Saturday, April 4, 2009

What a drag!

So many times I see the same amateur mistake in doll makers: teeny tiny objects which are almost impossible to drag. You know what I mean... the necklace made of barely-there beads, the lace stockings you have to grab by the thread. I'm always annoyed to see it because it's SO EASY to fix! Here are the two easiest ways:

1. Using movie clips: Set your brush to "Paint Behind" and paint around/within your object in a color who's opacity is set to 0% (See picture).
The stuff you drew will be invisible to the user, but they will still be able to grab it.

2. Using buttons: The fourth frame of buttons, the "Hit" frame, determines which area of the button will react to the user.
Paste your object on that frame too, and then fill in all the gaps and outline it, to give the user a better grip.
(Both method #1 and #2 will work with buttons)

Status Update: The bad news: I won't beat my 3 week record.
The good news: This doll-maker is gonna kick ass!

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