Friday, March 5, 2010


Omigod you guys, check out my hamster. Isn't it the cutest thing ever?

Let's say it's a boy and his name is Mr. Nibbles.

Mr. Nibbles says "Feed me!!!"

In other news, the Water Element game is getting very close to done :)


  1. omg SO CUTE!!

    breathlessly awaiting the release of the four elements game - i know it'll be superb, as all the other games have been :)

  2. Is your hamste the thing in the side bov the ominously follows my mouse for food?

    And the water dress up is invading my dreams!AGH!


  3. water preview looks fantastic!! can't wait for fire :) i love red

  4. i don't see a picci of a hampster
    should i ?


  5. hah at keleni, its on the side of the blog lols its cartoon :P its soo cute :) oh and ola im super excited cause i know its gunna be great you two are both amazing artists :)

  6. I love Mr Nibbles! :D

    Can't wait for the water element game, that's my element! (apparently... Doesn't make much sense though, given that I'm scared of deep water, but whatever, haha)

  7. You know, Ola, as you said the waterdoll was almost done, I had expected it would [i]be[/i] done by now.
    So hurryhurryhurry XD Cause I can´t wait:D:D:D

    Just love your work!

  8. Some how my post doesn´t seem to be posted...

  9. It is now. Sorry for the troubleXD

  10. yup, Mr. Nibbles is that hamster on the right of the page!

    Hahaha are you dreaming about dress ups? I often have dreams where I'm trying to structure dress ups games, haha.

    It's coming really soon! All the artwork has been done for a while, it's just slow working out the finishing touches between Lea and I.

  11. oh!!

    stupid me



  12. 1. Cute hampster. I used to have a hampster named Herbie. He died. His body is now in a gold-colored box beneith our apple tree. Much like our dead fish.
    2. Who is Lea?
    3. Serously, Scifi Maker.
    4. I don't know. I just like lists.

  13. Haha, that's adorable. XD Yay for pixels!

  14. That is such a cute hamster! XD

    Is there any chance you could tell how you made it? I'd love to make one of my own, but I have not a clue how to start. :(


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