Thursday, April 30, 2009

Answer to the Riddle

Thanks for playing along guys! I didn't wanna make it too easy, and I guess I succeeded because only a few people got it, and only after a few hints.

Here's the answer:
Hogwart's Student Maker!


  1. Hi, I was just wondering; Is the Hogwarts student going to be a boy, or a girl? Or both?

  2. Originally I thought both, but due to time constraints I think it might just be a girl. Well, I'll definitely release a girl to get it out there fast, but I will hopefully add a boy later!

    ...which one would you rather see?

  3. A girl is my first choice, so I can make myself, but a boy is fun too!

  4. I absolutely LOVE your hogwarts student maker!!
    Please, tell me that you are going to make a boys one! I can't wait
    I've been the whole afternoon making myself, hp characters, OCs...
    So...are you going to add boys??
    I cant's wait!!
    And're great


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