Monday, October 19, 2009


So I really need opinions on this:
Do you guys think I should add other people's games to my site? (In addition to mine)

- something new every few days
- more stuff on the site to play with
- you get to discover more games

- the games may not be as good as mine.. will this make the site look bad?
- it may be confusing if you just want to play my games
- Doll Divine wouldn't be as unique anymore

...other? What do YOU think?
Cuz playing around on the MochiAds site I got to see games that are free for distribution and it was so fun looking through them to find good ones!


  1. It's really up to you. I like how you're so unique and set apart from the other dolling sites, and there are a LOT of dolling games that really aren't at your level, but if you can find good ones, it might be cool to see something new in between waiting for your great dolls and collabs. :)

  2. I kinda agree with Neo. I love your dress up games because they are so good and much more enjoyable than most sites. Though I do enjoy when you post links to other sites with really good dress up games such as Azalea's. If you find more sites like that then I would say definitely post them! You have good taste so it doesn't worry me that you would pick really bad games to post on the site

  3. I think that your games and the others you've put up so far are spectacular. But I have such a hard time waiting for them to come out! If you found other good dress ups, you could create a page with links to the site so that the games you make will still be the main part of your sit. Hope I could help- A Fan

  4. your games have such a unique touch. i personally think that you should provide links to really awesome games or something, and we can discover other sites ourselves. but do what you want. after all, it is your site, and if you add new games, i'll still play yours! i've gotten used to being patient for games...XD!!!!!

  5. I agree with the others. I love your games, and the collaborations are good too. I honestly think your games are the best that I've ever played. If you were to host other games, I know you'd make sure they were good, and it would give us all something to do when waiting for the real games, but I think it'd be a good idea to have a whole different section for them (if that's posible/easy enough) to make sure that people know they're not yours.

  6. I kinda agree too. IF you put other games on your site, put them in a different section, and make sure they are really good. Otherwise you can better leave them out.

    Ofcourse this would take a lot of time, and then you can spent less time on the real dolls.

    The thing is, your games are great, they are the best I have seen till now. Other games would give more patience while waiting. But the time I spend at one of your games, takes more than ten other games.

    Do you get what I mean?

  7. I would like if you didn't put any games from other websites. Your site is sooo cool how you have games that are made by you. Some of the dress up games out there are not as cool as your games. It is your site so you can put other games on your site. I also think you will put on good games on the site. So it would be great if you didn't put games for other sites on, but I can mansge if you do put games on your site.

  8. Put them on a different page if you decide to put anyone's games on your site.

  9. I think ou should only keep your own games on here because that is what made this site unique and organized. Doll Divine just wouldn't be original anymore.

  10. i really like you games because they are different and deff on the higher scale. The only problem is i just go insane haveing to wait for them but as long as they are as good as how you say im ok with that(but its still pretty long) :) mabye what you could do is have a link like where your blog is (but not on your blog) and just have links to dolls you think are pretty good :)


  11. Personally, I like having just your games on this site. While I like I-Dressup, about half of their dolls are either terrible or rushed (clothing doesn't match up, layering doesn't work, etc), and I wouldn't want that to happen here.

    However, if there was a way you could select what dolls appear here to make sure only the best appear, and maybe put them in a separate section from your own dolls, it could work.

  12. see, i go to other dressup sites. like, girlsgogames, games2girls, cartoon doll emporium, and rainbow dressup. maybe, instead of adding a page and spending less time on your actual games, your faithful fans could google "dressup games" or use another search engine...doesn't matter. but that really helped me discover rainbow dressup, girlgames4u, and dressup247(something like that, not sure...) good luck researching!!!! XD!!!!!

  13. Wow, thanks guys for such well thought-out answers!!! *hugs*

    So it seems that no one's violently opposed, but neither is anyone overly thrilled haha. And the message I'm getting is that IF I do it then:

    - the games must be good
    - the games must be in a separate section

    ...I can do that! haha
    Well, I can try ;P
    I can always try it and if it's a failure, take it down. I guess I'll try to finish the Adventurer first. Hopefully before Halloween!

  14. ooh, so excited about the adventurer.....*has seizure* i know it'll be great, ola!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I personally would prefer if you just kept the site as your games. You're have such an amazing uniqueness about you and I would hate to see you lose even a smidgen of it. I'm not violently opposed but I don't think it's a good idea.

    If you absolutely must do it, you should definitely put them in a section labeled "Other Fun Games!" or something along those lines.

    I'm more worried about you losing your individuality as a doll maker extraordinaire! But it is your site, and I am only one opinion so please, feel free to do whatever you think is right :)

    - madmab

  16. If you can find really good games then you should totally post them!!!!But if you're going to bring other games that aren't so good, then, yeah it might make the site look bad.....

  17. I agree with others that it is really your choice but when I come to DollDivine I get excited to play your games because I can always rely on them to be good, unique and fun.

    I guess I personally wouldn't mind others on the site but definitely on a different page so we know which are OLa originals and which are other ones that may still be as fun and unique just not done by you.

  18. I just want to find your stuff on your website. Other games belong on other websites.


  19. Personally,i like the dolls you do. they are more unique than a lot of other dressups out there. collabs are pretty kewl but i think you should stick to your dolls and not upload others from other sites.

  20. or... they could be better than yours

  21. Clockwork isn't your game and it is amazing (I love the music). Because of that, and since you have already fumed about other games problems on this blog then I know it will turn okay. And its a good idea to pit the other games on anther section.

  22. I don't really like Clockwork. I just think the clothing doesn't fit together. But that's my opinion.

    But I still trust you doing the right thing.

    Just mind, as we all have said (so no-one has to say it again!!!) to put them in a different section.
    I'm allready breaking my own rule, cause you knew this.

  23. i think that you should but like evryone else it:
    A)has to be sepeterted like a different section
    B)hey have to good like yours

    but hey it's you site so you do what you think is best:)

  24. I love all of your games BECAUSE there's nothing else like them online, but there are truly unique games out there too. My personal opinion is that you shouldn't host other peoples games on your site, but if you find a certain creator or game that you really feel like sharing then maybe post it in your blog. Whatever you would like to do.

  25. i agree with ERA, personally. your games are so unique and fun and creative!!! i can discover new dressup games just by finding new websites. that's what google is for. XD!!!! hugglz to everyone!!!

  26. I, like many, think you should add some games that really stand out to you, but put them in a separate tab that is not on the home page. Keep the homepage strictly dolldivine so that it's obvious whose website this is.
    Oh, and also, I just had a new idea. You could maybe do a princess maker and incorporate looks from different time periods (medieval, renaissance, etc.) I like the fantasty aspects of all of your original games, and I think this idea could bring that back a bit. I can't wait for some more Ola work, though I have enjoyed a few of these other works (Kitten Maker, My Little Pony Maker). Well...just wanted to give some imput, good luck!


  27. i think u good show urs and others but say this is mine this isn't but personaly kep mdoing ur stuff!


  28. Thanks for the thorough comments guys!

    Right now I'm definitely gonna keep focusing on the Adventurer because I'm having so much fun XD
    But maybe after that I'll do some site re-structuring.. and I do actually want to post some tutorials at some point haha.

  29. i really like the unique games on this site, and u always provide us with kwl links if u think they are good :). i think that u should stay with ur own stuff as its pretty amazin XD. also the stuff u get off diviant artists as they also rock - if u started addin everything this site would just be like all the others :(.


  30. how is the adventure maker comming along? what about the anime maker?

  31. In my opinion , I think you should not add somebody elses games, this is your web page and the games here are THE BEST. I do not mean to offend anybody, im shure there are other cool games out there, and maybe you can add a list of webpages with games, but one day when this site is famous worldwide, don you want to be able to say : These are all my games, and people come here because of my games and not somebody elses, or something like that.

  32. I think you should post mainly your dress-up games. The only ones that you haven't designed that I like are from So I think You should put yours and other peoples in different sections.

  33. Doll Divine is the best website I've ever been on.If you add other people's games to this site it won't be good.


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