Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sailor Senshi Maker

As you may have noticed, I finally finished the Sailor Senshi dress up game =D
Please let me know if you spot some bugs..

As some of you have noticed, Azalea just released a new game too so go check out her gorgeous Brigitte Bardot dress up! And as you may have seen on the main dress up site, I'm collaborating with Azalea to bring you a super robust Four Elements dress up game :D

Also, it's my birthday today! I'm 27.
So, as I reflect upon my life I have one piece of advice for everyone:
Understand economics.
Take any/all money-related classes you can, but do research outside of school too, and whatever you do, don't get your news from CNN. I just read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki and I highly recommend it to everyone. There's a lot of talk about being rich, but I think the more important lessons are about how taxes really work and why they don't teach you much about money at school. Kiyosaki's latest book is available for free online, so nobody has any excuses! And I don't wanna hear "I'm too young". I find younger people absorb new concepts faster and are much more open minded than university graduates who think they know everything.

~Cheers :)


  1. happy birthday!! :D

    i love love love love LOVE your new sailormoon dress up game!!! one of your best ones yet! XD

  2. Very happy birthday!!!

    The Sailor Moon dress up is AMAZING! The details are fantastic! and the number of combinations that can be created seem pretty incredible! It was well worth the wait.

  3. The Sailor Moon game is GREAT!! SO customizable as always :D

    I cannot tell you how sphyched I am about the elements doll. You and Azalea have the best games online and this will surely be amazing!!

    Happy Birthday!!


  4. happy birthday! i love the sailor dress up even if i have no clue what sailor senshi is.

    i can't wait for the four elements dress up game! you and azalea make the best games ever! just wondering, would you even consider making a couple dress up? especially an elf couple.

  5. happy birthday

    the only thing i think a know about with sailor moon is that there are a lot of girls in short cut skirts, but even tho i dunno what its about i still LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. somethings that should be added:
    1. the lines at the bottum of the skirt would be nice as scene on the newer outfits of sailor moon and sailor mini moon
    2. longer bows at the back
    3. the cool red things that sailor moon has in her buns. ever since I saw them in her hair when I was 8 I wanted the too....
    yeah thats it. it is still totally awsome and i love it thank you!!!! thank you!!!! thank you!!!! thank you!!!! thank you!!!!!!

  7. I am so impressed with this dress up! It's so detailed and customizable, you guys really outdid yourselves! I have only the itty-bittiest of critique, and it's not even critique, really. But, I do miss Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon's hair jewels, and the white stripe at the top of the knee-high boots. But trust, me I am not complaining; I've honestly spent the better part of my day playing with the Sailor Maker :P

  8. I am so IN LOVE with this SM dress-up game, I can not stand it. It's rather silly really how happy I am! LOL. I made THE cutest senshi, and I can only thank the talented folks who made it. This is the most complete, customizable, GORGEOUS senshi maker I have ever seen - seriously.
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday,
    You deserve it!

  9. Amazing. Simply amazing.
    Thank you very very much for your job, i like it SO much!

  10. Happy Birthday :) I agree with you about the economics thing- people should really know a lot more about the economy and the way things work.

  11. AWWW Happy Belated Birthday!! yesterday i was on before you posted but i hope you had an amazing birthday :)hah did u go out and party?? :P

  12. Happy late birthday!

    The sailor moon dressup whas amazing! It looked like it came straight from the show!I cant wait for the for elements game to come out!

  13. Happy Birthday!


    (P.S: I'm not that into Sailor Moon(I missed that ship), but it seems to be very well made.)

  14. Happy Belated Birthday Ola! <3
    I love your dressups! Keep it up! ^^

    ~ Tyr

  15. happy belated birthday, and the sailor senshi maker is fantabulos!!!!
    I LOVE THE SHOW! so this is just so awsome!
    the hair and faces are amazing, and the customizable outfits are so elegant! i cannot wait till the elements game!!!

  16. I have come back with some new ideas for the Sailor Maker if and when anyone's interested:

    * braids! sticking out of the ordangos, pulled-back, and pigtailed

    * lose strands of hair on either side of the dolls face (you know, like Jupiter's hairstyle?)

    * boots like the ones Eternal Sailor Moon wears (the 'V' cut ones)

    * and maybe an option NOT to have bangs? (I know anime is famous for the bangs, but not all hairstyles need them)

    Thanks for reading my suggestions!

  17. when you go to put on a tiara with sailor moon's bangs, it shows up ontop. its only the first(sailor moon's)bangs.
    its so beautiful and elegant regardless!

  18. I love this game but yesterday the crown went under the hair and now it keeps putting it over the hair. Is there a way to fix that?

  19. I think some of the younger crowd is at a loss with Sailor Moon. Considering it came out eight years ago and had a short run in North America, anyone in the 10-12 range or younger would be too young to remember it...But fear not! Youtube has the English and Japanese dubs for free, so if you like the dress up's style, you can search for the episodes there! The English is pretty clean too, since it was edited for eight year olds all those years ago.

    I personally love the Sailor Maker. It's an eleven year old dream come to true. Since I was eight I've wanted to make my own SM characters, but since I lack in art skill, I was always limited to what I could draw. I shouldn't be so ridiculously giddy at 19 about this, but I am!

    The Brigette Bardot maker is adorable. I love the style she drew it in. Can't wait for the elements maker.

  20. i think i may have found a bug (it could just be my computer). the silver and gold headbands sometimes sick out over the bangs

  21. The silver and gold tiaras as well as the jewels are sticking above the bangs! :3 just to let you know!

  22. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!Every one has a birthday in january!My brother turnd 23, my friend turnd 14 today, and a girl in my classes birthday was lats week!I feel left out...T.T OMG SAILOR MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!And the game is realy superb!The best part for me is the hair. Keep up the good work!(and my dads birthday is coming up too...T.T)

  23. Oooh, that's freaky! I have spent pretty much all evening drawing some sort of spirit of the element type things (fire was the hardest, hairwise) and as I was doing this I was thinking that it would make a great dress up game! (I haven't been able to check until just now) Good luck with that, I can't wait!
    ~Juliette, Britain
    PS Sailor moon doll is fab, loving all the combinations!

  24. Em, Sailor Moon was orginally a manga series that was first published in 1991, and it became a TV series in 1992, but did not become successful until 2003. Just wanted to point that out ^_^

  25. on the hair section, one of the ponytail looking parts, when put on the doll, looks wonky. it looks like it could be a low ponytail but it gets put on the doll like the high one and the base of it sticks straight up. everything else is just wonderful!

  26. Hi! I loved your site! I got addiected to the dress up games! And oh, belated Happy Birthday!=D

  27. I really love your sailor senshei creator. I can't wait to see more of your dolls.

  28. OH.MY.GOD.
    This website just keeps getting better and better!The sailor senshei is sooo awesome!And I can't wait for the 4 elements game!I do think that more hair options on the sailor senshei would be fabulous!!![HiHi!]You Know what else would be SUPER COOL?A goddess maker with tons of options for hair and long elegant dresses!!!!!!!![I know,that's a lot's O.K. if you don't do it.Just a suggestion!^_^]
    Hope your B'day was fantastic!

  29. Just realized.thought I'd tell you that I wasn't up at 7:43 am blogging. where I am it's 9:15pm.^_^

  30. I couldn't find a better place to make a request (if I could), and I didn't want to email you, so here it is:

    Ever think of a superhero maker for the animated series 'Teen Titans'? I know of at least a few people who would practically do flips for one. I only ask because your dollmakers are always awesome.... The shows artwork is a cross between anime and american cartooning, so I'd assume a dollmaker of this type would be an EPIC achievement. Especially a superhero one.
    Maybe you should see if any more of your followers are fans of the show - OR of the general idea of a superhero maker - before you make a decision.

  31. OK. the gothic lolita game is starting to bore me. >_< I think it needs more clothing options.[again, just a suggestion.^_^]Also, I just got another idea!
    -a couples maker
    It would be so awesome^_^.Especially because it would be you making it.[your work is so incredible.I wish I could draw like you!^_^]
    until next time!

  32. Is that anthro maker something you're working on with Setsuna from dA? Because if so, that is just going to be epic!

  33. Thanks for the birthday wishes :)
    I didn't party, but my boyfriend is taking me to the states for a business-clothes shopping spree :D

    Glad you guys like the game! :D

    Actually, I'm gonna do an Avatar game next, and it's likely going to be a couples game.

    Drachea is down for doing an updated doll, so you guys are likely to see some of these changes in the future.

    I fixed the tiara bug!

    Thanks for the suggestions.. I've added them to "the list".

    I also think the lolita game needs more clothes but you know what? LanWu hasn't gotten back to me.. I don't even know if she's seen the game. Very strange.

    Yup, it's with setsuna!!! =D

  34. I think your Sailor Maker is incredible! You put a lot of hard work into it, and it shows. I've played around with similar games in the past, but I have to admit, this one has kept my interest the longest. Thank you so much for making it, I've been excited since I first saw that you were working on it.

    If you ever do decide to do an update on the doll, may I add a few suggestions? These aren't complaints or nitpicks mind you, as I'd adore the game as it is, but I thought I'd add a little input.

    -Stripes on the top of the knee high boots, as well as the option to add a charm where the boot points at the top.

    -Ballet-like shoes like Sailor Neptune wears, or an option to add laces to the pumps.

    -Hairbun jems for characters like Sailor Moon, Sailor Cosmos, Sailor Chibi Moon, and Sailor Chibi Chibi.

    -Feathered chest bows like Eternal Sailor Moon and the Sailor Starlights have.

    -Maybe an option to add a cat guardian, much like the Familiars in your Harry Potter dress up game.

    -Eternal Sailor Moon's wings

    -Sailor Jupiter's hair bobbles

    -Hair tendrils by the ears for characters like Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Chibi Moon

  35. Cool! I've added them to "the other list".

    I knooooowwww.. I totally wanted to add cats but I forgot! Oh well, maybe Drachea will draw them and that would be better because he's got crazy skillz.

  36. i love this game. It's a great way to create what our dream sailor senshi would look like without the hassel of worrying about mistakes in 'drawing' them. *lol*

    Though, is there any chance a Sailor Moon maker for cats? It'd be cool to be able to make our own animal guardians for our girls, or even potential superhero boyfriends for them as well. *lol*

  37. check this game

  38. I wish you had added the round head gems that Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon wear in they're buns.

  39. Along with the 3 layered skirt Eternal Sailor Moon wears and planet symbols. ^_^

  40. what is sailor moon allabout? A VERY MERRY UNBIRTHDAY!!!



  43. loves loves loves it!!! If you do an update would love some dresses (queen serenity, the sailors as princesses).

    Loves it!

  44. Hey i just have one question and that is when is the new update going to be online for us to play? I know that Drachea Rannak had apparently retired so does that mean the sailor senshi maker update is never gonna happen? or will it just take forever for the update to take place and let us design more?


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