Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hahaha, what do you guys thinks about this? Rip off much?

The bad news is I've been super busy with doing graphics work again... but... the good news is that this is the last bit I'm doing for that company so now I'll have no distractions from doing dress ups!


  1. omg, that is SO a rip off!! what are you going to do?

  2. the two girls at the beginning freak me out. =p. Yeah that is kind of crappy compared to the doll divine one. :D

  3. Wow... rip off a good game and turn it into a crappy one, what the hell.


  4. What I'll do is mostly keep an eye on that site. It's so bad that I'm not actually threatened.. just amused hehe.

    Hahaha, what? You don't want to play games and gossip with those two cool looking girls? :O

    And what about the site name? "titter" O_o
    I'm sure they're trying to ride the twitter wave, but for goodness sakes :\

  5. that site looks like it lives on ripoffs :(

    so whats up next for doll extrordinare ola=D


    boy hogwarts student maker
    a 18 century french thing

    cia keleni

  6. WOW!! someone needs to come up with there own ideas but its so bad that i wouldnt worry bout it ;)

  7. oh hah that was me ^
    forgot to sign

  8. ok that game was soooo stupid.I've got some ideas for your site!

    -girl vampire maker

    -fantasy creature maker

    -princess maker(and not one of those crappy froo froo kind)

  9. ooh I just got another idea!

    Angel maker (not the kind that like, don't even have any clothes on.Ewww O_o!) other comment is the one above this one.hehehe!

  10. such a rip off i mean hello get your own ideas sheesh
    anime fantsy animal ( like 9 tailed foxes or something)
    or maby a anime charater lol good luck though and amazeing site

  11. I kind of like the fantasy creature could make it completely unique, but I think that'd be good for a collaboration with another artist.

    Again, Genie Maker sounds cool...fits with your fantasy/adventure theme.

    Maybe a Native
    American Indian (I'm thinking of different characters in movies or games...Pocahontas inspired that one) and maybe it could be a Western Doll were Indian clothing could be included.

    Maybe a woodsy type doll where you can have different weapons like bows and arrows, and clothes like tunics and cloaks and stuff like that (Zelda).

    A performer doll would be cool, kind of like Chicago..though I don't know how you would mix and match all the parts up for that.

    Maybe a futuristic type doll with like spacesuits and different features and add-ons.

    Anyways, these are just some ideas, expand at will. Can't wait to hear what you've decided!

  12. OOH!!!! OOH!!!! OOH!!!! I know!
    A medieval fantasy dress up!!!!
    You know, part real,historical Medieval/Renaissance outfits, part Lord of the Rings outfits, part medieval dresses with fantasy/modern stuff and part Tamora Pierce!!!!(You know, feminist medieval fantasy, girls in breeches,)
    OOH!! And maybe part Chronicles of Narnia.
    I'd expect lots of hairdos (both intricate and simple) and lots of clothes and accessories. And shoes. Lots of shoes.
    But something like THAT would most likely take AGES, so I'm prepared to wait a year or two.

    And,yeah, that is a total ripoff. Really pathetic.
    You could also do a christmas doll, like, dresses from the Nutcracker or something.
    Cheers! (And I have no idea why I wrote that, I guess I just like the sound of it or something.)
    So, what do you think, OLa?????
    [email protected]

  13. Wow, that game was terrible. The colours were awful, none of them were realistic. Weird. I don't like that site anyway!

  14. I just got a wicked cool idea!you could make your dolls so that you could customize their hair.Make it look just the way you want!That would be awesome.

  15. I've got an could make a superhero!

  16. Hahaha it seems you guys have been holding these ideas inside for a while.. It's an idea explosion! XD

    Most of these I've heard of before, and they are all good ideas. Some I've got coming in terms of other people's games I've found. A few others are coming through artwork I've commissioned.

    As for "Doll Divine Classics", the next one is Star Trek, cuz I have to get the geekiness out of my system, hehe. And it kind of overlaps with the "futuristic" doll idea.. Boy Hogwarts is coming before the release of the next movie.

    Out of these, the one that gets me excited at the moment would be a Native doll, but we'll see. I have to go with what really excites me at the moment because that really speeds up the drawing process :D

  17. Maybe you could work with someone on a doll with fashions based on the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe? That show has great styles that really vary in the four nations, and I have yet to see a good Avatar dress up game.

  18. total rip off and those girls at the beggining freaked me out too.
    p.s. a Dragon Princess maker would be cool, i looked for some online but the ones i found were bad. BTW that korean dress up guy is sooooooooooo Awesome!! can't wait 4 star trek!

  19. What ideas do you have for a Star Trek? Because in the show the clothes are limited to a dress or BUT I'm excited about it 'cause I LOVE Star Trek (I'm a super nerd...the one who kept using video game references XD ) Well, can't wait. Good luck with your work!

  20. wow i have got so many idea (half of them are really stupid but still):

    -A school one
    -A Punk or goth one
    -A gypsy one
    -A hippie one
    -theme from your favourtite book, sort of thing?!?!

    these are a selection of the ones i thought of, and i know they are a bit rubbish but still you can adapt from them or somthing.

  21. that game was really suckish.anyhow...I've got some ideas!

    -pegasis or unicorn maker
    -vampire hunter maker (with the choice of either gender)
    -gladiator sort of thing(again, either gender)
    -X men character maker
    -star wars character maker(I know,kind of dorky)
    -robot maker(kind of like terminator)
    That's all I've got!

  22. What exactly is a dragon princess? I've heard that before but I'm not really sure what it entails..

    I haven't planned out the Star Trek doll quite yet but I might do a man and woman since the costumes are simple. And more quizzes! :D

    I've noted down all your ideas, thanks guys :)

  23. Oh, and there's a wicked pegasis/unicorn maker coming...

  24. oh wow! how close will the puppy maker or other dolls be coming out?

  25. well, games2girls is an okay site. when they changed the design, however, they pretty much stopped adding new gamesXP. OMG that game is SUCH a ripoff. not only that, but it totally STINKS. those colors are terrible! yours is better, all the way. i might vomit just thinking about it...

    star trek! OMG!!! sounds AWESOME!!! good luck with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. i dontreally like star trek but i do like the sound of starwars (huge fan) terminater(fan) and hippy

    scooby doo 1 wood b cute(biggest fan ever)


  27. TOTAL ripoff. D: i HATE it when some loser tries to recreate a perfectly awesome thing. >:(
    I think a werewolf maker might be cool, not like in "Twilight" tho, like the kind thats a seperate species. or a plai old wolf maker. or a Narnia onw would be AWESOME!!! I love Narnia its like the greatest books ever. NARNIA FOREVER!!!

  28. How could you make a wolfmaker? (Not that I dought you Ola, nor the awesomeness of it)
    But as far as I know is a wolf grey, with pointy ears and a fluffy tail.
    If you could include wolf-thingies in the puppymaker, it would be totally awesome though.

  29. i don't like the new fairy game. dress ups where you have to click through the entire cycle over and over to find the item you want are obnoxious, and i dont think you should post anymore like it.

  30. ola just hurry up and somthinhg the suspence is killing me


  31. That is a total rip off, and the girls are scary too! Also, I think you should add some more belts to the Kimono maker, maybe just some block colours like red or white etc
    I love your games, they are the best on the web!
    ~Juliette, Britain xx

  32. i tried playing the rip off game... and i hated it. all the colors were naseuating. i love your kitten maker though i made the cutest kitten on it! ideas...

    -a mix of lord of the rings dresses/armor and archer clothes with swords and archery stuff with the option of elf ears or regular ears. and narnia too, i love susan's first narnian dress.

    -add a straight hair with bangs to the hogwarts student maker.

    -include instructions on how to change the different colors of the mane and tail on the pony maker.

    -make vulcan ears and maybe scaly skin for the star trek dress up so we can make aliens :)

    i think the star trek doll sounds awesome. thanks so much for making these beautiful dolls!

  33. Um, Dec 19 Anon? I'm pretty sure the fairy game was her /first/ game. Just sayin'.

  34. ^ You realise she meant the dress up games in the section that other websites made?

    BTW, OLa, I love the progress bar at the top! I can't wait- the game looks absolutely stunning :)

  35. OMG!! so the dog game is a rip off the new one looks like its going to b awesome AND im SUPER SUPER excited for the sailor moon doll how much long do you think it will take cus im having a hard time waiting!! :)

  36. Oh, well there's some pretty cool ones
    out there, like this:
    Phew! I had to type that all out XP
    Anon, December 20, 3:42, That is a COOL description! of the Narnia i mean. :3
    I'm SO EXCITED about the puppy maker!! and the pegasus one, I'm more pf an animal-oriented person so I like that kind of thing, you should put more!

  37. Ola, the lolita maker is the best present a girl could ask for on Christmas! I browsed the artist's DA and fell in love completely. I can't wait til it's finished.

  38. Yeah, I agree with them too, a rip off. What about a Phantom of the Opera dress up? Or Musicals combined?

  39. Oh and when I saw the game, I thought you actually did it untill I read your comment over again, and the other people's.

  40. The Lolita game is so pretty!! Just needs more clothing options. Other than that, I like it.

  41. I can't get onto the Lolita game :(

  42. Neither can I. I checked my flashplayer, but it was allright I thought. What can be wrong?

  43. I tried using the Lolita game in Firefox, and then it worked.

    IIIH!!! I LOVE IT!!!! <3<3<3<3<3

  44. the new gothic lolita game is great! it would be absolutely amazing with more a lot clothes options though. i was actually surprised that it didn't have a lot because you usually have a wonderful selection of clothing in your games.

  45. I still can't play the lolita game.
    Do you know what I can do about it? (I don't have firefox, so that doesn't work)

  46. i have google chrome, and that seemed to work fine for me :/ i can't really help you sorry.
    download a new browser maybe? or make sure you have the most recent version of your flashplayer?

  47. Yay it works now! It is SO beautiful and so much fun :) I can tell I'll be spending hours on it.

  48. Yeah a wolf-maker would be hard.. and there's already some great ones on deviantArt. But yeah, if anything I'd probably make a general canine maker or something.

    Hahaha yeah the interface of the fairy game isn't the best, but some of my games work that way also.. There's just so few nice games out there that my main criteria is artwork. I can't be too picky :(

    Hahaha, yeah I think Anon was talking about the other fairy, but mine was also click through and yeah it was my first game :)
    So all of you are right!

    There'll definitely be aliens in the star trek game! XD

    Lolita wasn't working in Internet Explorer, but I fixed the glitch! And I too wish it had more clothing :(

    Thanks for all the suggestions~ I've added them all to "the list". =D

  49. Hey Ola, another cool one would be some kind of bird maker. I love birds and this would be awesome, with different wings and colors, where we could make our own species. But it's only a suggestion, birds can be kinda hard to draw.

    -Senior Smily

  50. this is just sad how ppl can be sooooo uncreative and rip off other peoples work..
    It must be hard for them..
    ive always been more of a cat person anyways lol...

  51. Hey ola,
    Time for a new blog;)
    I like the Lolita game, but it isn't really my style. I always end up making a girl with a corset, long skirt and a flower in her hairXD.
    But the art work is pretty, though a bit pixeled, if you get what I mean. 'Cause one of the things I like about your work is that you can zoom in, and still have a pretty image (that's great at the snowfairy).

    I am really excited for the anime-maker!

  52. Rin, hehehe, I know eh?
    I was always a hard-core cat person but in these few past years I've come to embrace the fact that I'm simultaneously a cat & dog person XD

    Flower, I know what you mean about pixellation. Are you right clicking and zooming in? The images on that one are pixel files so they don't look great zoomed in. Alas, they were too complex to be vectorized (unlike the Japanese Fashion game...). The Sailor Maker won't suffer from that problem though.. Drachea made the files super big so they vectorized really well (= will look awesome zoomed in). =D

  53. Well, that one was a puppy maker, so it's slightly different but I agree, it's rubbish and it rips off your game. I think you should do a puppy maker though, to go with the kitten one.


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