Friday, February 26, 2010

Status of Four Elements

I know it looks like there's not much happening with the Four Elements doll, but it's not true!
Even though there's two of us working on it (me and Azalea), you might think it should take half the time.. but wait! Since it's the four elements, there's actually FOUR dolls in one! So even with twice the people it'll still take twice the time.

Also, when I first divided the status squares up for each element, I filled them in in a really stupid manner, so now I've been waiting for the work to catch up to where I filled in. I think we're finally caught up.

Aaaalso, as you may or may not know, I live in Vancouver which just happens to be hosting the Olympic Winter Games. There's soooo much to do all over town! And even going to events is not as expensive as you'd think... My boyfriend has been to 3 hockey games, and I've been to a hockey game and the men's curling semi-finals (Go Canada!). I might even go up to Whistler and check out some events there this weekend.

Is it true that the news everywhere is calling it the "worst olympics ever"? Cuz there's been hits and misses, but I think the real stars have been the graphics! Consider:
- our mascots are super cute!
- the colour/graphic scheme is very west-coast and very now (all the stuff you see in the blue-green shades). At one point I had access to the Olympics graphics database and I was impressed overall (I just hate that helicopter with the dragonfly wings)
- in the Opening Ceremonies, the best parts were the impressive graphics, like the whales or icebergs, or trees.
- the footage you see is amazing! The picture is so sharp.. even the slow-motion is super crisp. And that thing where they super-impose two athletes and show them going at once? Genius!

I feel very privileged to be able to experience this.. it's a lot more fun than anyone saw coming. (I don't think that governments should sponsor Olympics though.. did you know that the Atlanta Olympics were fully funded by sponsorships? It can be done!).
What do you guys think?


  1. I'm SOOOOO excited about the four elements doll. It looks really cool.

  2. Ah, ah, WOW!! I didn't know you lived in Vancouver!!!!!! 8D Coollll!!!
    p.s The 4 elements is gonna be COOOOOOLLLLL!!!!!! My sister is all into the elements, (last time I checked XD) and if it's you and Azelea, WOW :D
    pp.s Keep up the good work!!!!!! ^^.
    ppp.s When are the dragon, puppy, anthro, and horse going to be out?
    pppp.s Thank you for putting up with me!! <:} I'm being obnoxious D:

  3. Well, most games seem to take a month so it'll be a month for each. I suspect anthro might go faster, while dragon would take a while.

    Which one would you guys like to see done first?

  4. I'm just glad you're doing something with Azelea! I just love Azelea's art work so I'm just pretty happy!

  5. I think what you are doing is great. I am looking forward to it all. Since anothro might not be as long to make, maybe get that one out of the way first? then which ever one does not take as long to make next, etc. This way, when you are making the one that will take the longest, people will be happy with all the newer ones, til that one comes out. Do you understand what I mean? ^.^ Keep up the good work, and enjoy the games while they last!

  6. Haha I'm her fan too and I'm happy to be working with her XD

    Aquafoxii, I know exactly what you mean. That's usually my logic as well when deciding on the order. :)

  7. All very well Ola, but that's no reason for not posting a new blog;p

    If I lived in Vancouver, I would want to go an ice-skating-dancing-competition-thingie (I know my english s***sXD). I am not realy into sports, but this is just soooo beautiful. It seems so easy, but I can bearly stand on iceskates so I know it's notXD

    And ofcourse I can't wait for the spiritmaker:D:D:D

  8. The dragon first, maybe? :)


  9. Are any of the new games doll divine "classics"? and do another puzzle for the next games please

  10. I know some people who went to figure skating. I stayed away myself because I knew it would be in demand and therefore expensive XD

    None of the games with preview pics are Doll Divine Classics... The Elements one will have ~half of the artwork by me so it sort of qualifies ;P
    Avatar, Star Trek, and Sari Maker will be DD Classics :)

  11. AHHH THANK YOU FOR FINALLY POSTING A NEW BLOG!!! this made going to school that much easier hahaha.

    finish the games in whatever order you see fit dearest! :)

  12. thanks for ur feedback ola!! i wasn't sure if i was to late for u to look back at that blog =-)

    i agree with ditching the army clothes (they ary soldiers were the bad guys)


    i live under a rock so what is/are anthro and nesty?

    p.s i want to let u no im probably one of ur biggest fans, i checked this sit EVERY day even when it had about 4 games on it and u could't comment on the blog, ur the BEST

    -keleni =-D

  13. thnx for feedback ola

    i agree no army the were the bad guys anyway

    cant wait for the next game

    what are nesty and anthro?

    i just want u to no i've checked this every day sinced theere were only 4 games and u couldn't comment on the blogs
    robably one of ur biggest fans =-D


  14. Haha, what happened there?

    If you guys have something weird like this happen just e-mail me and I'm able to remove comments :) [email protected]

    Anthro = anthropomorphic; giving something (usually animals) human characteristics. In this case it's more of a human with animal characteristics: a cute girl with different ears and animal features and nice clothes.

    Nesty is the name of the artists' character.. it's gonna be like a saloon-style girl :)

  15. cool thnx ola

    sorry about that i posted a comment it didn't show up so then i reddid it(quicker obviously =-D)then only the first one showed up (what the)


  16. oh yeah and i u get a spare moment could u give us links to the DA pages of the people ur doing the colaberation games with?



    ( oh yeah if anyones wondering my name is pronounce Kel-A-nee, just saying coz teachers and friends at school pronounce it like Kel-EE-nee or kal-arn-ee =-D)

  17. can't wait for elements and avatar!! sam worthington is H-O-T HOT!!!!!!

  18. Yeah, that's what I figured. That's happened to me before too.

    Sure, here are the artistes:
    Puppy Maker by:
    Anthro by:
    Dragon Maker by:
    Fairy Tale by:
    Fantasy Horse by:
    Nest/Saloon Girl by:

    There's even more, but those are the ones I chose to put up for the moment :)

  19. It would be awesome if after you were done the games you plan to do you could make an Alice in Wonderland game!

  20. That would be pretty neat.. especially if I had done it before the movie release.. but now I missed that boat and have a huge backlog so it's possible, but not for a while.

  21. OMG!!! I luv your work on these dressup games!! I'm only 10 years old... I usually always go to, but when heard about this site, I immediately went on the computer. I loved it!!! So, when I feel like playing on the computer, I go to this place!! -Suzy

  22. the loading is too....................long,i took 8 minute to loading
    -.- i am slepping ,coz i'm waiting the loading until i slepping -.-ZZZ

  23. eeeeeh im with janet. COI! OR! WATEVS!


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