Wednesday, May 26, 2010

3rd Try :)

To be fair to the third option, I made a sample of it.
(NOTE: I would make MUCH NICER preview pics)
Right now all the categories lead to a mock up animal page.

- I'm not sure if the category pages would have ads
- What do u think about those 3 pics on the top right of the main page and the new animal category page? Useful? Cluttered? I thought maybe if someone hasn't visited for a while, they might wanna know what they missed. Here's a version without them.

I'm still not 100% sure about categories, and I'm still listening to suggestions! Getting lots of great feedback. The games I find more confusing: warrior, pirate, adventurer, anime avatar, clockwork couture. Also, if categories are on separate pages, is it then ok to repeat games in categories? What's the reasoning for keeping games in one category only? (just curious)


  1. Hmmm, I think that the pictures next to the names of the categories are just a bit big. I think it's okay, it could use some work though.

  2. I think this new layout looks better. I wasnt on board with the category buttons before but I actually think it works out really well. It makes the front page look a lot less cluttered.
    and I like the idea of then having them divided into the DD and non DD games.

    If you link to a different page then I think repeating a game in different categories is fine and would probably make it easier for some of the games that dont fit perfectly.

    Warrior and Pirate I think are fantasy/historial (in my opinion) and clockwork couture historical. No idea about the others.

    I also think the 3 pics at the top of the page are good, the top looks quite bare without them

    Sorry for such a long comment but I hope the feedback helps


  3. I like this version of the layout a lot! I don't think the 'newest games' images at the top are at all confusing. In fact, they'll probably be handy once the site has more games. The categories really clean up the page, too.
    (And I don't really see any problems with a game being in more than one category, personally.)
    My favourite part is still being able to see the progress bars and preview images so front-and-centre. That's unique as far as dress-up sites go.

  4. Hmmm, I don't like it much. It's too in-your-face and tedious to do all that clicking to find the game you wanted. I just don't think it shows off what awesome stuff DD has!

  5. I like the pictures at the top. I would want to keep that.
    I think the pictures about the category names are too big, and maybe use a different font?

    Honestly, I still much prefer the good old Doll Divine. :/ Sorry..


  6. I am liking this new lay out much more than the previous ones; this one is a serious clutter minimizer! Regarding the "newest games" up top I'm going to agree with Spindle up there, they will probably be really handy up there in the future, but on the other hand I don't think it takes away from the page to not have them there.

    Having games in multiple categories was one of the things that I mentioned before, but if all the categories are on their own pages I don't think that would confusing at all. Wow, some of those games are really tricky to put into one category... I would say that clockwork couture is fantasy/fashion, I think the adventurer maker best fits in fantasy and the warrior and pirate both belong in either fantasy or historical. The others I have no idea about either.

    Wow, my comment is long as well (sorry).

  7. I disagree with the comment above mine. I don't like either of the new layouts - the old one is softer, less cluttered and easier to use. Bring back the original! I'm sick of all my favourite websites changing unecessarily - please go back to the original (and much better) DollDivine page!

  8. I forgot to mention this, but the list of games at the bottom of the page was really useful - why did you get rid of it? Or is it still there, and my internet being funny? Sorry if I'm being harsh, I just like getting my point across... Ola, you do amazing games and so of course they deserve an incredible home!

  9. i agree with NeonCrib. i really, really, really liked the original page. it was easy to navigate.. the new ones are all too cluttered, and i really don't like anything about them (except the new status bars. I LOVE THOSE). so if you could go back to the original, i'd love it :/

  10. I like the first layout option better, makes it look a bit neater and like there was more thought put into it. Can't wait to see it when it's eventually changed. :)


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