Saturday, August 14, 2010


Awwwwwwwwww sooooooooo glad you guys are loving the Fairy Tale Chic Maker! Today it received a Daily Deviation on which is a huge honour! :D
It was long and painful putting those infinite items together, but it's pretty much impossible to say no to great art.

Thank you for the Roman Lady notification, lol! As soon as I saw that comment, I ran right over cuz I've also been waiting XD

I've decided now I'm gonna work on that secret Airbender project. I'm now watching the show so that I can do it justice. I was doing some Google research, and I came upon this picture:

Now, I haven't seen the film, and have no intent to. I wrote Shyamalan off a long time ago (altho I did enjoy The Village because I didn't guess the surprise ending.... aaaaaand I really wanna live in a village lol). So apparently there's controversy cuz the characters are Asian and the actors are white... Hahaha, well you guys know how i feel about representing races O_o

I'm only on season one, but I totally thought of Katara and Sokka as Inuit, not Asian. But yeah, duh, not white. I've actually given up hope on solving the world's problems a long time ago, but if nothing else, the film would probably be a lot more interesting if everyone wasn't white.

I think talent is #1 but sometimes you can just tell when an effort hasn't been made.... or maybe creativity is just lacking :\


  1. The Fairy Tale dress up is amazing! One question though, where did you find the song for it? You did link it to the artist, but I couldn't find a way to download it.

    Yay! An ATLA dressup! Can't wait for you to release it!

    Don't forget the good guys are all white and the bad guys are dark skinned...

  2. @Maria
    ..What? Zuko is very pale, and so is his sister. I hope you're not referring to the series.

  3. So, you're watching the show? Cool. I hope you enjoy it. :)

    1. love avatar best show ever!!!!

  4. Awesome! I love AtLA, I'm really behind on the series though, need to watch book three still.

  5. Fairy Tale was adorable and I can't wait for more games =D

  6. Ally (ur biggest fan)August 15, 2010 at 8:32 AM

    OMGZ I LOVE AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! Been watching it since I was 5 with my sis! (By the way, please include Ty Lee and Mai in ur dressup. Thank you!)
    Ooooo and something awesome would be an optional Zuko scar LOLZ HES SOOOOOO HOT! (I'm 11 so don't trash, plz.)

  7. ah, i really love the dressups! looking forward to the airbender dressup too but will it be dressing up the characters or creating your own?
    also, what order do you intend on doing the other dressups shown on the homepage? id love to see the viking and elven fashion! keep up the brilliant work!

  8. I love ATLA!!! The Movie really didn't do it justice. At all. & I agree w/ Ally, a Zuko scar would be REALLY awesome. & ur gonna LOVE season 3........ XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD


  9. I love ATLA! ♥
    Can't wait for the dress up game you're making for it!

  10. @ kiera:
    Your disney characters from the fairytale game were sooo cool!!!

    When i played that game , I found a lot of stuff that screamed queen of hearts at me... what would your version look like? :)

  11. One of my very favorite things about your dressups are how you've always got a good range of skintones, not just super-pale-to-kinda-tanned (though Sims skintone makers may be the worst culprits for that one), so I'm not surprised you're annoyed at the ATLA movie casting as well. (I hear the racism in the casting was one of the least of that movie's problems when all was said and done, though. :/ Completely proves the "the actors were just the most talented ones to audition" argument was total BS.)

  12. @Ms. Franny
    I was talking about the movie XD I've watched the series since the first season.

  13. Ally (ur biggest fan)August 16, 2010 at 8:33 AM

    I agree with u Margot. Season 3 WAS awesome. (I love Aang w/ hair!) The movie probably sucked. A bunch of peeps that love that show reviewed it and gave it half of a star.

  14. Yeah, one of my friends went to the midnight showing of it (also a big fan of the show, the actually asked him to do some props for it) and he said it wasn't worth seeing, not the first time this sort of thing has happened too, when Eragon came out, he saw it and said it wasn't worth it (it wasn't, watched it on demand, almost smashed the tv). I read some reviews that said almost everything was horrible, the only good thing was the special effects, but 3D messed that up!
    Sorry for ranting ^-^

  15. Thank you for all the games that have been coming out recently. I thought that the pieces for the Muha maker were incredible, although I do wish that there was a few more options available for clothing. I do really like the fairytale maker, it reminds me a lot of the rocker chick maker. Anyway, keep up the hard work and I find it incredibly awesome that the research going into the AtLA dress up is so thorough. Enjoy the series and the rest of the summer! =)

  16. Fairy Maker is great!
    But... I would ask you if (and when, in case) you think you do a male "Hogwarts School Maker" or "Hogwarts Avatar". I'd like to use it :)
    Thankyou very much!

  17. I have to say, I do like the new couple of games, but was honestly expecting more from the Fairy Tale maker. :(

    Nice job on it though!
    Have a great summer(:

  18. WOAH!
    The preview picture for Airbender looks ah-mazing!

  19. i know who ur collaborating with!

  20. The preview pic for the A:TLA's so close to the show's art style. O.O

    I'm going to end up bugging my friends about this. xD

  21. I think I know who you MIGHT be collaborating with!!!

  22. Hey! Thank you so much for the Fairy Tale game! I just love the animals!

  23. Fairy tale is sooo awesome! :) me and my little sister love playing guess who with it! XD

    can't wait for the next one!

  24. I can't wait for the princess maker X)

  25. I think a while back when we all started asking for the AtLA game and you said you would do it, I was looking on the person you're collaborating with and read her journal. I was so excited and now, seeing the preview picture, I'm even more excited and I just cannot wait. I love her work! I'm so glad you're doing this, it really makes my day, Ola. : D

  26. Wait... the preview picture looks exactly like the Katara dressup on deviantart... ?


    I love the fairytale dressup because it's got so much attitude! (sick of sugar-sweet Disney princesses... sososo sick)

  27. um...I cant get the website to work. It worked fine this morning but not now...?

  28. Great, I look forward to Airbender, the cartoon show is my favorite, and I like how Zuko's character changes and Sokka becomes funnier :). Plus, even tho Azula is evil, she is pretty cool!!!

  29. I'd hate to ruin the fun/sound mean, but Mike and Bryan have stated already that A:TLA was about showing that people weren't good or evil. (Second paragraph)

    I have that book, by the way. It was written by both A:TLA creators. If anyone wants it it's called "Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Art of the Animated Series". It's a giant commentary book explaining how A:TLA was made.

    Nobody get angry. I can't change what they say. It's canon now. I've been trying to clear up the confusion in the fandom dealing with this. Kind of a difficult task...

  30. I don't know if anybody on the show was actually irredeemably evil. Azula was crazy and broken, Zhao was power hungry. Ozai was probably the truest villain, but we really didn't get much character development with him.

    I'm so glad you're working on this dress-up, Ola, and happy that you're watching the show. It's seriously just about the best animated series America has ever made.

  31. Ally (ur biggest fan!)August 19, 2010 at 1:25 PM

    I know who Ola is coll-ab-ing with! Alisa Christopher!!!

  32. @ Liliana

    We already know they weren't evil. What the creators decide for their show is final. Sorry, but that's how stories work.

    Ozai, I'm sure we already know about. Technically, he was in the same situation as Zuko. It was hinted at strongly in "Zuko Alone". Azulon didn't exactly have a...nice attitude. I stand by what Mike and Bryan said. Refuse it or not, it's done and confirmed.

    Yes, I'm an A:TLA geek. I study the show more than I watch it...and I watch it alot. Rather than being a fan, I'm highly respectful of the show. I look more at its literary value and artistic value rather than seeing it as just another show to watch or be a fan of.[/geek]

  33. Before anyone tries to reply angrily to my messages, please just realize that "A:TLA isn't good and evil" being canon won't hurt you. It's a harmless fact. It's just a fictional story and it won't harm you in any way. You can always make fanfiction and original stories that are different. However, try not to deny what the A:TLA creators say about their show. It's not very fair to them.

    Sorry if I made anyone mad. I'm not trying to. I just want this information to be available to those who can't afford the information. The book is 35 dollars, perhaps more for some. If anyone wants me to try to find anything else in the book, I can. :)

  34. I was agreeing with you, actually :P

  35. I was agreeing with you, actually :P

  36. OMG this is completly off topic... but you should make like something with gay rights. A lot of my characters are gay/lesbian/transvestite and I can't find any dress ups! I really want to do a couple maker with two of my characters (Kikki and May) ... & if I would want anybody to do it it would be Azalea or you.

  37. This is also off-topic...

    What about a werewolf or weretiger maker? There aren't any on the internet that I know of.

  38. The show gets better as the seasons go on, So keep watching <3 I promise it'll be worth it in the end. Though you will have wasted countless hours watching a cartoon, I love it!! I like the clothes best in the 3rd season, but if you don't want to have to watch all of that you can look it up xD

    As for the races, I think Katara and Sokka are like Native American almost?
    Zuko and Azula are deffinitely Asian as is Aang (Considering he is a MONK)

    But heres the thing: This occurs in a different asian world (though I agree, Zuko and Azula look white, they should be asian. and it pissed me off that an Indian played Zuko because Zuko is one of the more fair skinned people in the entire show..)
    P.S. Zuko is my favorite character <3 Mostly in the third season though.. :D

    Love, Cora

  39. you should do a female Robin Hood in the future, that would be awsome ^^

  40. Ally (ur biggest fan!)August 21, 2010 at 8:56 PM


  41. Ally, some animals, such as bats and porpises/dolphins are known to like those of the same gender in the wild. It's natural. Also, not everyone is a Christian, keep that in mind. Religious comments can be offensive to people. I do apologize if this makes you mad, but please understand that people have different beliefs. People also can't control who they fall in love with. That's how life is. People are different. It isn't fair to push religion on others or call them gross. I'm not mad at you, but please, be careful about what you say around people.

  42. Ally (ur biggest fan!)August 22, 2010 at 7:58 AM

    Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot that I don't live in a Christian world anymore....heaven help us. I'll pray for you guys.

  43. Ally (ur biggest fan!)August 22, 2010 at 8:00 AM

    P.S and didn't call her or him gross, I just said that it was gross.

  44. @Ally - If God intended us to be simply straight, then there probably wouldn't be people liking the same gender in the first place.

    And if you're saying being gay/lesbian/bi is gross, then you're calling the people that are gross by extension.

  45. Ally, you don't need to pray for anyone. Religion is a touchy subject for a lot of people. Saying you need to pray for everyone because they aren't Christian is like discrimination. It's the same as saying that everyone who isn't like you is bad. That's not fair. I know a lot of nice, helpful, intelligent people that aren't Christians. They never say Christians should change their religion. I wouldn't ever tell anyone to change their religion, either. As long as someone is happy and not hurting anyone emotionally or physically, why should they change how they think?

    Let's just stick to talking about Ola's games and website, okay? Religious arguments ruin the fun for everyone.

  46. I agree with you Anonymou's and Magpie, their is nothing wrong with any one being gay/lesbian/bisexual, and i have know people like that and they are no different than real people, but i have a point i need to make.

    I am anglican, a form of cristianity, and we are all not like that! My family is the same as me in beliving gay people have the right to love who they love, and the priest at my church even says that God excepts these people and so we should as well. But it just feels to me that as soon as some one like ally (who is intitled to her opinion) says that they are gross everyone starts bashing on christians because she just happened to be christian.

    Look all i'm saying is don't generalize.Not everyone is like that.

    peace-out :)

  47. Wait sorry i said they are just like real people, they are real people, i meant to say they are like outher people.

    sorry for the miss-type. i hope no one takes offense!!


  48. Anonymous, I wasn't talking about all Christians. Look at what I said. I was saying that Ally shouldn't try to convert people. Saying "I don't live in a Christian world anymore...heaven help us" is NOT polite. If she had said athiest, Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, or ANYTHING, I would've still said it wasn't polite. That quote saying that there is something wrong with other beliefs.

    I WAS NOT BASHING CHRISTIANITY. I have Christian friends AS WELL. Don't EVER accuse me of bashing a group of people. EVER.

    I DO NOT generalize. I was just telling Ally that she should be careful. I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH ANY RELIGION. Nothing about what I said bashed ANYONE.

    Read before you ASSUME. I was telling Ally that not everyone shares that belief. I did NOT insult Christians or Christianity. You, anonymous, did NOT read what I said correctly. You, Anonymous, judged me incorrectly. I was talking to ALLY, not a GROUP OF PEOPLE.

    I DO NOT bash anything. I do NOT appreciate being accused of such. Don't EVER accuse me of discrimination again.

  49. Sorry if that sounded mean, but you need to read things over at least twice thouroughly before you judge. I clearly addressed Ally only. I never said Christians. I said Ally. Politely, in fact. There was no reason to freak out and say "stop bashing Christians, we aren't all lke that!" Nobody was being bashed. I personally am not religious, but if I saw an athiest being hurtful to a religious person, I would INTERFERE. I would HELP the person being harassed.

    You need to be careful about how you read someone's post. You accused me of posting the exact opposite of what I posted.

  50. For the record, I don't fit under any belief category. My beliefs have no name at all. I'm just saying that if any person was being attacked, I'd help them out. Religion doesn't affect how I think of people.

  51. Everyone, let's change the subject.


  52. I agree. I just got two new kittens. Their names are Anya and Enya. They are twelve weeks old, sisters.

    I love 'em, just like I love Ola's games.


    P.S. If you want to have a flame war, kindly go somewhere else.

  53. I'm not having a flame war, ERA. I was falsely accused. I was attacked for not attacking someone. Got it? I never flamed anyone. You don't know what a flame is. It's insults and judgement. I was the one being flamed. You also shouldn't just let people push you around when they accuse you of a crime you would never commit.

    In fact, I was preventing a flame war, but a misreading of what I said started one. You, ERA, saying that I as starting a flame war was the same thing. You falsely accused me for no reason. I was using capital letters since there is no bold option. That was not yelling at all.

  54. i agree with the other anonymous.... that wasn't a flame war

  55. Aww! What do they look like? My cat is 4-ish years old, but she's so small that sometimes people think she's still a kitten.


  56. One is brown with white mittens (Enya) and the other is grayish with brownish stripes (Anya).

    Did I say anything about yelling?

    No, I don't think I did.


  57. *AHEM*
    Aww. I love it when they're really poofy and fluffy. My cat is grayish brown with all sorts of stripes. She looks pretty generic, though.

  58. But generic kittens are the best! That way their personality can really come out.


  59. True. Mine's really curious about everything, and that's always adorable in a kitten.
    -Becca (BR)

  60. Kittens... Kittenmaker... Puppymaker!

    Ola, how is everything going?
    Could please update your blog? 'Cause now we have to scroll down about 60 comments, and I'm a bit lazy:p

    And ofcourse I am actually interested.

    I'm not really fond of the fairytale-chickmaker, partially because I don't like the way the eyes and so are drawn. I'm looking really forward to the princessmaker though!
    And A:TLA is ofcourse great!

  61. Omg!!! I gust got a new kitten!!! Shes 6weeks. Her name is Daisy May. :) I had another one before we got her and we thought they would get along, but it is really hard... hes 2yrs... does anyone have an idea on how to get him to like her? She just wants to cuddle with him but he hisses and swats at her and gets all fluffed up, so we keep her in my bed room.


  62. By the way i cant wait for the puppy maker.


  63. plz update ola


  64. I'm waiting for the puppy maker, too. I wonder what kind of options it will have. Same with the Airbender Project. They both look very interesting. :) The dragon maker being worked on is also seriously making me curious xD

  65. I've never seen ATLA, but I'm still excited! I'm also very excited about the Star Trek Maker, when do you think that will be done?

  66. ''What about a werewolf or weretiger maker? There aren't any on the internet that I know of. ''
    If you want a ''weretiger'' maker then people would have to make ''werelion'' ''werepanther'' and so on. I think a ''werecat'' is a more accurate word for that. And that would be cool :)

  67. I agree with Ally. She said it was gross! Not calling her gross!

    PS We don't live in a christain world anymore!

  68. Ally (ur biggest fan!)August 24, 2010 at 5:06 PM

    DUDE IM 11 STOP JUDGING ME! IT IS JUST PLAIN RUDE! Cats are sooo cute...

  69. I agree with whoever *waves hands vaguely upwards* said that the eyes on the FT maker are offputting. The game itself is fantastic, there're some stuff that I don't like and some stuff that I love but that's with any game, but the eyes are just.... grggh. :/

    I also agree with *more vage handwaving* whoever said something or other about wanting male/slash dressups. I keep having to genderswap my boys (and, okay, girl!Gary is HILARIOUS, but I'd love to be able to actually have a properly boy!Gary. The poor boy's going to get a complex at this rate. :/)

    (Also, to whoever that was, there're some BFF games on Rinmaru; the dolls are shippy per se, but it's the closest I've been able to find, where you can dress up two dolls in the same game. You could maybe do something with those?)

  70. *aren't. They aren't shippy. :P sorry.

  71. skittles love balogny and milkshakes,turns on lights and faucets,rings door bells and opens doors,looks at pictures over my shoulder,ad scream when she get cat is weird and you know what they say abou cats and their people.=^;^=

  72. Ally, you can't make a comment that shows such a controversial opinion and is judging a specific group of people, and then hide behind your age when people disagree. Either say it and be prepared for other opinions, or don't say it at all.

  73. To the extremely touchy (just calling it like I see it) anonymous up there, I don't think the other anonymous was trying to be rude or suggest you were bashing religion up there, I think she was trying to stop other people from thinking things like "Oh, there goes another crazy christian girl bashing on gay rights." And adding to the already insane amount of people who believe stereo types like that. She wasn't talking to anyone in particular, just putting it out there that we're not all like that. If you'll remember, she said she agreed with you at the beginning of her post. No one accused you of anything, not that anonymous, not ERA, not me. Calm down, not every comment having to do with yours is a personal attack to you.

    Sorry to bring all that up again, but I felt it had to be said.


    Sorry. I coudln't help myself.

  75. Please let this stupid argument die. I think someone that posted before just wanted the discussion to turn to kittens. It should've ended there. Let's all stop the debates here. They're better suited for an actual forum.

    Besides, who wants to talk about the new games. The puppy maker is out, so why not talk about it? Let's just have fun here instead of arguing. Arguing isn't fun. :(

    I just want this fighting to stop. :(

  76. Ally (ur biggest fan!)September 9, 2010 at 7:49 PM

    Oooo i make soap opera out my dressups. im very creative lolz

  77. I agree with the Anonymous who posted on September the 2nd, I was reading the whole thing and kinda laughing at how silly the whole fight looked. I'm lesbian, so everyone fighting over sexuality and stuff kinda made me feel uncomfortable, I think we really should talk about kittens! Much less of a touchy subject than gay rights and such! : DDD I have a kitten! That is all.

  78. Ola Rogula, thank you so much for making *AlisaChristopher's avatar wardrobes into a dress up game. You totally made my day.


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