Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Anthro Maker!

Yay, at last here's the Anthro Maker!

Artwork by setsuna22
And I think someone asked, the Elven Fashion is by questionstar
Pin-up's by kinkei
Puppy Maker, of course, by Kamirah
Fairy Tale, of course, by pixelledanddead
Fantasy Horse by dolphy
Dragon Maker by emryswolf
Nesty/Saloon by moemai

PS. about the "gay" debate, ladies, actually, you're both mistaken.
It's not considerate to use "gay" as a derogatory term, but it's also bad manners to point out others' mistakes, especially if you don't have evidence that they didn't mean harm ~


  1. I love the doll’s fuller figure, and she is soo cute! Much better than I expected, and the layout – well, why was I against it so much? It’s great! But please Ola, I’ve said this loads of times – the list of games at the bottom of the page needs to come back! Great work on the Anthro maker. Keep it up! xx

  2. Wow, the Anthro Maker is great! I could actually make a vampire with that...XD. Anyway, I love the modern clothes, and the fuller figure, as NeonCrib said. The fuller figures are a bit more realistic. Also - and I think I've said this before - I love the new layout. I can't wait for more dolls!

  3. I love the Anthro Maker, it's really cute :D

    And I'm so excited to see the Pin-Up Maker!

  4. Wow, two new games when I came here today :D Fab!

    New games look really exciting, can't wait for them to come out, especially the pinup maker and the Saloon doll.

  5. Shall be looking at your new game now. Very excited.

  6. Just played it now, LOVE IT!!!!
    I even managed to create Zakuro from Tokyo Mew Mew!

  7. I love the Anthro Maker, it's just beautiful. Is there any chance of adding some non-human skintones, though?

  8. I really can't bring back the list of all the games. It was getting too long, just getting longer, and I had to update every single page whenever I added a new game (as you probably noticed, I was getting waaay behind on that).
    However, now every page has a link to "All Doll Divine Games" so the list is just one click away!

    Nice pic Jessamine! :D

    What skin tones did you have in mind?

  9. i was kinda dissappointed :(
    i thought that after all the waiting that it would be waaaay better

  10. Love the new games but i just wanted to ask are you still going to do a Star trek Maker? *puppy dog eyes*

  11. Well, I was just thinking some skins that match the color options for the tails and ears.

  12. The Anthro maker is just wonderful - I'd like to get that straight right up front. I don't dislike it, I in fact adore it, but I do have a few... um, suggestions, maybe?

    If possible, a wider selection of animal parts would be really nice. The maker's really only outfitted for cats, dogs, sheep, and bears, and while rams aren't what you'd see on the typical anthro maker the other options are pretty cliche. Maybe some options for bird or fish anthros? May I even humbly suggest insect anthros, such as a butterfly or a - gasp! - scorpion? The artwork is gorgeous, and great fun to play with, but with the limited amount of animal parts there's only so much you can do with it until you get bored.

    That said, I absolutely love the way this game is laid out! It's easy to navigate and use, and things are labeled so clearly and nicely. (This might seem a little run-of-the-mill, but you wouldn't believe the amount of dollmakers that are difficult to negotiate and operate.) The only thing I have problems with, regarding the layout, is that there isn't an "undo" button if someone, say, accidentally presses the "random" button after assembling the perfect anthro. A "clear" button might be nice, too, for those of us who don't want to have to refresh the page every time we want to make a new one. Despite the suggested addition of those buttons, I see nothing wrong with it and actually applaud it.

    I-I hope you don't mind this slightly long and kind of rambling review/comment/critique thing. Suggesting things to improve is kind of what I do.

  13. (Anon poster who submitted the crazy-long review-thing again...)

    And another thing - perhaps make it so that markings could layer on one another? There's one marking that looks almost like a panda except for the eyes, and another marking that looks like a panda only with the eye splotches... since panda bears have not only eye splotches, but other markings too, perhaps modify that marking or otherwise change it? (S-Sorry about continuing to be OCD about this, it's just so pretty and I'd like to help it be perfect if you have any plans on modifying it in the future.)

  14. Hey, big fan of all your games and the whole ethos going on this site ... One ickle-bickle thing though? Could you possibly put the list of the games to be made in order of which one will be made first after the others are finished, i'm quite excited about the elven fashion one! ... And now i feel like a loser ... Anywho, luvin' the site! Cheers now! :)

  15. I think the skin colors could be like gray or orange or pink. Like the colors of the ears and tails. The body is nice, I like the colors and the markings. Its also nice that you can make a playboy bunny, hahaha.

    -Sexxy Nuka

  16. @ Anonymous reviewer with "crazy-long" post: You can take everything off the doll just by clicking on it, so there's no real need to refresh the page.

    As for the Anthro maker, I agree that new skin tones would be nice, but other then that I really liked it.

  17. i also agree that for the amount of time the anthro maker took, it should be much better... the artwork is slightly tacky looking and the artist's work is definitely not tacky at all...

  18. I like the game, but I've noticed that very few dress-up makers have flare jeans as an option. I think you had flare jeans in the Adventure Maker though... er, would the artist be offended if you casually mentioned that not every single person loves skinny jeans?

  19. Yup, star trek is still happening, don't worry :)

    Ok I could probably swing that with the skin colours and markings. Thanks for all the suggestions!

    I can't put the games in the order they'll be done because I don't know yet myself :)

    Hahaha yeah the adventurer had flared pants because they're my favourite XD
    However, the shoe selection on the Anthro matches skinnies a bit better. There's no sneakers or sandals.

  20. I hope I don't sound rude, it's not my intention, but I've never been disappointed in one of your games until the anthro maker. I absolutely loved it until I saw the selection of clothing. It's hard to make characters when there's barely any cloths to select from. I was extremely excited for it since I love anthro's, but was let down when I saw it :(

  21. It seems the artist who did the anthro has an extreme prejudice against the color green. No green clothes, backgrounds, or anything of the sort to speak of. That was a little off putting since, well, green looks really great on red heads, and she put three wonderful shades to chose from of those.

  22. i'm going to have to agree with Kat, OLa :/ i was really disappointed in it too. i checked out the artist's deviant art account and well, she's awesome. the anthro maker really doesn't reflect that at all. there's practically no dimension to the body, no shading, nothing like that. and this is rather comical but nevertheless it caught my attention. her boobs look mad saggy. i really have NEVER been disappointed in one of your games. i don't think it was you, i just don't think the artist put any effort into it at all. most of the clothing is hideous :/ and like i said, i checked out her deviant art account and her work is beautiful so i really don't know what happened :(

  23. Hi guys,

    Yeah the game didn't come with shadows. I have in the past added shadows myself (Gothic Lolita) but wasn't sure if it was necessary here. I try not to step on the toes of the artist too much. Yeah there was no green. One shade of orange hair was added by my sister, the other by myself.

    At this point though, I probably shouldn't go back. I'm behind enough on Avatar as it is :\

    The good news though is the my sister is almost done with the Pin Up Maker so you'll have that while you wait :)

  24. well if you ever get a chance to go back and fix it, you should!

  25. I appreciate the attempt at a more realistically beautiful woman, but the clothing on the anthro maker really didn't do anything for her. I loved the concept, but honestly? I hated her droopy boobs.

  26. If it's any consolation, I love the anthro maker, even though I'm normally pretty unenthusiastic about anthro art in general. I love the clothing and the ability to layer them so nicely and in so many combinations, and the backgrounds are really great.
    Also, not to sound weird, but I actually like her bosom a lot. I'm not sure what y'all are complaining about, really... it's nice to see breasts that aren't weirdly high and spherical. I've been fiddling around with the anthro game for days now, and I'm still coming up with new and interesting combinations.
    My only complaint (and it's a small one), would be her oddly inward-pointing feet. I find they make the shoes look odd.
    In all, I think it's a really great and versatile game. Definitely one of my new favourites~

  27. I agree with Spin. Her breasts are fine and -realistic-.

  28. I don't have an opinion on the, um, breast issue, but I disliked the anthro maker anyway. It was just plain, with very few options. And I've never really liked Anthros anyways. But, I'm pumped about Avatar!!

  29. I don't like the breasts either. I know that they are realistic, but damn, she must have been wearing some tight shirts to make them look that bad. I support the natural bodies, but she could look much better. Not a lot of women look like that unless they're wearing a second skin shirt and no bra.

    Just my humble opinion. It sort of ruined the game for me.


  30. Oh and one more thing--
    I have absolutely no complaints about any of your dress ups––literally none. But I felt a lot of the clothes on this maker were a tad pornographic, or if not that, a little trashy. Especially with the really in-your-face saggy breasts. Certainly they are more "natural" than perfect ones that people normally draw, but I kind of like the idea of a perfect body. A few imperfections make it more realistic, like more average breasts or more average faces, but I almost felt dirty from playing this game when my little sister came in and said "WOHA what are you doing!?" when she saw the rather obnoxioous breatsts.

  31. Hahaha, wow, so many opinions about her breasts! Well, I suspect what happened is that the artist sometimes used the body outline to create the clothes and didn't modify the cleavage to fit the shirts. Actually, if you notice, I erased some of the sagginess in the t-shirts and sweaters. However, I myself have a body similar to this doll and I know that there would be no cleavage lines visible in such sweaters/shirts. But again, I didn't wanna step on the toes of the artist too much so I didn't over-do it.

    Love it or hate it, please know that there was no intention of making it either pornographic or skin-tight seeming. If I do get to go back to it I'll try to fix things up, but for now I'm focusing on Avatar :D

  32. OLa, focusing on Avatar is no excuse for not making a new post. Get writing!


  34. Dude, Kathy... chill.

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