Thursday, August 27, 2009

Puppy & Twilight

Look, this is my puppy! XD
She's the reason I haven't been getting much done, so blame her for slow doll releases.. hehehe but I know you can't really be mad at that face :D

IN OTHER NEWS: I just drove by the local high school and judging by the many trucks and crowds of 14 year old girls, Twilight is filming here again!!! But I was too pooped to stalk today lol. Maybe tomorrow...

STALKER TIP: Put "David Thompson Secondary, Vancouver" into Google Maps to get a satellite view of the high school that will be in the second and apparently third Twilight movie ;)

DOLLS: Still trying to work on Rock Chick amidst my currently busy life. I've just had another commission come in that is SO SUPER AWESOME, but I'm not revealing it yet hehe.


  1. thnx for showing us puppy (i blogged for u 2)
    cant wait for RCM and new moon and hp7

    seeya soon luv keleni (Kel-A-nee

  2. Your puppy is SO gorgeous!!!!!!!!! :D

  3. Aw! Misia is the sweetest thing! I just want to hug her!
    You are extremely lucky to know where they [Twi people] are filming! I loved those books! xD, Warn me if you catch a glimsp of Jasper.
    I can't wait until the new maker gets out! I am super excited!

  4. OHMIGOSH!! That puppy is like, the most squeezable-looking puppy EVER!!! Yeah, we can't get mad at that face...squeeze her for me, k?

  5. Sooooooo when's the rock chick maker coming outtt????

  6. <3 Misia! She's so adorable! That is a wonderful distraction!

  7. OOOH! I just got the most cooliest idea! you could make like an anime maker or a cartoon maker!! lol!!

  8. Ola, I'm so glad you didn't do the anime maker till now. I prefer your dolls this way. There are so many ideas that you still plann to do (sounds weird to say it like this, but you told us), of which I'm sure that they will be so much better!
    Anime can be found all over the internet. These dressups are all one of a kind.

  9. The Rock Chick is right on the verge of readiness... probably tomorrow or the day after at the latest.

    Haha Flower, thanks for your comment :D
    I often feel pressured to do anime, but now I feel better XD

    That being said, there is an anime doll coming down the line, just not drawn by me...

  10. blaming the puppy, you should be ashamed of your self ;P lol, who wants to do anything but play when puppies are involved.

  11. the new doll maker! i must say, it doesn't fit in with the others very much, but its cute nonetheless :)

  12. Not really impressed with the Rock Chick. It's just too different from your others. I think I'll stick to the Hogwarts Maker.


  13. Loved the Rock Chick maker, it was different but I thought it was a good kind of different. :) I still love your style just thought it was an interesting break. :)

  14. I agree with Era.

    It was kind of okay, but I think the face isn't as pretty as your own.

  15. Until this doll, your site has been perfect, but I was not a fan of the rock chick. She was very unattractive, and didn't have many clothing choices...oh well, It's my only complaint about the whole website (I LOVE THE HARRY POTTER MAKER!!!)

  16. Well, I will disagree with people and say that I really enjoyed the Rock Chick doll, it was different then your others but I like that every clothing item came in a different color. Also thought that the eye colors were very cool.

    Also would like to say that your puppy is adorable!

  17. Hmmm this is very very interesting feedback!

    You guys seem split about 50/50. I'm not surprised though.. all the things mentioned were things I worried about myself. And I also liked the refreshing infusion of a totally different style.

    Well good news for everyone because there's more different games AND "OLa classics" coming up in the future! XD

  18. rock chick maker is okay but the girl's wardrobe is kinda... *ahem*...

  19. I think that any one who didnt like RCM is a BEEEEEEEEEEEEEP shaw its diff but its awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    antway whats next

    ps me n me friends are redoing the first movie of HP using the book as the script !!! I'm hermoine!!!

    Keleni (biggest fan)

  20. The Rock Chick Maker was pretty cool, not as pretty as your stuff, but it's fun and different. What's nex? I can't wait! Though I can't blame you for being distracted... puppies are a handful, and so adorable :D (Once again, Misia is utterly gorgeous.. I just want to cuddle that picture..)

  21. hahaha the honesty here is so hilarious. love it.

    Looks like the My Little Pony Maker will be next...

    Keleni, best of luck with the movie!

  22. hey how are the dolls comin along? cus to tell you the truth i like dressing up people more than animals :) i really wanna know ho that adventure maker is comin along though hah amazing dolls ps :))

  23. Oh interesting. I hate dressing up animals myself LOL... but designing them I'm ok with :D

    I'll post an update now.

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