Thursday, August 27, 2009

Puppy & Twilight

Look, this is my puppy! XD
She's the reason I haven't been getting much done, so blame her for slow doll releases.. hehehe but I know you can't really be mad at that face :D

IN OTHER NEWS: I just drove by the local high school and judging by the many trucks and crowds of 14 year old girls, Twilight is filming here again!!! But I was too pooped to stalk today lol. Maybe tomorrow...

STALKER TIP: Put "David Thompson Secondary, Vancouver" into Google Maps to get a satellite view of the high school that will be in the second and apparently third Twilight movie ;)

DOLLS: Still trying to work on Rock Chick amidst my currently busy life. I've just had another commission come in that is SO SUPER AWESOME, but I'm not revealing it yet hehe.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Game Updates

Just as I suspected would happen, I've had an overwhelming wave of amazing artwork come in all at once... Aaah!

I'm gonna try and get some of these commissioned dolls out the door first because they'll take me less time than the Adventurer Maker (which I'll finish later).

Coming Up:
1. Rock Chick Maker ->
2. Puppy Maker by Kamirah
3. My Little Pony by Baby Blue Bell
& four others which I'll reveal later...

A lot of people are asking about making a male Hogwarts Maker but that won't happen for a while.. probably not until the next movie release :(

In Other News:
A baby Bernese Mountain Dog girl named Misia (pronounced Misha). She is sleeping beside me right now.. she squeezed herself into a tiny corner lol. She likes to be squished it seems, which is exactly what I hoped for XD