Sunday, September 12, 2010

Puppy Maker II

So, I put a lot of effort into doing research on dog genetics for the puppy maker, but I feel like it's still missing more stuff. Now that it's out, what else do you think is missing..
I'm thinking of adding:

- more patterns. but which ones? if you have any in mind, please link to a picture or drawing (re-link if you linked last time)

- random function(s)
- glasses
- breed pre-set buttons
- rainbow/gradient fur options

There was a lot of requests for toys, but my mom still has my tablet, so I still can't draw anything too elaborate.. But I can maybe do a tennis ball?

PS. anybody notice the new Save Image function? Is it working?


  1. The puppy maker is great! It's so adorable...I want to huge a puppy. The things you listed above are pretty cool. I think it's totally up to you, though. I'm so excited for all of your games!

    P. S. Do you know any good drawing programs and/or technology? Other than Paint?

    1. you should do puppy maker two have all dog breeds in that would be awsome

  2. I think a poodle tail would be cool to.

  3. I love the puppy maker as it is, but... I really would love to see a patterns option that would let me make a wirehaired fox terrier. I've tried with the existing options, but it always ends up just looking... off. This picture's a pretty good example of what their coloring's supposed to look like:

  4. Jessamine (too lazy to log in)September 13, 2010 at 12:16 PM

    I like the puppy maker anyways. I don't think the save function is working but I just use print screen anyway. ;-)

    I've been spending ages trying to find a decent baby maker so I can make my OC's children but I've had no luck whatsoever. I reakon we need to link some of these doll making site's to yours so they can see how it's done!! XD

    As for things to add to the puppy maker though, I would love a blenheim spot as my puppy has one of them. Here's a link for mor info on her breed as she's so cute! I did manage to make her though. =-D

  5. Oh and btw, I'm looking forward to the male Hogwarts, do you think you could combine the male and female and do a couple maker?

  6. Have you considered a big 'ole neck bow? Also, this morning I gave my dog a little bone-shaped biscuit before leaving, and when I looked out at him before backing out to make sure he wasn't in the way, he had the treat half in his mouth and half out, and it was totally cute. The option to add that would be great.

    Other suggestions:
    *ability to make the fur longer, not just fluffier
    *an option for head-fur that flops over the eyes (a la a sheepdog)
    *more pattern and color options would be great
    *and I don't know if it's possible, but if it were, adding the option to put the puppy's name on the food-bowl

    I'll see if I can find some additional patters, and link back later. And, of course, these are all suggestions and I will understand if you can't/won't use them.

  7. There are lots of drawing programs.. Photoshop, Painter, Flash, Illustrator. There's probably freeware ones too, but I haven't looked.

    You should be able to make that terrier's pattern pretty well. I even included the saddle. But it's probably more a question of the terrier mouth, and clipped tail, eh?

    So the blenheim spot is the spot on the top of the head? That should be pretty easy. Same with poodle tail.

    My mom has a bearded collie and yeah you definitely can't make her either. I'll think about the long face hair and see if it's doable. Long hair for the body though I probably won't attempt since I'm not at Kamirah's level haha.

    Yep, I'll probably make the Hogwarts maker into a couples one :)

    Jessamine, what do you mean by baby maker? Cuz I'm toying with the idea of making breeding games.. sort of like the Car Breeder, but with people or animals..

  8. Yay! Hogwarts couples! Bring on the snogging! LOL.

    Yeah, the blenheim spot is on the top of the head in between the ears.

    I mean those ones to do human toddlers and everytime I come across a good one I can't make the hair the right colour/style or the clothes aren't very nice ect.

  9. These markings: Although I'm probably the only person who'll get the Okami (awesome video game!!) reference, you can't deny they're cool looking. Rainbow and gradient fur would be sweet, and epic head-over-the-eye hair too. :)

  10. I have a pug, and I couldn't really get the black circle that pugs have on their muzzle to look right.

    Also, wrinkles! Pugs and chow chows have face wrinkles. That would just be a few lines on the forehead.

  11. You know, different size es would be nice and maybe doggy clothes for the ultimate cute effect

  12. Yeah, I wanted to do the black face mask option, but it was complicated. I might try again. Wrinkles would be tricky, but it would be useful.. and squished noses.

  13. i really liked the roman lady game a lot, i just didn't care much for the whole look of the fairy tale chic game. it's a good idea, but i don't like the way the girl looked. her eyes look creepy if you change the color. if you made more games like the roman lady, but like marie antoinette, i would be forever your biggest fan.

  14. I'd like to see some more realistic looking dog eyes. They look too human to me because of all the white, and it would be nice to see some more dog-like ones.

  15. a goddess pattern maybe?

  16. random- ola u should check out jlanderson on devianart...

  17. Happy Birthday Bella

  18. I'd love to be able to colour the merles - they come in a bunch of colours in real life, including black (what you have), blue, sable, liver, isabella and more. Check out this page belonging to a friend: It's got merle and brindle and all kinds of cool things. :)

  19. bubbles (logging in takes too long)September 13, 2010 at 10:16 PM

    I totally understand about the long hair- I actually didn't expect it to be viable, but I figured there was no harm in suggesting it. I second the idea of wrinkles (though like the long hair I could see where it might not be viable); those wrinkly dogs (chow chows?) are super adorable.

  20. Err.. you can colour the merles. Change the "low light" toggle. That purpleflowers site is actually where I got all my info from... You might notice I have black, blue, liver & isabella labelled there under "natural colors"

  21. I'd like an Okami markings too, if possible!

    But I kind of like the game as is. It's pretty and I can create my dog exactly. Maybe it would be a good idea to stop taking all these dog game requests.

    Everyone is gonna have opinions about what they what, because everyone wants to create their specific dream dog.

    I know you like to satisfy us, but maybe it's time to move on to your other projects tons of people are physched out for. Like Airbender, Viking, and Elven. Those bars haven't moved in weeks.

    I sound like a cynic, but I really love your games. You shouldn't waste your time trying to satisfy every dog-lover out there.

  22. PLease add an option for scrunched up noses (For dogs like Pugs, Boxers, Boston Terriers, and the like)

  23. you should do light color for ears.

  24. think it would be awesome if you could make a red fox and other canines like a hyena,African wild dog
    Arctic fox
    Argentine grey fox
    Azara's fox
    Bat-eared fox
    Black-backed jackal
    Blanford's fox
    Bush dog
    Cape fox
    Colpeo fox
    Corsac fox
    Crab-eating fox
    Darwin's fox
    Domestic dog
    Ethiopian wolf
    Fennec fox
    Golden jackal
    Grey fox
    Grey wolf
    Hoary fox
    Indian fox
    Kit fox
    Maned wolf
    Pale fox
    Raccoon dog
    Red fox
    Red wolf
    Ruppell's fox
    Sechuran fox
    Short-eared dog
    Side-striped jackal
    Swift fox
    Tibetan fox just a suggestion and i know u can't do them all.

    the save button didn't work for me but it's a cool addition.

  25. and a red panda option for markings i thought maybe u could make some armour too :P

  26. Hi - it's me, the one who wanted the owl maker, LOL. <3

    I agree with the last anon. The Puppy Maker's darling as is, but I'm so excited for Lolita, Airbender, Elven and Viking that it kinda overshadows the whole puppy thing, LOL. (And the only suggestions I have for the new ones are cute short hairstyles, LOL).

    Keep up the awesome work, and thanks again for the owl maker! <3

  27. @ Bubbles: Yes, logging in DOES take too long. Grrrrrrrr....... LOL.

  28. @ Jessamine Diane ffffffff it is a b- sometimes. Because often I type in the wrong word and have to go through everything again.

    @Anon and Cheyenne: I agree, on one hand; I've been waiting for the Star Trek maker and it doesn't even have a preview pic yet. On the other hand, it was OLa who said she felt something was missing, not one of the commenters. ("but I feel like it's still missing more stuff.") If you've ever done a series of projects, then you know that sometimes it's nigh impossible to move on to the next until the one is complete. By asking for suggestions, she's able to get more ideas of what the missing element might be- which could be as simple as adding a big ol' neck bow option, or as complex as including more patterns.

    In any case, with so many projects going at once, it's hardly surprising that the progress isn't moving as fast as if there were one or two only.

    And it's also possible that, like the four elements game, one of the delays is that there are going to be so many options.

    tl;dr: I agree about not liking the delay, but it's ultimately OLa's decision and if she feels there's something missing, it might be quicker to join in helping to figure out what that is.

  29. Oh yes, I almost forgot, next time you decide to add another animal maker to the list, could you consider making it a chicken maker? That could be fun, yes?

  30. A chicken maker would be HILARIOUS!!!!XD

    I Was thinking earrings and maybe make-up (blush, eye shadow, lipstick if possible) and fake eyelashes, you know, just for fun :)

  31. I'm going to have to agree with the people saying not to worry too much about it. Although, if there was anything that should be fixed, I'd say maybe the eyes could be less human, and maybe different options for face shape like a puglike one as an option or at least the wrinkles.

  32. A chicken maker? 0-o Random!! What about a llama maker? Everybody loves llamas!!!

  33. I think the puppy maker is fine just the way it is, i just want to get to the new games.

  34. Hey, look at this! You can change the colours of everything!

  35. Bubbles (still can't be arsed)September 15, 2010 at 6:45 PM

    Yeah, a chicken maker! We have chickens, and I was watching them yesterday and thinking that it'd be amusing to make my own.

    Llamas would also be fun. Or sheep! :D

  36. LOL Bubbles! Sheep would be a good one actually, little baby lambs are so cute! What about a bunny maker? I like bunnies. Llamas are well cool though. They have a key role in The Sims 2 and 3 and people at DevArt heard them. LMAO!

    What about a monkey maker? I like monkeys and they're very similar to humans so we could dress them up and stuff. Maybe we should just devise a list LOL. I'd love to make my own doll makers but there are 3 problems:
    1. I don't have flash and I'm not paying for it (I doubt my mum will let me)
    2. I'm hopeless at drawing. The only thing I can draw is a marshmallow with a face. XD And
    3. I dunno how to do it.

  37. How about ninja gear? I just think that'd be way cool

  38. Yeah, a rabbit maker! :D I could make the rabbits from Watership Down! Or an island native maker! (moving out of animal territory a bit) Or a Greek deity maker, that'd be fun. (Sorry OLa, I think we're getting a bit carried away here. Please don't think we're trying to pressure you or anything.)

    I don't have flash either, and I can't draw consistently enough to make a dress-up game, though I think it could be a lot of fun.

  39. I'd love to be able to make my wn games. =-)

    oI think Ola appreciates all the sugestions. We can inspire her with our crazy ideas! LOL. Though sorry if we seem a bit pushy.

  40. Btw, if you do any more musical dress up games, this artist is great: ;-)

  41. Wow that pupy maker is AWSOMEEEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!! :D
    The face details are awsome, but I think that the body needs a little more...colour choices and it would be really cool if you could somehow make it so that we can change colours in different area's of the dogs body: like if someone wanted their puppy to have a black body, but a brown patch on there chest...

  42. I figured she knew, but I just got into a fight with a friend over something similar and I wanted to make sure she knew we weren't making it sound like an obligation, just suggestions to go on the suggestions list.

  43. Jessamine (who, like Bubbles, is too lazy to log in even though she only has to press a button at the top of the page)September 16, 2010 at 4:35 PM

    Oh sorry you had a fight. Fights are the worst. I've been in heaps of battles online but that's because I'm a popular target for cyber bullies. It upsets me and annoys me because people will read what they've said thinking it is true when it's not. They're all just being bitchy and besides, I've left their little 'community'.

    Anyways, enough about that. Shall we come up with some more sugestions for Ola? Although her list must be huge by now! LOL. I'm really looking forward to the princess maker and the Hogwarts couple maker. God, I hope it's filled with all sorts of cheesy romantic stuff that I wouldn't like in RL but drool over in stories! =-D

    What about a teddy bear maker? Teddy bears are cute! I think a family maker would be cool, I have heaps of families in my stories. Still that would be quite difficult as we'd have to be able to choose how many dolls there were and things like how many of them are children and how many are girls and we'd need to be able to change it. I know this is what Sims is for but Sims is honestly more trouble than it's worth. =-( The amount of time the games break is stupid.

    Also, what about a Hawaiian dress up? That could go in folk and we could have different coloured flower leis and grass skirts and bikinis and all sorts of beach clothes! And maybe even some Lilo And Stitch referances. Hint hint hint. ;-) Also, what about a Disney Fairies dress up? They're so fashion forward and cute! It'd be awesome!

  44. Yeah, it's ridiculous. I joked that she owed me a storyline and she flat-out refused because "I was making it that she was obligated" and it's just. Ugh. It was a joke, like 9o% of what I say, you know? I just didn't want anyone else to think I was being serious, anyway. Suggestions and requests is just that, yeah? You say "this would be cool" or "I'd like this" and the person you're talking to has every right to go "naaah, I don't wanna". So I was clarifying. :3

    I for one am anxious for the Star Trek maker. One of my friends and I are constantly speculating about that one. (And by "constantly" I mean "maybe every few months or so".)

    Oooh, ooooh, a Disney Princess maker (never tell anyone I said that >.>)! I know there's already one up here, but I'd love to see what OLa or one of her co-conspirators could put together. Especially if there was an option to create a custom princess from /elements/ of the franchise rather than just mix-and-match pieces. Or a platypus dressup! They don't do much, so of course they'd stay still long enough to dress them up! XD

    I wouldn't mind a couple maker where you could decide between het/slash/femmeslash. Like the Avatar maker, where you can customize each one, but instead of having a guy and a girl be standard, you could have it where each side you could decide which gender. And make it just shippy enough to be clear but just gen enough that it could be played off as just a platonic pair (because friends are also fun to dress up together).

    I think it'd be fun to see what one could do with a cave-man dressup. Or a hillbilly dressup! (with equipable shotguns and hound-dogs, of course!)

    And a regency game, and maybe an Egyptian game and a Steampunk game! Or a Pokemon game. Because I am perpetually 1o years old.

  45. Psht, you're never too old for Pokemon, Bubbles. :D

    I agree, I can not WAIT for Star Trek maker! (lol, I'm such a dork :P) Also the Hogwarts couple maker, dragon maker and elven fashion. Oh, and the secret Avatar project! Incidentally, does anyone know a place on the internet where I can watch ATLA? (What did I tell you about being a dork? :P)

    OMG, a chicken maker would be epic win! XD As would a hillbilly dressup! Joo guys have had some epic ideas. Or suggestions, whatevs. :P

  46. *Bubbles, I think I accidentally removed your last post, while trying to remove/edit my own O_o

    Don't worry guys, the edits to the Puppy Maker won't take much of my time. It's more life and personal issues that are slowing me down. Also, my sister was helping me program in the summer, but she's back at school now (I'm trying to convince her to drop out and join me haha). You might notice, I only choose edits that don't take long to implement.

    But you're right to be excited about the future games! Some awesome stuff coming up!

    jenna, thanks for the list! It looks a bit copy/paste, but it's still giving me lots of inspiration!

    Star Trek will be delayed yet again because I promised everyone the Male Hogwarts Maker before the movie release, and I'm already behind schedule O_o

    I'm not a huge fan of animal clothes, so I wouldn't do a chicken maker etc., BUT a general bird maker maybe. I haven't put the preview pic up yet, but there's a wicked antelope/deer maker in the works as well. I'd love to have a rodent maker too. I'm holding off on Greek deities, especially since Azalea made a wicked Roman Lady game.

    The pixie hollow website has an amazing fairy maker if anyone's into that. Regarding Disney Princesses, the upcoming Princess Maker is meant to be pretty much that :)
    And you know me.. it won't be just mix n match ;D

  47. Awesome thanks Ola. Your website is AMAZING and know one does it like you. :D

  48. All I can say to the bit about the princess maker, bird maker, etc is \o/

    I am disappointed that the Star Trek maker will take longer but understand completely and will go on anxiously awaiting.

    Also boo on having problems that slow you down. :( Life should just be an awesome cakewalk for someone who insists on being awesome.

  49. @ Bubbles: Agreed, although Ola would probs be more polite than "I don't wanna." As she's actually nice, unlike some people I could mention but shall not because they will find me here sooner or later.

    A Disney Princess maker would be cool. I used to adore Snow White when I was little, although now I prefer Ariel and Giselle.

    And agreed with LC (too long to spell and I'm incredibly lazy) , you're NEVER too old for Pokemon. My favourite is Chikorita. Maybe a Pokemon Trainer Maker, drawn animie style of course, and you can give your trainer up to six Pokemon to be in the image with her.

    @ LC: I prefer llamas. I am going to draw a llama and give you all a link to it. Because I love llamas.

    @ Ola: I know, I'm on Pixie Hollow, but your games are always great and Disney Fairies are my not-sosecret passion. Plus your drawings are great. I thought the Princess maker would be like that. I'm looking forward to it because I'm a fairytale freak.

    @ No-one in paticular: I have heaps of ideas and as I have said, insteed of pestering Ola I should make my own dress up games, but that's not gonna happen until somebody makes a tutorial that even idiots like me can understand. LOL. Also, there's the issue of not having that flashy programe that everyone else does. Have.

    So erm, me and Bubbles (if she wants to) will keep making sugestions but you can tell us to go away when we get annoying. LOL.

    So what about a Hawaiian Maker? I think that would be awesome, and we could have it as a musical dress up, playing Elvis Presley music. It could be a special tribute to The King. =-D Also, we need scars like Harry Potter's on the Hogwarts girl maker because without it we can't do gender bending.

    Also, what about a modern-day fairy maker? It could be like a fairy but wearing jeans and rocking out on an eletric guitar!! AWEOME! And an Scruffy Punk style game would be cool. And also, Brit Fashion. ;-) Sorry, but I just wanna show a bit of pride for my country, even though it sucks.

  50. Okay, here it is!! My llama! My first atempt at drawing a llama on the computer so be nice even though it's terrible! LOL.


  51. lol, Jessamine, sometimes I call myself LC too, and for that very same reason. :) My faves are Absol and Mightyena. And I love llamas! I shall be awaiting for your llama link... :D A modern-day fairy maker would be cool, especially if done by OLa.

  52. Aw, Jessamine Diane i think your llama is cute!!!:)

  53. Personally, I love the puppy maker already <3 But if you were thinking of adding some, Maybe an option that allows one ear up and one down? I also agree with a poodle tail, It's be a neat idea. And also, maybe a Pekingese like snout? Maybe a docked tail? And as for coat patterns, you covered a lot of them, maybe the only pattern I couldn't really make was beagle- foxhound type markings. Pekingese snout:
    Beagle markings: (You probably can get these marking but me, with my terrible computer skills made it look extremely weird.)
    Or another example of these type of markings would be Tricolor like, , and
    or Pointer styles, ,
    I'm sorry for the terribley long post and multiple multiple refs. And maybe a rose, or cropped ear style. Rose:
    Lawrd sorrysorrysorry don't feel obligated to read all this or even consider it, most of it is bvfuiebve.
    ~ Jessie
    ~ Jessie

  54. You should add a Rottweiler design i love rottweilers, and a fun one would be a pug o also really like pugs.

  55. @ Anon Thanks. =-) When I get a new blog Ican put it up on there. XD

  56. Responding to fan requests is what makes your games so special! I'm willing to wait for them as long as I know you put care and passion into them.

    I disagree with the cynical Anon, take as much time as you need!

    Personally though, I'm pretty satisfied with the puppy game. Except ,for maybe, a tennis ball.

    BTW Anon above, there is a rottweiler design.

  57. I love the new owl game! It's inspired by the Guardians of Ga'Hoole series isn't it!? Love it!!!!!

    Thanx for finding(and creating) the most awesome games!

  58. Hey! First of all, I LOVE the animal makers; especially the horse and dog one: ) You have inspired me to write stories about each dog I make( Of course I want publish it, just doing it for fun: ) So here are my suggestios to make it better: ): More fashoin itemms (Hats, glasses ect.,.) more patterns (Stripes, possibly stars: ) Option to name them (Kinda of like the horse maker; ) Maybe more land scape options More coat type options (Curly, moppy, even bald, lol ; ) CERTAINITLY more dog postions (Option to postion the dog how ya want it: ) Well, I'll think of more late, and once again thanks so much for making this game: )

  59. @Anon: I made a beagle with it (albeit a fluffy one, as it was the dog version of one of my characters, who loves beagles but couldn't /not/ be fluffy.

    Is here.

  60. Jessamine (too lazy to log in and I'm busy eating crisps)September 20, 2010 at 5:51 AM

    @ Bubbles: Awww, it's cute! And HOW THE HELL DID YO PUT A LINK UP?! Oh my God, show me how, show me how!!!! Pleases?


    Just replace () with <>.

  62. Slash or femme slash dress up games would make me happy beyond words :)


  63. Can you add a hairless option? And maybe some fangs? I know that probably sounds very strange, but I kinda want to make a Chupacabra.

  64. lol, I love that llama Jess!! XD

  65. I'd really like to see a scruffy terrier mustache, beard, and eyebrows (all together) added to the facial fur option so I could make a Scottish Terrier.

  66. I really love the puppy maker as-is. The only critique I have, and I admit this is just being nitpicky, is that the nails are way too long for a dog. They look more like cat claws. Still, I'm really enjoying the game, and cannot wait for Elven Fashion.

  67. Jess (too lazy to log in as per usual)September 22, 2010 at 6:55 AM

    @LC: Thanks. =-)

  68. i know this is off topic but wicked the musical game woud be so cool

  69. @Anon: My dog has claws that long. We don't trim them because he doubles as a guard dog and when left unchecked they can get pretty long.

    @Anon above that Anon: Yay for scruffy mustackes! \o/ IAWTC

  70. Julie (dosnt know how to sign in)September 22, 2010 at 10:08 PM

    My dog has long nails to believe me I've felt them. :)

  71. @ Juilie: My McKenzie has long nails too. Must take her to get them clipped.

  72. Julie (dosnt know how to sign in)September 23, 2010 at 5:51 PM

    haha :)

  73. Bubbles (can't be arsed)September 23, 2010 at 9:02 PM

    @Jess Burrito is charged with keeping wild animals away from our chickens and garden. We can't trim his nails, even if it does hurt when he tries to grope my bosom.

  74. Jess (also can't be arsed)September 24, 2010 at 3:50 AM

    @ Bubbles: You called him Burrito? LOL, I like it! I know what you mean, puppies walk all over you, McKenzie likes to sleep on my face!

  75. Bubbles (still can't be arsed)September 24, 2010 at 9:58 AM

    @Jess: Yup, his name is Burrito. I wanted to make sure no other dog would have his name, so I went way out. Burrito likes to jump up on me so I can pet him and usually his paws end up on my boobs. So I oft have scratch marks on my boobs and that's a hoot to explain when I wear low-cut tops. "Yeah, my dog groped me and forgot about his claws."

  76. Jess (too upset to log in)September 24, 2010 at 4:29 PM

    LOL. I like it. Burrito is a good name. I wanted to give McKenzie a unique name too. Have you ever heard of another puppy called McKenzie? We call her MKK for short.

    She doesn't grope my boobs though.... XD

    I'm a bit sad atm because my older doggie, Mollie, is currently on her death bed. I grew up with that dog and I won't half miss her even though she does smell really bad.

  77. To Jess.
    Aaaw, I'm sorry.
    Man, now I'm gonna cry...

  78. Bubbles (sympathetic at you)September 24, 2010 at 6:43 PM

    @Jess: SO FUNNY THING ABOUT THAT. My cousin found Burrito and in the two hours between when he was found and when he became mine, his wee son thought his name was McKenzie. EVEN FUNNIER, we had this bordie collie named Molly for about twelve years. She passed away several years ago, which made me sadface.

  79. Julie (WHO STILL DOESNT KNOW HOW TO SIGHN IN)September 24, 2010 at 10:25 PM

    @Bubbles: My dog is a border collie like shes my little sister LOL i love her sooo much. :)

    @Jess: Aww im soo sorry my neighbors dog who (who i loved soooo much) had to be put down i cried. sorry again

  80. Jessamine (can't be bothered logging in)September 25, 2010 at 7:35 AM

    It was really best for Mollie be put to sleep because it turns out she had heart failure. Poor McKenzie will wonder where she is though.

    That is funny though Bubbles. Not ha ha funny but mysterious funny.

    P.S. Julie, do you have a Blogger account? If you do there's a link at the top of the page where you can sign in. If you havea wordpress or livejornal you can use OpenID.

  81. To give you a bit of an idea about what I meant by baby maker heres a pic of one of the only game I found where I could make a girl who looks a TINY BIT like my character's daughter. Link, here.

    And compare her with her mum. (made on Doll Divine) Linkage.

    Note: She's an original character but I made her on the Hogwarts Student maker because that one has the the right sort of clothes (although slightly lacking in colour)and some of the best art on this site.

    P.S. It's exactly 3 months 'til Christmas.

  82. The suspense is killing me... where are you?! Lol! I really want the games you're working on to be finished soon! I keep looking at the progress meter... and it hasn't moved. D: And then I come to look at your blog and this entry was like... 2 weeks ago... Sorry if this sounds selfish... just had to type my feelings. And don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of your work... just concerned. :P haha


  83. @ L.K: One good thing is that if she's not online then she's most likely making those games! ;-)

  84. @Jessamine Diane

    Hmmm.... I totally didn't think of it that way... I hope you're right! :D


  85. I like the new features but some of the older ones have stopped working.

  86. I can't add accessories to the dog now, though the new features are great.


  87. i like the puppy game just as it is.
    but how do u post the puppy u made to a website or profile??

  88. you should be able to change the puppy's body shapei really want to be able to make a saint bernard on pupp maker but i cant get it right

  89. Could you add a long shaggy carpet like body and head to look like a puli?I love big shaggy dogs!

  90. I just love this game. I can create my own puppy with the natural or any imaginable colors! I guess it would be better if you offer super hero costumes for dogs like superman, wonder woman, spiderman and the like.

  91. I have seen many of the puppies wearing poodle skirts. I am also going to wear a poodle skirt. Please share some options for me.


  93. Akita.. German Shepherd.. I duno :3

  94. You HAVE to make a chicken maker. I LOVE chickens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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