Tuesday, September 22, 2009

September Status Update

I've been pushing really hard to finish the My Little Pony Maker. All the parts are done; I just have to add the interface so it shouldn't be tooo long.

In the meantime, check out Azalea's newest game: Esmeralda
It's so gorgeous! Like a Disney movie.
(You may have seen it already on dressupgames.com)

I've also got something coming up for all the (gasp!) anime fans out there!
Here's the preview for an upcoming Sailor Maker with artwork by the very talented DracheaRannak.

Any other dolls I've mentioned are still on the go! I haven't dropped anything, just re-arranging and trying to manage my time :)


  1. i like the new dressup on azalea's site! i luv the little goat...:3!!!!!!!!!!!

    i can't wait for the adventure maker to come out! i'm glad i have lots of other great dolls on this site to keep me occupied!!!! ;D

  2. I haven't thought about Sailor Moon since they stopped showing it on Toonami some ten odd years ago. Such nostalgia this maker will bring me~

    As always, your dolls are looking beautiful. I can't wait to see the adventure maker as well :D Between the Sailor Scout and Adventure Maker, I may never leave my computer again! Looking forward to many hours and combinations <3

  3. OMG!! i used to love love love sailor moon! i would sit infront of the tv for days just watching it, i am sooooo excited for a good anime maker!! but for now i will go back and play all the other dolls :P
    awesome site btw luv everything!!

  4. looks most awsome as always :)
    congrats with the rockchick maker as well the artistry is brill.

    keep up the good work! :D


  5. Thanks for all the encouragement guys :D

  6. Ooh. Is it too much to hope that this will have Sailor Starlight costumes, too?


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