Monday, February 2, 2009


The Centaur Maker is finally done, so be sure to check that out.

By far the most common type of e-mail I receive are requests. I think that's great, so keep 'em coming. E-mail me with all your doll ideas!

I don't always go by requests, but usually they're things I was considering anyway, so it's nice to know they'll be well received. Right now the most requested doll is "Vampire". I'm sure it has to do with a little something called "Twilight". However, for me, it was "Interview with the Vampire" that really romanticized the lifestyle. Either way, that's the doll I'm starting now.

Fun Fact: Belief in vampires probably started because of the look of a decaying body. The decomposition caused gaseous build-up and bloating. Blood would seep out of the mouth while the skin became more rusty colored. So, especially if the person was pale and slender in real-life, their exhumed body would appear more well-fed. The seeping blood and rusty color implied the corpse is feeding on blood. (from Wikipedia)

Top Requests Right Now:
1. Vampire
2. Angel
3. Witch
4. Greek Goddess
5. Spirit of the Elements


  1. I doubt you'l read this but I think you should do a Native American-style dress up. I can't find any good ones out there, and your work is da bomb!

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