Monday, October 12, 2009

Japanese Fashion

Lookit me, I'm on fire! XD

New game released today: Japanese Fashion dress up game!
This is so different from my usual style that I'm really curious to see what you guys will think, hahaha! Artwork by the fabulous Einlee.

I know a LOT of you guys wanna see a Female Vampire maker, and since I won't be making one for quite some time, you MUST try this one: Azalea's Hellsing Vampire Maker! All the facial expressions you can make are dazzling!

Also, I get very few visitors through search engines, so I decided I need to get a better search engine rating for the term "dress up games". You will now see me shoving it everywhere shamelessly LOL. What do you guys put into search engines to find new games?

Now I think I'll focus on finishing the Adventurer Maker :D


  1. omg I LOVE IT :0) i love your games!! i like to make characters out of my book, and its so much fun!!! Thank you soo much :) THIS IS GREAT!!!!

  2. o..m...g... I LOVE IT!!!XD I can't wait for the sailor moon dressup!!!!SO HAPPY!!!! i miss sailor moon, my favorit was sailor chibi moon... well i think that was her name... ^_^'anyway, your awsome! ^_^

  3. so pretty! this doesnt seem like japanese fashion though. but those subcultures (lolita, cybergoth, decora, etc.) would make a great game!

  4. i love both games. i wouldn't know if it was japanese or not...XD i don't really care about all that stuff. i also don't read or watch any of that anime/manga stuff. but they're still fun!!!!
    love doll divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep making the games, i love em all!!!!

  5. i love all your games!!!!!!!!! this is the only place that i can find something fantasy and diffrient a cool game would be like sense you have a kittiy maker why not a wolf maker i mean everyone loves wolves it is just a thought though

  6. Like with the Rock Chick, I just wasn't impressed at all. There didn't seem to be a lot of love or effort in this one. At least with the Pony there was love...


  7. I love the look of the clothes! It looks like it was colored by water colors! It is so cool!

  8. I love the artwork! I wish there were more clothing options though. I absolutely love the colouring and expressions the doll had, its cool that it looks sort of watercoloured too

  9. I also think Lolita when I hear "Japanese Fashion" but I know pretty much nothing on the topic and I trust Einlee fully because her art is da bomb! =D

    Avalon, you've probably seen these, eh?:
    They're quite basic, but they might keep you distracted for a bit XD

    ERA, I'm gonna finish the Adventurer now and I'll make sure to include lots of love! LOL

    Yeah I'm surprised more people didn't ask for more clothing options.. I certainly thought it could use more. But my friends were saying that sometimes it's nice not to have too many choices? I dunno.. hahaha

  10. I think more clothes would be nicer, but I thought it was a very pretty game. I preferred it to the Rock Chick Maker, definately.
    Was this the Anime game?

    Can't wait for the Adventure Maker! :D

  11. this was so fun, I love the flirty look!

  12. I love the new game but it doesn't have a very wide variety of looks....
    lol dress up game is writen EVERYWHERE!
    anyway when i look up games i look up games I usually type in dress up, dress up games, makeover game or dress up doll(s) hope that helps :)
    P.S. can't wait for the adventurer game :D

  13. i visit one of these sites if i want a new dressup game:

    these sites don't have just dressup games, though. they usually have some other categories. fun! doll divine is a great, site, too.....XD

  14. the new game i like the art style its pretty :)
    the hair and face creator was fun but it didnt really seem much like japanese fashion there were not many choices though i was happy to see a sailor fuku
    cant wait for the saiormoon game keep up the good work :D

  15. Loooove it!!

    And I found your site after searching 'dress up games' and clicking on a mass site that pulls together a whole bunch of games.

    Your's is definitely my favorite!!

  16. i saw that you made some changes to the fairy maker!!! pretty backgrounds!!!!!!
    i can't wait for the adventure maker...XD! is it gonna be fun? oh, soooooooo excited!!!!

  17. it seems like this one has a lot less options than most of the others. my only dissapointment so far

  18. I really was hoping for some variety in the clothing options, but I did like the variety of the facial features. I just won't be constantly playing this one like I will the MLP maker.

  19. Ooo, fun! I would have liked more clothes options, but it is very nice the way it is anyways. Hmm... as for how I find more dress up games, I usually just search for 'dress up games' on either google or DeviantArt- I found your site by searching for Harry Potter dress up on... google I think. Dunno. Might have found a link elsewhere. Oh, almost forgot! You have no idea how much I laughed when I saw this blog entry. When I checked up on doll divine and looked at the new dress up, I thought "Wow, she's on fire!", then I checked the blog... heh. Sorry, I'm rambling. Anyway, great dress up, looking forward to the Adventure Maker!

  20. i found this site on they have links to some of the fantasy dressup games on here. and boy, am i glad! XD!
    i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited about the adventure maker!

  21. Hmm I think I must have been referring to the Sailor Maker when I said "anime" game. Honestly, I went kind of nuts on commissions so I'm losing track of the artwork I have lol! But there's a lot of suuuper cool stuff in there.

    Thanks for all the info about how you guys found the site & other sites! This is super useful stuff :)

    Hahaha, well Tee, great minds think alike XD

    Yup, new stuff on the fairy, and the mermaid as well. That version's not public yet though, but you can see it here:

    I'm updating some games as I add MochiAds to them. MochiAds has this cool program where they help you distribute your games, so I just wanna make sure they're looking their best :D

  22. I tried the new mermaid maker, and I immediatly noticed: you removed the tastefull fake cartoon breasts. I makes me really sad, because I really lived them. That's because I think it's weird that mermaids wear tops and shirts. Not that that stops me from using them, but still, if you think about it is still weird.

    I do hope you won't put this one in as it is now.

  23. Hahaha, well I'm kind of glad someone is sad!

    I'm always torn with that kind of stuff.. on one hand I want people to embrace their humanity and not be ashamed of the naked human body. On the other hand, when the Warrior Maker got posted on I had to read pages and pages of comments about how "the person who made this is a pervert!"

    Both of my parents are artists so I've been raised with a very free thinking mentality, seeing the human body as a natural, beautiful thing. Sometimes I forget how uptight the rest of the world is *shrug*

  24. Azalea's Hellsing Vampire Maker is exciting one.The facial expressions are really interesting and have good perfection.

    ipod zubehör

  25. OMG! LOVE IT! I have an idea, you should totally make a dog/wolf maker! That would be so awsome!

  26. ya you should totaly make a wolf maker/creator that would be cool


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