Saturday, March 20, 2010


As most of you have seen, the Earth Element dress up game is here :D

Regarding criticism, don't worry you guys, I welcome it! That's one of the best parts of having this blog. There's no need to apologize :)

Don't get me wrong; I'm a human and I have feelings, so don't write anything unnecessarily mean ~
And not everyone will like every single item in a game; that's the beauty of dress ups: you get to choose.

But definitely, if something seems off to you, please let me know. Odds are good that other people are thinking the same thing. When people are honest with me, the best progress happens.

For example, you guys didn't like that you can't remove Water's clothes by clicking on them, so I changed that in Earth. Water had her underwear disappear but I didn't realize people liked it so much so I didn't bother to add that to Earth.. but now I will! :D
(I'll probably implement all these improvements in the final 4-in-1 game)

Also, Azalea is totally kicking my butt in terms of drawing hairstyles, and it was thanks to you guys that I realized it.

Are you guys able to guess which items were drawn by which person? We each drew roughly half of everything.. Azalea probably a bit more, and I'm coding more. Does any item scream "OLa!"? hehe


  1. I don't have a lot of critique for you on the games, aside from of course different hair styles. What I really like though is that the earth doll has a fuller figure! I think that's awesome! There is one thing that I would have liked to see though, I think that in the skin markings there should have been a lighter brown tint marking too, just so that it blends in with the two lighter skin tones.

    Great job and keep up the great work!

  2. Hey!

    If you're still wondering if I can tell who drew which item, yes, I can tell :B But I don't mind at all.

  3. I really like the fact that the Earth doll has a full figure - she looks gorgeous!
    The hair is much better than the hair options in the Water game.
    The clothes and accessories are incredible!
    I can't wait for the next two games and the 4-in-1.
    I am also looking forward to the Avatar dressup game - I loved the movie and play every Avatar dressup I can find!

  4. COOLIO!!! Can't wait for the 4in1 and the fire and air dressups! Avatar too!!!^_^
    Also I have an idea! It would be really cool if the 4 elements could hold their element(you know.Earth,Fire,Water,and Air)in their hands!



  5. I love the fuller figure on the doll; I hope this means all four will have unique body types. Over all, I think her face and hair choices are more diverse than Water, but her wardrobe doesn't seem as big. I wouldn't say Azalea's hair is better than yours, but your styles are so different it can be a little bit jarring to have them on the same doll. Her hair is very sharp and defined, yours is soft and more cartoony. I'm really enjoying what you guys have released so far, and can't wait to see all four elements.

  6. I love these games! Water and Earth have been helpful for my freewriting. I could play for hours. And I am SOOOOOOO excited about fire!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work!

  7. Just as a general comment, I love your site. The dolls are so beautiful and I can create all of my original charcters.

  8. I love the game and I think it's great that the doll is not skinny. And, btw, Earth is my element!

  9. I love the game and the fact that the doll is not skinny. And btw, Earth is my element.

  10. Indeed, I agree on the full figure! Though her front could be a little lessXD but that is totally personal taste.
    I just love the variety of flowers and hair(colours). But I do agree on the tops, there are only few compared to Water.
    And I can't realy use the pink skirt because the underwear doesn't dissappear and I don't really think it goes with any other skirt.
    Compliments though on the white skirt and its extra's!

    And I love the arm-accesoires! The backgrounds also look awesome!

    Though I do kinda miss the stone-rock-sand aspect of earth. But I love this Mother Earth idea!

  11. I know you have heard this about 10 times by now but i love love love the fuller figure earth girl:) You never really see many full figured girl dress up games on the internet, so girls growing up (and me) get discrouraged... and this shows girls that being full figured is toatlly awesome. Your work is amazing:)

  12. love the fuller figure!!! :D earth is mos' def' my element and i am ridiculously pleased with how well you did. i, personally, am partial to Azalea's hairs over yours but that's just me (btw, i did actually go through and see which ones you drew and i came up with #2, 4, 5, 7, & 10 my favorite of all of yours being #10) but yours are in NO SENSE bad whatsoever. i could never ever draw anything like that so you are very blessed with such a gift! :D overall, i wish there could be more clothing, but besides that everything is perfect! love the backgrounds and all the little flowers :) <3

  13. Hey! OLa I love all your games! I was so excited when the Earth and Water came out! All your dolls are so pretty! I can't wait for your 4-in-1 game!

  14. I love the doll's figure; I hope it means each doll will have a unique body type. For example, whilst Water is slim, but with curvy hips and a pointed chin, Earth has a gorgeous fuller figure with a larger waist and chest. Maybe Fire could be more of a Column figure, with less curves, and Air could maybe have a flat chest, or maybe she could specialize in silver and white plus-size fashion? Just an idea! Keep doing it cos it's fabulous :-D xx

  15. It would be really cool if the 4 elements could hold their element (you know.Earth,Fire,Water,and Air)in their hands!

    I agree with this statement. :] Also, I would just like to say that could you add more eyes to our dress ups? <3 I think that someone's eyes makes their face look so individual compared to another's.
    I feel as if there aren't enough choice with the eyes.

    The fuller, curvier figgure is a lot nicer. <3 I like the various accessories also.

    Jw, which of the fire & air games will be out next? :]

  16. your dress ups*

    Oh yeah! I forgot to say, I agree with the comment above mine also. About the way the figgures could be different; fire with more of column figure & air with a flat chest.

  17. These elemental games have been just lovely so far, I've been playing with both Water and Earth for hours, I absolutely adore them. I can't wait for Fire and Air! :)

    I don't really have much to critique, other than I wish that some of the clothing items were available in a wider variety of colors, just for a little variation. I also don't like how the underwear straps poke out over the top of the pink skirt. I feel like it could be worn higher? Maybe I'm just not mixing and matching it right.

    I love how the body types have been varied so far. It only makes sense for a woman who represents the earth and fertility to be curvy, so I love that attention to detail. Keep up the awesome work, these are so wonderful to look forward to!

  18. This is really cool, OLa!!!!! I did'nt even read your blog-just went straigt to the game. I love it!!! Great hair, luvin' the fuller figure!!! My only complaint: It'd be hard to use it as an avatar because nothing really covers the top area well enough for some sites to deem it "appropriate". Gotta go cause my sister wants to play, too! R&r

  19. I love the Earth girl!!! The only thing is- the white top is see through and if you try to put anything under it it just goes on top. Also i wish the orange skirt cam in another color. Other that that the full figure reall sends a good message to younger girls like my little sis.

  20. Ola and Azalea!! I'm loving this one! I love her figure and love how well-drawn everything is! These hairstyles are really great as well. I also agree that it could have used more clothing options, because certain things don't really fit together (like the white top) but other than that it's really great. There are a lot of very beautiful accessories, too.
    I'm real excited for Fire, since it's my element. Maybe we can have a little dragon friend in it? Heh, I'll keep dreaming. Keep up the good work, both of you!!

  21. dear Ola,
    i have been playing on your site eversince the harry potter dress up came out and I LOVRE ALL YOUR WORK! if i could draw like u then my life would be complete lol. a sugesstion for the 4 in 1 game is to have a quiz to start and tell you what your element is , like in the harry potter one that told you your house. can't wait for more games... espically the Avatar game :) keep drawing :)

  22. Oh and I forgot....I wanted to respond to something someone else said on here about Azalea's and your drawing styles clashing on one doll. I don't think this is a problem, I actually find it makes the game more interesting. I know both of your art styles so I think it's cool to see how they fit together in one game. Plus, the two of you are likely to have different perspectives on what should go in the game, so you get a taste of both. Really well done, both of you!


  23. I had a totally cool backround idea for the dolls! The air doll would have a dark sky filled with pretty stars! Maybe even the stars could colltalations! For fire doll would have the inside of a vacano with flowing lava!

  24. Thank you thank you thankyou for short hair ;) I really love it!

  25. Good idea about the elements holding their element. Haha might be difficult with Air!

    I will definitely make the underwear disappear in the future, as well as add more colour variants :D

    Oooh "stone aspect" good point. That was kind of the idea behind the "geyser" background, but we certainly didn't do anything else in that direction. Neat idea.

    Isn't it sad how every dress up uses the same body type? Not to mention boring... Good to see you guys liking this one. I don't do this body type often not because of prejudice, but because my drawing skills are not that good! I often set out to make a curvy figure, but end up drawing the same old silhouette :(

    madmab, that's exactly right about the hairstyles. #10 was drawn AFTER I realized that I need to step it up, haha!

    Yeah, the idea was to have each girl have a different figure. But don't expect too much.. Earth is the furthest from the norm. But if you're liking the curvy ladies, stay tuned for the Anthro Maker because setsuna22 draws GORGEOUS curvy ladies XD

    btw, all the bodies have been drawn right at the start so the only suggestions that we can use now are about items in the games :)

    Fire is up next :)

    Never thought about the "inappropriate" aspect of making an avatar. Hopefully in the future I'll rememeber to always add a top that looks decent when cropped :)

    DRAGON = great idea! We'll see ;D

    Good idea about the quiz too.. I'll have to check if I can make one that makes sense, as well as check with Azalea, but it might happen. Glad you like our styles :D

    Great background ideas!

    Glad you like the short hair :D

  26. I don't think that it's difficult for Air holding it's element. A little blizzards or a cloud would be possible.
    By the way, very, very nice games!

  27. I really love the idea, of all the elements having diffrent body shapes.
    This was done really great in water, and especially earth.
    I think something like a really female shape would suit fire best, and something more flat air.

  28. 2,4,5,7 ARE UR HAIRSTYLES!

    im pritti sure


  29. Super excited for the fire dress up! I keep checking your site to see if it has been added haha! Both the earth and water ones are absolutely lovely, I think you guys did a better job on Earth though. Seems like there was a bit more variety and detail. As the others have said, I think it's genius that you guys have different shapes for each element! Keep the amazing work up!

  30. c'mon, Ola!!! we're all about to burst with anticipation for the fire game!!! :D
    (that would be messy... :(

  31. where's fire ola? i thought you siad it'd be any day last week? :-(
    i hate this entire waiting thing hahaha

  32. I have to say I'm really excited for the air element. I'm convinced that it will be the best! No pressure, lol :)

  33. when the games ar combinded will we be able to use items for lets say water on earth or will they still be seprate.?

  34. OLa!!!!!!!! :'( PLEASE POST FIRE SOON. kthanksbye <3

  35. FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I always see the elements with a symbol. Water is a wave, fire is a flame, earth is a tree and air is three "wind marks" (swirls with a long tail). Maybe you could add them.

  37. OLA! Where the heck is the fire doll?????


  38. ... um... is Ola okay?... im kinda starting to worry... wonder if azalea's heard from her in a while...

  39. i'm sure she's fine. she's probably just busy which is completely understandable. she does have a job besides this i'm sure. or she could be on vacation though i'm sure she would've posted something about that. so she's probably just been busy :) no need to worry too much i'm sure!

  40. I like the idea of them holding their element in their hand. The water doll sort of had that (magic swirly arm water thingie) but the earth doll doesn't. I think it would be cool to add some sort of levitating rock or maybe a growing plant.

  41. def luv the different figures!! i agree; fire column figure and air flat chested! plus the idea w/ their own elements in their hands is a prett cool. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Good ideas ithilwen!

    The very first thing Azalea and I did were the body shapes so that's already set in stone :)
    However, your guys' requests are very close to what's coming!

    keleni, you're missing hairstyle 10.. that's the one I did when I realized I had to step it up XD

    lol.. yep, please don't burst! that WOULD be messy XD

    for the most part, the items will be separate.

    Myleah, I haven't seen that but it sounds neat. Are you thinking like tattoo symbols?

    I do indeed have a day-job.. and a boyfriend and a dog. Actually, right now I'm also pet sitting my mom's dog, so I have TWO dogs :D

    I like the idea of a levitating rock or plant :)


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