Saturday, August 15, 2009

Game Updates

Just as I suspected would happen, I've had an overwhelming wave of amazing artwork come in all at once... Aaah!

I'm gonna try and get some of these commissioned dolls out the door first because they'll take me less time than the Adventurer Maker (which I'll finish later).

Coming Up:
1. Rock Chick Maker ->
2. Puppy Maker by Kamirah
3. My Little Pony by Baby Blue Bell
& four others which I'll reveal later...

A lot of people are asking about making a male Hogwarts Maker but that won't happen for a while.. probably not until the next movie release :(

In Other News:
A baby Bernese Mountain Dog girl named Misia (pronounced Misha). She is sleeping beside me right now.. she squeezed herself into a tiny corner lol. She likes to be squished it seems, which is exactly what I hoped for XD


  1. you should definitely have Baby Blue Bell do a dragon maker! that'd be ridiculously amazing.

  2. oh! i almost forgot to tell you, good luck with your new puppy! :) she sounds adorable!

  3. yeah! a dragon maker!
    oh, yeah, and your puppy sounds ADORABLE!!! i want to hug something right!

  4. You got a Bernese Mountain Dog?!?? ENVY! I love them! Congrats!

    Soooo psyched about the upcoming dolls!

  5. Oooh a dragon maker would be AWESOME.. although I have other plans for BBB hehehe...

    Hehe yes the puppy is adorable XD
    I'm gonna go squeeze her right now!

  6. when is the next game going to come outtt?

  7. Oof! I had Bernese Mountain Dog mix growing up. Best dog I ever had! Congratulations. :)

  8. Grats on the puppy, and can't wait for the new makers! :D

  9. hey I love your website it's so fun, all your ideas for all kinds of fun dressup stuff are amasing, maybe you could do a gypsy I think that woudl be a welsome addition to the rest of your creations. hope your having a blast with yoru new puppy. peace out. :)

  10. yeah! a gypsy-maker sounds cool, too. or how about like, a superhero maker or something? of course, the adventure maker is like that...maybe a princess maker!

  11. There's actually something of a gypsy in the works hehe.

    The Rock Chick Maker will hopefully be out within a week. Gah, the puppy is so distracting! XD

  12. well, next time you have BBB do a maker (after the my little pony one, that is) definitely have her do a dragon maker because she is ridiculously good at drawing them.

  13. ooh, cool! i luv gypsies! and i want to squeeze you dog!!!!!!!!!! she sounds adorable!!!!!!!!

  14. That's so weird!! Bernese Mountain Dogs are my absolute FAVORITE breed of dogs :). Enjoy her, and congratulations!! Can't wait for the upcoming works!!

  15. ooh i cant wait for the next maker send us a pic of ur puppy

  16. Ok I posted a pic :D

    Yeah they're now my favourite too. I always liked them but when I did a lot of research into breed temperaments I realized that they're perfect for my lifestyle: lots of walks but no jogging :D


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