Monday, April 13, 2009

Filming of New Moon

Warning - the two following things will make you very jealous:

1. Twilight New Moon is filming at David Thompson Secondary = HALF A BLOCK FROM MY HOUSE :D

2. My friend partied with Robert Pattison a few days ago and he even bought her a drink!

About the filming, I missed them when they were here, but hopefully they'll come back for more. Wow, it'd be quite something if I could post my own Edward pic... or Jacob pic.. hell, or even Bella.. the entire cast is so incredibly good looking!!!

About the partying, my friend said Robert's very sweet. She also says, no, he doesn't smell, and he laughs at the crap they write in magazines about him. Basically, he's a chill British guy who's into music, and quite surprised at his sudden fame.

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