Thursday, March 11, 2010


At last, at last:

Lemmie know if you see some bugs or have ideas. Keep in mind, I'm not likely to draw anything else, but I can add/change colours and little stuff ;)


  1. i'm sorry ola, but i HATE hair number one, everything else is lovely, no bugs

  2. actually, there is a bug,you can't remove anyting once it's on :(

  3. greate job looks awsome no bugs that i can find it's a beautiful game whats next earth or fire?

  4. I don't like that there isn't non-transparent pants (like brown ones or even darker blues/greens), and I wish the 'corset' like tops actually went over the blouses/chemises.

    Otherwise, oh so very beautiful as always :D

  5. hahaha Ouch! I drew that one! But yeah it came out a little more overwhelming that I intended...

    Because the graphics are drawn in photoshop, they are imported as square pictures... So I intentionally didn't make things removable because I'd have to go and trim each item oh-so-carefully.. It's still possible though.. I might do it if I get enough complaints :)

    Earth is next :)

    (it's really hard to type because Mr. Nibbles is distracting me!)

  6. Oh interesting idea. The problem is, if I put the blouses under the corsets, the blouses would also be under the jewel-jackety things and that wouldn't look right :\

  7. I love it!!! cant wait 4 the next 1!!! It is possible to take the clothes off though if u go back through and re-click on them. Its B-E-A-utiful. :)

  8. It's a really nice start. I don't hate hair # 1, but it is a bit overwhelming :P I don't know if this is anything you could do, but if it were possible to flip the fish around so they're not all going in the same direction when you place them, that would be kind of nice.

  9. Been waiting a long long time for this... seems like4ever. So far no bugs or anything but hair options... I have short hair and like to make a mini me on your games and short hair options seem very limited. perhaps on the next 1 though...

  10. ps mr nibbles is adorable

  11. hey you can delete clothes you put on if thats what you mean; you just reclick the clothes where u turned hem on , or do u mean the fish


  12. Ah, yeah I didn't think about the jewel jackets. And it would be an awful lot of work to code it/set it up to where only the jewel jackets are above the corsets.

  13. I like it :) Water is my favourite element, so I was like, yay my fave is first!

    I'm looking forward to Earth, and the others :D

  14. Love it!
    Just wondering is you could make some of the skirts white aswell. 'Cause (yeah, I know, it's water:P) the blue is kinda overwelming..
    Also, I think a beach background would be nice.
    And I was wondering is you could "split" the darkgreen arms+legs in arms/legs, so you can do or arms, or legs, or both.
    And, compared to your other games, you have only few hairstyles.

    Hmm, I seem to have a lot of critics... I know: it's only because I love the artwork: I want more!!! It is really beautifull, but you must know that. The tops are really my favorite!

    And water is my element:D

  15. OMG I love this one! Yah, hairstyle #1 isn't my fave, but the hair is cool! I love the waterfall-ish outfit, and the two big skirts at the bottom. Nice dressup! I can't wait for fire...or earth and air. Great work, keep it up!

    P. S. Mr. Nibbles is so ADORABLE!!!!!!

  16. It's really beautiful. I love it.

  17. Really fantastic game. Lots of versatility and it's beautifully drawn. No complaints. This game, even more so than the others, will keep me busy! You and Azalea are perfect together!! I'm real excited for the next games (I'm glad the two of you are doing this "series" cause you two work so perfectly together, and it only makes sense to do multiple games). Well done, both of you!!


  18. Absolutely stunning OLa!! The clothing items are sooo cool and I loove the neat effects that can be added like the ripple under the foot :) Have always looked forward to your games and you never fail to deliver. Can't wait for the other elements, especially air I think that one will be awesome! Keep up the good work!!!

  19. I LOVE this one, especially the different water effects, and all of the clothes. The facial options are also so expressive! My only complaint is the selection of hairstyles; the colors are wonderful, but there are not enough! Still, it is one of my favorite dolls! Really well done!

  20. I love it. Not just because my element is water, but the graphics is beautiful. great, as always.

    P.S. my fave hair is number 7! =)

  21. I don't know if you have control of this but...I tried to make one of the dolls I made my screen saver but when I right clicked on it the option to save the picture wasn't there.

    Let me know if you fix it [or how to do it ^_^]


  22. I think this is possibly my favourite game so far. Its soo beautifully designed. Cant wait for the other games!
    Keep up the amazing work!
    Lots of love Tinks

  23. Just had an idea you could use! Instead of having specific items that go over some but not over all, how about making it in an "Order of Selection" stuff. You know, click it in the order you want it on. That way, if you want a skirt UNDER a shirt instead of on top of it or a jacket over a corset over a blouse, it could work.

  24. Yes, the idea of myleah sounds great! But ofcourse, it musn't be to difficult.

  25. I think the pants should go over the tops, right now the overlapping is really awkward.

  26. Hmm. I don't know if anyone else has it, but at the adventurer there seems to have moved a line of her right hand. It looks kinda weird now. Can't remember though if it used to be different...

    I sooo love the waterelementdressup! The art work is just wonderful! I am so glad that there are three other dressups coming.
    BTW, Ola, will the airelement have feathers, just like the waterelement has shells?
    Oh, and I think the blouses are perfectly shaped: it looks just like the corset fits over it.

  27. complete awsomeness! The artwork is beautiful!(of course)I really like the backgrounds. You and azalea make a great team! I cant wait for Earth!

  28. oh yeah.sorry,kind of rude of me not to mention how completely gorgious the new water element game is.Love it,love it,love it!!!^_^


  29. wow its absolutely awesome! i love it ha and i cant wait for the other 3 :) great job oh and about the hair #1 yeh its a tad bit big but your underwater and aloth of ppls hair go big haha


  30. The game is awesome! You're great!

  31. Is there anyway you could work on the puppy maker first, out of the non-dolldivine games? My dog passed away on Friday and I want to make one of him. I made a video of him as a tribute, if anyone wants to see:

    Sorry. I'm just having a hard time.

  32. Amazing! 8D

    By the way have you seen this?

    I was thinking you could do the same thing you did to that male Korean dress up game to this.

    Hope you like the dressup!

  33. hey everybody, if someone hasn't already answered this, you click the button that puts and item on again to take it off. Hope this makes sense? ^^; Luvs, Tyr~

  34. oops *puts AN item on* Misspelling. o.o

  35. Ali, so sorry. :( I know how you feel. *hug* My bunny was the sweetest... T_T

  36. maybe you could make some of the tattoos a bit darker? they don't really show up on the pale skin :/ other than that LOVE the game and can't wait for the earth one :D

  37. *SQUEE*

  38. I love it all....
    But yea it could have a dew more choices and colorations. Other then that, though, i don't see anything wrong!


    And I think the thing I love the most is that she's a curvy girl :D
    Made me so happy!

  40. Oh love Earth! She's so beautiful! I love how you matched the natural, hospitable feel of nature!

    I love water too! You made her feel so powerful but at the same time graceful!

    You and Azalea keep up the good work! I love both of you!!!

  41. You need to add a feature to the next game to hide the underwear. All the clothes are ruined when you can see the bra and panties. Please.

  42. :O was expecting the Earth game to be boring, but it's my favourite so far! I love how curvy she is, and I love the clothes and hairstyles. :D Can't wait for the next two.

  43. I LOVE THE EARTH ELEMENT GAME!!! It's so awesome!!!I love all the different hairstyles and colors.The water element was awesome too except that I didn't get as much of a thrill from the hair.(Okay I don't want to sound mean but...honestly some of the hairstyles just didn't work well wiith the element.~_~)
    Keep up the fantastic work!!!


    P.S. seriously I'm not meaning to be rude or mean or anything so please don't take it that way!^_^

  44. LOVE THE CURVES!!! but i agree that either you make the see-through stuff less see-through or you have a button or something to take away the underwear.
    nice job "toning down" the hair ;)

  45. Good idea about flipping the fish.

    Added short hair to earth! :D

    All great ideas Flower! I might add some if I have time.

    What haircolours do you think we should add?

    Ooooh I have no idea about screen savers. :(
    I imagine you have to make it an image first (that old "PrintScreen", paste into imaging program deal)

    Order-of-selection is certainly another way to do it. I'm always torn between giving the user full control, and limiting the user to only make pretty things. There's definitely some items that could have gone behind or on top of stuff, but for the most part I thought the order is obvious, so I guess that's why I went with this method. I would consider changing it though if there was an outcry from everyone ~

    Good point about pants over tops. I've moved the sea urchin corsets below the pants. It brought about some new problems, but overall it's better. (You might not see the changes till the 4-in-1 game)

    Yeah I know the Adventurer bug... but I haven't been able to fix it. Within Flash it looks ok :\
    Oh there will definitely be feathers! Great idea!

    Sorry to hear about your dog, Ali. He was very beautiful. Unfortunately I had a vote on the Doll Divine facebook page and people voted for the Anthro Maker, followed by the Fairy Tale Maker. But don't worry, I really wanna get it done soon and as always, I'm trying to go as fast as possible :)

    Hehe, I have indeed seen that game on caihongtang and it will be altered and posted soon. Right now it's just sitting in my game folder, waiting for treatment.

    Yup, Earth is kind of a test. People ask me here and there for curvier dolls and I just don't know if they'll be as popular, but so far so good! Of course, she's not even fat.. she's normal lol. But all the dolls out there are just crazy skinny.

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