35. Very beautiful!!
    But... I would ask you if (and when, in case) you think you do a male "Hogwarts School Maker" or "Hogwarts Avatar". I'd like to use it :)
    Thanyou very much!

  36. Hi! I'm a fan of your site! It's AWESOME!! I didn't know about your site until a rockin' friend of mine suggested I visit Doll Divine! Your site's SO great, I recommended your site to a friend! Me thinks your gonna get popular!!!

  37. Is there going to be a Star Trek Maker? Just wonderin'! I'm a fan of Star Trek, that's why I'm asking.

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