Sunday, October 25, 2009

Statuses (Stati?)

So, it seems people aren't super excited about me adding games, but don't mind either (except for a few hardcore fans hehe). But if I add them they must not suck, and be in a separate section.

Actually, when I look at these games what I REALLY wanna do is improve them... Some would be so much better if they just had... more than 1 hairstyle.. or better coding.. or skin colours that weren't hideous. I dunno.. I'll see how it pans out lol.

Someone asked about the Sailor Maker.. not starting it until the Adventurer is done, and even then I'm not sure if it'll be the next doll, but it'll definitely be soon. I just ran into this video on youtube. Thought it was pretty cool for Halloween.. err except for that end bit.. kind of odd :\

What's everyone doing for Halloween? Do they celebrate it where you are? I used to trick or treat until I was 20 hahaha! But now I'm 26 so I'm hosting a (hopefully) huge party and dressing up as Lara Croft XD


  1. Can't wait for the adventure maker!

    My friend is having a Hallowe'en/Birthday party so I'm going to that as Poison Ivy (Cuz I'm such a geek). It's also one of my cats' birthdays so I gotta give him some extra cuddles ^_^

  2. i'm going to a party at a frieds and i'm dressing up as a "crow pirncess". i've bought these long back dress and black feathered wings, off ebay and dying my hair black and waring black eyed contatcts!! I LOVE to go ott on halloweeen :) Btw loving the games and can't wiat for the adventure game :)

  3. I love your games! I don't care what anyone says.
    I have no idea what I'm doing for Halla-e'en (don't ask, I just like to be obnoxious), I really don't know anyone around in my area. I just moved so, things are a little tough, socially. I'm working on it though!

  4. im off to a murder mystery party :D i love them! soo looking forward to the adventure maker! :) xo

  5. i'm being a native american :) and they do celebrate it in the US obviously haha. my family used to have a huge (almost always over 200 people!) halloween party every year but we couldn't do it this year due to financial issues :( but other than that, i'm going trick-or-treating with my friends, and i'm 16 so it's no big deal :)

  6. hey ola

    i live in australia and we dont really celebrate halloween much =-( but my friend had a scary b-day party so it makes up for it.
    i just had a brain wave u haaaaaaaaaaaaaave to make a costume maker (not nessesarily halloween but include it) t would be SOAWESOME plzzzzzzzzzzz u dont have to do it strate away just do it eventually


  7. I'm from the Netherlands, and we don't celebrate Halloween at all. On 11 nov though, the little children do something like trick or treat. Only instead of saying "trick or treat" they sing a song and they don't dress-up.
    11 nov. is said to be the deathday of Saint Maarten. Look the story up, I don't feel like telling:).
    I do wish we had it here, I love dress up. I've all these GREAT ideas...

  8. i Loveee halloween, like dressing up even if i dont go trick or treating lol! love the new fashion doll. i'm dressing up as a spider queen (black lacy dress wth fake cobwebs) for halloween. lol.
    Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. i want to be a gypsy. i did that last year, and my sister wants to be one this year. we're going to a halloween party at our friends' house. we'll go trick-or-treating and have bonfire. i can't wait! i also can't wait for the adventure maker...*has seizure just thinking about how incredible it will be(you know it will)*

  10. is the game going to be out in time for halloween?

  11. it's raiming on halloween in my city... TT.TT
    but i'm still going out. I'm being a haunted porcalin doll, and I have this parasole thingy, and i can use that for the rain problem! And my friend id being a toilet!XD

  12. Ops! I spelt raining wrong... Ignore that please... and porcaln is spelt wrong... and spelt is spelt wrong.... and I posted the coment above this.

  13. its okay, everyone has typos.
    oh, great, i feel another seizure coming on...heeeeeeeelp!!!!!!!!! DX!!!!!!!!! lol, jk. but, seriously, i cannot WAIT for the adventure maker....nope, it is a seizure(jk again)!!!!! XD!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy Hallowe'en!!!!!

  14. I'm going trick-or-treating, see how much candy people will give a 15-year-old and her boyfriend.


  15. The video is good one and perfect for the Halloween day.The Halloween day is fun to enjoy.

    ipod zubehör

  16. Hey, I saw you put "dressup game" behind every maker on your site. I think it was better when it wasn´t there. It is just too busy now. (Get what I mean?)
    I don´t know when you changed it, but I only noticed recently.

    So, when will the adventurer be finished?
    Because you said around Halloween, and well...

  17. hey, ERA, my sister is fifteen. when i turn sixteen in six years, my parents say that i have to stop. phooey..........can't wait for my party tonight!!!!!!!! i get to hang with a few people from my homeschool co-op. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNXD!!!!!!!!!!

  18. okay ola,
    stop ignoring us and awnswer us these Q's is adventurer going
    Q.when will it be done
    Q.will you make a costume maker
    Q.are u putting other peeps dolls in
    Q.when(hurry up plzzz)
    Q.when will u answer these Q's

    see ya (no unfriendliness ment)

    P.S and voyagefan i dont understand ur last comment plzz put it in 11 yr old terms

    PP.S lotsoluv

    PPP.S lotsoluv keleni

    PPPP.s i will give a list of costumes i want in the costume maker

    PPPPP.S lotsoluv keleni

    PPPPPP.s sorry about all the P.S's

    ppppppp.s lotsoluv keleni

  19. is that how u spell it or is it P.P.S or P.SSS or P.S.S.S

    as i said im only 11 yrs

    lotsoluve keleni(no p.s this time)

  20. well, i have to stop trick-or-treating when i'm sixteen, cuz my parents say i'm too old, and ERA mentioned that she was fifteen and my sister is fifteen. and about the subject change: we had a party on saturday night.

    p.s. it's p.p.s. it stands for post scripture, and it makes more sense to say post post scripture than post scripture scripture. XD!!!!

  21. p.p.s. ERA, how much candy did you get?

  22. People, it is not post scripture, it's post scriptUM. We're talking Latin here. But Voyagefan, indeed you're right to say that it's p.p.s.
    I agree with the Q's keleni asked.

  23. who here agrees that it would be so cool if dolls like the Elfan Princess had the option of dresses?? i think that would be pretty cool (but if u do that Ola make sure to finish the adventure maker first :-)
    p.s. i luuuvvvvv ur dolls/site!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Hahaha, I'm here! I'm here!
    I totally have been ignoring everything because throwing this party kept me ridiculously busy. So let's see..

    Wow, lots of very dark costumes this year eh? Lots of black.

    Sarah, that really sucks; I've been there. Best of luck!

    Oooh murder mystery party? Jealous!

    madmab, that's too bad about the party. Unfortunately, I think there will only be more of that to come.

    The thing with a costume maker is that you can't mix-n-match much... cuz there's so many themes going on at once. I think it's better to pick one theme and make many options for it... does that make sense?

    Flower, that sounds kind of like caroling which they do at Christmas here. I think if enough people fight for it, Halloween can spread and take over the world! First step is to host Halloween parties and make all your friends dress up each year..

    Oooh bonfire.. I <3 bonfires!

    LOL toilet? Like this?

    Hahahaha, I also think it was better when "dress up game" wasn't behind everything... BUT when I took it off, I immediately stopped getting hits for people searching "dress up games"! So I put it on all the pages and now I'm getting more and more. I don't have much of a choice really.. I'm a slave to Google!

    hahaha yeah don't listen.. be like me and trick or treat into university! Just make sure to wear a costume.. I got some trick or treaters this year that were like super old and had no costume... WTF???

    Answers to the Questions:
    A. good, i finished body, hair, features, clothes. Still have to do backgrounds, interface, weapons and accessories.
    A. no clue.. 2 or 3 more weeks? but it will be AWESOME!!!
    A. might not, see answer way up above
    A. ?
    A. not sure.. after the Adventurer I guess?
    A. XD
    A. Now!

    I didn't know that about PS, thanks for sharing :)

    Well the Elven clothes can be mix n matched to create "dresses".. or at least that was the idea :)

  25. Will we be able to make vigilante-like characters? cause that would be sick nasty

  26. i think you should make a super hero maker next or a goddess thing with like different powers and stuff (poweres for both)

  27. oo! for tha super hero maker, there should be like color options!! varied colors and styles! and patterns, too!!


  29. yeah, goddess and superhero sound cool. i'm sad cuz we didn't have the bonfire cuz it rained. can't wait for the new game! hugglz!!!!!!!

  30. Goddess maker!
    I LOVE myths! If you need information about any greek goddess, here is your information! Aks me, ask me! (I'll even search the internet for you if I have to:))
    And of course, don't forget to put in the goddesses in of the rest of the world. But I know you won't.

    You probably know what you want to do next, but please, please to consider this! Since I saw it in (I think your first) blog, your request 'square' I hoped you would do it. Ofcourse, afther all these awesome and beautyfull games it run to the back of my mind, but now it's back and please, please put it in your list!
    Cause I love goddessmakers, but I know no-one has done it or can do it like you can!

    I begging you! (But you probably noticed that).

    This is like the longest comment I ever wrote... But atleast you'll get my point now:D

  31. Suggestions:

    I think a Genie type maker would be cool, you could have a lot of different options for that and it'd be VERY OLa.

    I also think a Goddess Maker would be great...I'm really into mythology, too.

    Another idea would be a princess maker that incorporates looks from different time periods. I think I mentioned this before but I think it could be very cool.

    I can't wait for this next one! I've missed your work! I'm also excited for the possible Puppy Maker with Kamirah (correct?). You rock!


  32. yes, genie and princess. think we're bugging OLa? it'll take months to get all this stuff done! i dunno if you'll do it, OLa, but some of those games are awesome. has anyone mentioned a dragon maker? i think so. ooh, can't WAIT for adventure maker!!!!!

  33. Hehe, there is actually a Dragon Maker in the works XD
    And then I found yet ANOTHER amazing dragon artist so there will probably be multiple dragon makers in the future...

    About goddesses, originally people just asked for Greek Goddess and to me that sounds like a lot of togas. BUT when we mention goddesses from around the world that DOES get me excited lol. The thing is that there has to be a balance. The topic has to be big enough to allow for many types of items. BUT it has to be specific enough for all the items to mix n match (this is my worry about a Costume Maker). Does that make sense?

    And I must admit, I already know what the next Doll Divine game will be *blush*.
    I was heavily inspired by this pic by Svenly:
    If you're really keen you can dig in the comments for hints as to what it'll be XD

    Yup, the Puppy Maker with Kamirah is coming up soon too!

    Flower, if you like, please feel free to list off items you'd like to see in a Goddess Maker. Or e-mail them to me at [email protected].. and not just Flower.. anyone who has ideas :)

    No bonfire? :(

    I've thought of super-hero and that's definitely on the list too. Might be a while for that one though... maybe it's all the spandex XD

    I like the sound of vigilante! "Sick nasty" is also something I'm aiming for XD


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