Monday, September 27, 2010


So, I'm finally done adding stuff to the Puppy Maker (*crosses fingers*). I wasn't able to add everything, but I hope there's something for everyone (I know there's lots for me heehee).

A few days ago I also drove halfway across Canada to visit my best friend, and I'm at her place now. We still haven't been able to get me a computer desk so I'm awkwardly set up on a coffee table. But anyway, I'm back to work now on Airbender.

So, image saving function: working? not working? if not, at what point does it fail?
does the "save image" icon show up for you?
does anything pop up when you click on it?
does the image save properly?
which browser are you using? (ie. for me, in some browsers, it doesn't work on the page, but it does when I play the fullscreen version)


  1. Hi Ola! The save image button works for me although only on full screen mode but the saved image just comes up as a blank file. Note that I don't have Photoshop or anything so that might be the reason.

    Thanks for adding the blenheim spot, it looks great!
    Here's a link to the pic I did of McKenzie I'll have to get myself a photobucket so you can compare with the adorable RL pics. XD =-D

  2. I'm glad you noticed :D
    It's subtle since it hides under the hair tuft ~

  3. Awe, that's so cute Jess! I really like the new stuff on the puppy maker, especially the face wrinkles! :3 The save button isn't working for me at all. The icon's there, but nothing pops up when I click it, not even in full screen. :( But other then that I really like it! I can't wait for Airbender! :D

  4. It's really cool I love the shaggy fur on the head but i was a little sad that u didn't add the poodle tail but I still love the game. :)

  5. I love the random button, I could do that all day!
    The save button works for me! I love it!

  6. New face and body markings, pug/bulldog face, shaggy face, mop-top hair. So cool! :D
    How's the pegasus/unicorn maker coming?

  7. Hiya! I was wondering if you could add some new features to the kitten maker, like options to make a Scottish Fold cat - they're reall cute! If you search for 'scottish fold' on google images you'll find some pictures of them and as you can see they are GORGEOUS! Looking forward to the Lolita and Star Trek makers ;-] x

  8. Love the random button! Zebra-Dog! Thanks for adding the wrinkles and the schnauzer mouth. I am obsessed all over again!

    LoL, I have to go on crazy road trips for friends too.



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