Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pony Maker!

You guys didn't sound very excited about this one, but whatever... I WAS EXCITED ABOUT IT! LOL I love MLP's!!!

Well, I just finished it and I'll post it here a few hours before I post in on the website cuz I have to do a bunch of tinkering. So here you go, a very special Doll Divine Blog exclusive release:

My Little Pony Dress Up (aka Pony Maker)

Please feel free to post feedback :)


  1. I LOVE IT!!!! Ah, it's darling, I can very well see myself playing on this for hours! I forgot to comment of the rock maker... It was alright. But it didn't have the OLa charm. I really like the charm that your origionals have. The rock maker wasn't my favorite, and I don't play it much... But, I still love all your other games. MLP rocks! LOL

  2. Also love it! really cute, I love ponies so it was a lot of fun... love all your stuff, actuallly, and can't wait for more to come out!

  3. I LUUUUUUUUUUUUUV this game!!! i like how you can change the pony's name. i made two: Emeraldfern and Calmfrost. cute games!!!!!

  4. Hey! Those are great names! LOL

    If you guys have any words you'd like inserted into the Random-Name-Generator, please post away!

  5. omg i love the MLP game, me and my sister were playing this for hours!! we used to have loads of MLP and we were trying to make them on the game.i realised though it didn't have the colour red, but we still love it :0)

  6. Wow I love it, so beautiful! I was never into My Little Ponies when I was little, but this was adorable :)

  7. So cute! I'm a big fan already.

  8. O wow! It's so adorable! I like it that you gave them Hogwarts-shals. I like to 'random' a name and make a pony to it. It's so cute!

  9. love this game!! Tons of options, great graphics, and all in all a really cute game! Can't wait fot he upcoming works, but this will definitely hold me off for a while :).

  10. i still think you should have her do a dragon maker! it would be amazing. her MLPs are good but her dragons are incredible. definitely try and push her doing one :)

    the MLP maker wasn't my favorite, mostly because i can't stand MLPs hahaha. i find them horribly creepy, but i love horses, i've got two of my own so i did enjoy that aspect of it :D but overall, awesome graphics, and tons of choices. MLP fans will adore it.

  11. That is awesome :) Love the graphics style and the multitude of options, very nice game you have there. Is it possible to post it on my website Ola?

  12. I didn't think I would like it, but it turned out really good! All the options are cute, thanks for a great game

  13. So cute! i used to play with MLPs everyday when i was little!!! i didnt really think much about it, i was more excited about the anime maker but this is awesome :) <3

  14. There's no red because I always felt it clashed with all the other pony colours.. it's just soo... bloody? I guess you could make christmas ponies or something but I felt I had to cut something out to maintain a "feel"...

    Flower, that's a great idea! I might try it :D

    Haha there's a girl at my work who's also freaked out by ponies. I haven't announced this yet but there might be something horse related in the future ;)

    Tudi, yeah for sure! I've got this page with more info:

    Yay, so glad you guys like it! XD

  15. It's so beautiful. I hate to nitpick, but ... will there be more, uh, hip designs in the future?

  16. You can probably guess that I like flowers, so I really love the flowers that you put in the MLPmaker. But I kinda think that the exotic flowers should be, ehm.. like "mirrowed" if you want to put them in the hair of the pony. See what I mean?
    Is there any possibility that you could add a tool which we can use to turn and flip them?

  17. It's adorable... but it's still a pony.


  18. Hehe Baby-Blue-Bell informed me that they're called "Cutie Marks" :D

    What ones would you like to see in the game?

    I'll see about turning the flowers! I'll implement it if it's not too hard.

    lol, oh ERA...

  19. About the cutie marks, and the fact that you don't want to put red in it: I want to make a pony for all the elements. Now is firepony okay, but it's just not as cute as the other three...
    I do think dat red could go with some of the colours. Most certainly if it was in the hair.

    It just so cute!

  20. Okay, so I was messing around with it, and I noticed there is no option for wings. I thought wings would be very cool as in fairy wings, dragon wings, and bird wings. I know it'd be a lot of hard work, but I think it'd be really cool in the end. Like Flower said, element ponies would be awesome, and what else do you need with air? Wings! xD, Just an idea, and with the cutie marks, maybe you could add a star that you could change the color of. It's another thought.

  21. With the air pony I used those winged shoes.

  22. Ooh! Wings! Especially for flutter ponies! (anyone else remember those?)

    I'm sorry we're all so much trouble Ola XD

  23. I completly agree with Midnau8, but you must think it a good thing: it is so great, it inspires us.

  24. Ooh, element ponies sound cool! Good idea, Flower! I love this game!!!!!!!

  25. Hehe there is a reason why there's no wings!
    ...buuuut it's a secret XD
    But someone mentioned a unicorn horn and I might add that.

    Well, now I don't know about the red because I'd have to make a new button and re-arrange the buttons... lol I hate making interfaces; can you tell? XD

    I'll be fiddling around with it in the next few days; I'll see what I can do.

    More "Cutie Mark" (butt symbol) ideas guys!!!

  26. More watery, season marks? Or ones that match some of the names in the generator maybe.

  27. I love the game so far, and I dont' care if you don't change it, but wouldn't it be cool if you could change the color of the Cutie Marks?

  28. Lightning, fireflies, ribbons, stars ... maybe more foods, like cupcakes or apples. Or maybe some group cutie marks. Remember how some ponies had lots of little hearts or clouds instead of one big one? And definitely more cutie marks that also have a symbol on the cheek or forehead- I love those!

  29. I don't have the time to add a Cutie Mark colour changing function, BUT let me know if there's any particular existing cutie mark you'd like to see in a different colour!

    All great ideas; I'll try to work them in!

  30. id like to see more green.. XD and roses :)

  31. i really like the cutie marks you added!

  32. You've outdone yourself on the extra cutie marks! I applaude you! Yay! xD

  33. I'd been having trouble picking a cutie mark that I REALLY liked, and then you added the ribbon! Great game~

  34. Wow, the new marks are incredible. I love the dolphin one!

    Sorry to be a pain, but what about a tiny kitty one?

  35. hey!! not to B such a topic changer BUT in the anime maker do u will there b only the options of the 5 or 6 sailor scouts becuse i think that you should go all out and add in ALL the sailor scouts (like pluto and all them). Also some other clothes besides just the outfits, like dresses and things :P lols srry just i get ALOT of ideas quick and i just kinda let them yeh hope this will be awesome (knowing you it Defiantly will be :)) wow this was long...

  36. this game is awsome!nice graphics

  37. I was thinking today I would like more chartreuse actually (yellow-green)... but I shiver at the thought of re-arranging buttons at this point :(

    Yup, Baby-Blue-Bell and I collaborated in making more Cutie Marks! If anyone's curious, I made the first 12 and she made the rest of the new ones. Basically, I made the nerdy ones and she made the gorgeous & pony-esque ones =D (is the distinction obvious or do they all match?)

    I saw somewhere else someone wanted a kitty one, but I find it strange to have a large intelligent animal on another large intelligent animal (I'm weird sometimes). BUT that's why I added the paw prints.. a "flavour" of kitten without the weirdness XD

    Haha I don't know much about Sailor Scouts! You can bet I'll be doing many hours of research before starting that game! So are there 6 in that preview pic? Don't worry, I bet it'll be ok... I can't help myself and I always draw extra stuff into these collaborative games XD

    Glad u guys like it!

  38. suggestion for another game! you should make a lolita-fashion doll! lolita is a lovely fashion style and you would just make it beautiful, as long as you dont base it off of the things found in manga.

  39. The new cutie marks are all great! And I love the horns <3

    Since Sailor Maker talk has all moved here, I don't suppose we can expect to see any Sailor Starlight costumes in this dress up game?

  40. yeah, the cutie marks rock. i love the dolphin one, the ice cream one, the butterfly one, and the feather one. i like making ballerina ponies. anyways, i can't wait for the other games to come out, and i especially can't wait for the ADVENTURE MAKER!!! don't worry, i'll be patient......

  41. soo whens the next game going to be released?!

  42. i've never really gotten into sailor moon(in fast, i barely know what it is...XD), but i'm really excited about it! i love the games you make. i visit this site practically every day........:D!!!

  43. hey Ola, you should make a new blog, cause now have to scroll way down before I can read the latest ;P

  44. There's actually a lolita-type doll in the works! It'll be a while yet though.

    Please feel free to post links to pics of Sailor costumes you'd like to see included! I haven't started yet so I have lots of freedom.

    Ok Flower, I made a new post XD

  45. i love this game its so cool! i was on it for hours working on my pony flutter heart!

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