Friday, October 22, 2010


The bad news is that I'm horribly busy (what else is new). I had an awful computer virus which took 3 days to fight, and in the end I reformatted anyway. I just got back from a month long trip to Winnipeg. I'm helping my mom organize a major Halloween party, which I now have to decorate for. blah blah blah

The good news is that other people are picking up my slack! Yay!
First, you've probably noticed, but Ammotu created a lovely Steampunk dress up.
Also, I just got a peek at an awesome Scene couples game that I'll be hosting very shortly.
Kamirah is also nearing completion on a game that I'm super excited about.
Oh, I just got the artwork for two beautiful games which will satisfy those waiting for historical games!
Of course, Azalea just finished a gorgeous THREE part game... And if you haven't been there lately, Rinmaru is cranking out the awesome faster than I can handle lol.

Happy Halloween! What are we this year? I'm gonna be a traditional Polish dancer.. just.. slightly modified lol.