Monday, May 10, 2010

Lay Off

While the illusive thing they call a "jobless recovery" is apparently under way, I just got my lay off notice, and so did my boyfriend. (lay off = you lose your job because your employer can't afford to keep you)

This is actually great news for all of us because it means I'll get to spend all of my work time on MAKING MORE GAMES! I wasn't brave enough to quit on my own yet to pursue the website full time, but this makes me take the plunge :)

Haha, feel sorry for me? If you ever wanna help out, the best favour you can do me is to forward the site to others who you think might enjoy it... and keep coming back. Oh, and give me any advice about the site which might help keep others coming back :)

I'm working on the Avatar game now. I hadn't touched it for months, but now I'm all into it again, haha. If you hadn't seen the movie yet, see it! I'm not gonna tell you that it's a masterpiece or that it's perfect (it's quite cheesy) but if you like escapism and pretty scenes, it's a must-see!

I relate to James Cameron (the director) quite a bit. We're both people that started out with science degrees, but got bored with science and decided to do something more creative. He's definitely one of my idols!


  1. Oh, I'm still at work until about June 15th though, so don't expect a faster pace until then :)

  2. Okay, it sucks that you're losing your job :( But on the other hand, I'm excited tohear that you'll have more time to spend on the site :D

    Just thought you might like to know that everyone is completely supportive of you and loves your work

  3. I've seen it in OV & 3D and I loooooved the movie :] It's awesome. For me it's comparable to LOTR. <3

  4. Oh no! Well at least we'll get more games faster! I'm notorious for being impatient! Go OLa! I have to admit, I haven't seen Avatar, but a dress up would still be pretty cool!


  5. So sorry about being laid off, that stinks.
    I love all of your dolls! My favorites are the element dolls, but I just was wondering if you were still editing the air one? I had some ideas...maybe it is too late for that...
    Anyway, it was really simple...I just wanted a bob cut for the Air doll and maybe a light blue version of the clothes...
    If this is impertinent, sorry. ^_^ I just have created a character and I couldn't find EXACTLY what I wanted. :)

  6. Sorry about the jobless thing, but chuffed you'll have more time for the site. For what it's worth: I'm part of a Star Trek rp on LJ; there's six of us and we all love your site. Sometimes we get distracted from RP'ing to play with the dolls. We've created Sailor Senshi and Four Elements dolls of ourselves, and we keep making Four Elements versions of characters too. We love this site! You do AMAZING work, especially in conjunction with Azalea. You guys are an excellent team. (And we were very excited by the prospect of the Star Trek game you have advertised on the front page- the speculation and antici

    pation is thrilling!)

  7. aww that kinda sucks about the job thing :( and i have told 5 new friends about the site hah but your dolls are amazing and just so cool so im sure ull do fine :)


  8. Hmm, kinda bitter-sweet about getting laid off then, huh? But I expect the new games to come along much faster now that you have more time.

  9. It's a shame you lost your job, but at least you can do something you really enjoy now! Maybe you can sell DollDivine merchandise?
    Looking forward to all the future games :)

  10. Hi! I love your site! today I was playing the water element game and I found an error. If you put a top on the girl and you go to any stages after that and click on the top, it AND the bra disappear. So you might want to fix that. Good luck!

  11. So. Not to be bitter, because I know this sounds bitter- but please, please, please never use a program that will not allow for an adequate printing job. The reason I like the elf and Hogwarts maker so much is it prints so well- so that you can take the game outside of the pixel on your screen. Otherwise it limits the game severely. I would have like to design new improved element outfits, but alas, the program you used will not allow for an un-grainy print job. This is extremely disappointing as you put so much work into that game- one I won't play if I can't take it into real life with me. I'm very sorry.


  12. To ERA- why not just take a picture of it using the print screen (Prt Scr) key, paste it in Paint, and print it that way?

  13. To all windows users: print screen button does't work on mac

  14. i'm sorry :(

    for everyone who didn't know, azalea has a dress up azalea 2!!!

  15. May sound like a stupid question Ola.. but are you on Stardoll? XD

  16. OLa, can you do a hip hop/streetstyle game after Avatar, Star Trek etc? I saw StreetDannce 3D today and it was great! The fashion rocks and George Sampson is FIT!!!

  17. I'm sorry to say Ola, but I preferred the old site. It was much plainer.
    And you promised us you would keep the dolldivine-originals apart from the games you choose from other websites. I do see that they're the last in line, but it's still not really clear.

    Neither do I really like the way you put them in categories, nor te fact that the prospective-part is at the side, it was just clearer when it was on top: I could see at once if something had changed.

    But then, I am glad to see that the Korean doll is doing so good!

    Sorry for being such of a critic!

  18. I think I preferred the old site too :/ Maybe if you kept the upcoming games tracker thing at the top and made sure there was a DD and non DD category and did the other categories below? I like how the DD games are pink and the others aren't.

    Sorry if I sound really harsh! :S

  19. I agree with the comment above me. The new layout, in my opinion, just isn't very good! Please please please change it back.
    And no offence, but are you working harder on the Anthro and Korean dolls? Sorry but it just seems a bit strange...
    Sorry for being so criticizing!

  20. i don't completely hate the new layout, but i don't love it either. it looks much more jumbled than it was before. i do like the status bars for more than one game though, i thought that was an improvement; however, it looked better on top than on the side.


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