Saturday, May 30, 2009

on release OUTSIDE!!!!!!!

I'm about to rant because I once again ran into perhaps the most common dress up mistake EVER.

Just about everyone is guilty of this, from amateurs to professionals: not setting a releaseOutside function!

"What's that?"  Well, I was just playing a really cute game on deviantart.  I slip shoes on under jeans, release, and I'm still hanging on to the shoes!  Why?  I was holding the shoes, but the pants covered them, so when I released the mouse, it didn't fall under the "onRelease" category.  Because my mouse was over something else above the shoes, that falls in the "onReleaseOutside" category.  No one ever adds this code, so it really makes gameplay awkward.

How to fix?
On top of the regular "onRelease" (or on(Release)) stop drag code, you ALSO have to set it to stop dragging "onReleaseOutside" (or on(releaseOutside)).

Happy Dolling :)


  1. Hey i just wanted to say that i absolutly love your dolls! i check here every day to see if you have a new doll ah. ur an amazing artist an im really excited for the harry potter doll. just wondering though when do you think it will be finished?

  2. Less than a month for sure... I want to say a week, but I should say two weeks to be safe. I'll go and write a more detailed post about it right now :)


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