Sunday, May 17, 2009

my blog leaves the stone age!

I'm right in the middle of releasing the new site layout, so I took the opportunity to actually move the blog to a real blogging site, so you guys can leave comments, anonymous or otherwise :)

I am very happy to announce that Annie Stegg has let me host Clockwork Couture, her first dress up game, and hands down my all-time-favourite.  I know the dress up world is a dog-steal-dog's-swf-file kind of world, but there's still something to be said for quality and respect.  So make sure to check it out:

She told me she plans on making more dress ups which is great news for all of us.
So enjoy, and pardon any strange occurances while I switch to the new layout.

Status Update:  The Hogwart's Maker currently has a colourful selection of knee-socks XD


  1. hiyah! thats good im looking forward to new dolls. i've got a surjestion though! how about a superheroine doll. for example: batwoman, superwoman, catwoman and starfire from teen titans and so on. just think about it. the hogwart doll sounds good. from a doll fan
    Ellie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I found this site by way of, and I'm ADDICTED. I check back virtually every day to see if you've updated anything, and I go crazy whenever a new game is finally put up. :D Keep up the fantastic work!

    P.S. I was one of the people who managed to guess the Harry Potter-themed maker. Wanted to e-mail my guess but my computer wouldn't let me. :P

  3. i love it the clockwork couture is brill just one fault when i go to move one thing it wont let me until i remove the last thing that put on .

    on the plus side ever thing falls into place so there is no need for the person to position it themselves .

  4. Ellie, great idea, added it to the tally.

    Beth, the prize for guessing was getting to choose an item to be included in the game (or more than 1 item, if you have good ideas), so I trust you, e-mail me if you want something included! [email protected]

    Erica, yeah CC has some glitches. I can name a few more, but they're all relatively minor and I'm sure you agree, they pale in comparison to the enjoyment the game brings. If I get to work with Annie on a doll I'll try my best to optimize usability :)

  5. I love your dolls and check almost daily to see of the Hogwarts one is posted yet! Do you know how long it will be? Harry Potter is my very favorite book!!!!!

  6. It'll be a little while yet :(
    A few weeks for sure.

  7. long as it is as awesome as the other dolls, that's fine!!!

  8. hiya OLa. your welcome, i have another idea, a disney princess doll. lol. (im obsessed) how long does it take to do a doll? i just love this site. on other sites all you can do is change their clothes. (like boring). i like how on yours you can change their eyes and hair colour. lots of hugs,

  9. It takes me about a month to do a doll, but it's been extra slow because of the new layout, plus incorporating Clockwork Couture, plus I've been house-sitting for a friend... phew.

    I actually started on a disney princess doll a while back, but it was ugly so I scrapped it haha. I'm sure I'll revisit it eventually though... I love disney <3

    Glad u like the extra features :)

  10. Hi! I love your layout its so pretty! where did you get it? or did you make it?

  11. Glad you like it :)
    I made the one on the website.
    The blog layout is a standard template.

  12. Hey, I like your new site. Gotta say though: I prefered the old one. Easier to look at.

    I read about your Disney doll. Couple days before I had the idea to. But if you start it again, don't keep it just to disney. If could scan some drawings I made I could give you some idea's...
    And I would just love the be able to change the colour of the outfits...

    I can't wit to see another doll! I'm really wondering about the Hogwarts student...
    Keep up the good work!

  13. Yeah I kind of expected someone to say that.. the new site is really busy. I'm not 100% happy with it either. I'm sure it will go through many more transformations haha.

    If you can scan it, feel free to send me stuff, or even references from the internet.


  14. I'm very exited about harry potter game!
    I'm a dressup game,anime, and dolldivine addict!
    I was wondering if you could do an anime themed game if you have nothing planned!

  15. NOOO!!! NO ANIME!!!!

    hehehe ;)

    Actually, before I get carried away, I just remembered that I'm hoping to collaborate with an artist on a Sailor Maker game. So I'll eat my words, haha. BUT i haven't actually contacted him yet so let's not hold our breath. *crosses fingers*


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